16-Slice Thin Apple Slicer & Corer: Quick, Safe, and Easy – Our Review

16-Slice Thin Apple Slicer & Corer: Quick, Safe, and Easy – Our Review

Welcome‌ to our review of the PrepWorks by Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice Thin Apple Slicer and⁣ Corer with Attached Safety Cover! We have had the pleasure of using this innovative kitchen ‌tool and we can’t wait to share our thoughts with you.

The Thin Apple Slicer from Prepworks by Progressive is ‌truly a game-changer when it ​comes‍ to slicing and ‍coring apples. With ⁤just a‍ simple push, flip, and ⁣pop, ‍you can effortlessly⁢ transform whole apples into 16 thin, ​evenly sliced pieces. It’s as ‌easy as 1, 2, 3!

But this product ‌is much more than just an ⁣apple slicer. It is a testament to the⁢ dedication and passion of‌ the Progressive International team. For over 40 years, their ‌mission has been to create innovative kitchen tools and gadgets that make food preparation‍ fun and fast while inspiring culinary creativity.

They understand ​the needs of today’s cooks and strive to pass ‍on their passion⁢ through thoughtfully designed tools. The Thin Apple ​Slicer is a perfect example of this dedication. The⁤ sharp blades effortlessly slice through apples, while‌ the attached safety cover ensures your‍ fingers are protected throughout the process.

One of the standout features of ⁣this product is its compact design. It‌ may be small in size, but it packs a punch when ​it comes to functionality. It can easily be stored⁢ in ‍a ‌drawer, cabinet, or just about anywhere ​in your ​kitchen.

But ‍let’s not forget about​ the most important ⁤aspect: how well does it ‍actually work? We’re happy to report that this slicer performs exceptionally well. With just the push of a ​button, you ⁣can slice and core an apple in just⁢ seconds. It’s efficient, effective, and ⁣a joy to use.

In conclusion, the ‍PrepWorks by⁤ Progressive Dishwasher‌ Safe 16-Slice Thin‌ Apple Slicer and Corer with Attached Safety Cover is a must-have kitchen tool for any‌ apple ⁢lover. Its ease of use, compact design, and‍ outstanding performance make it a‌ standout product that we highly recommend. Stay tuned for more reviews of ‍exceptional ‌kitchen essentials!

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Overview of the PrepWorks ‌by Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice Thin Apple Slicer and Corer with Attached Safety Cover

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The PrepWorks by Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice Thin Apple⁢ Slicer and Corer with Attached Safety Cover is a game-changer for apple slicing. ‌With a simple push, flip, and pop motion, you can ​easily core and slice an‌ apple in seconds. No more struggling with⁢ a knife and⁣ risking ‌your fingers!

Our⁢ team at Progressive International is dedicated ⁢to creating innovative kitchen⁣ tools, and ⁣this ‌apple slicer is no exception. We​ understand the needs of ⁣today’s cooks, and we ​strive to provide quality products that make ​food preparation faster and more ‍enjoyable. The sharp blades of this slicer cut through ‍apples with ease,⁣ and the attached ​safety cover ensures that your fingers stay protected throughout the slicing and coring process.

Not only‍ is this slicer efficient, ⁢but it is ⁢also compact in design. It easily fits into a drawer, cabinet, or ⁣any small‍ space in your​ kitchen. No need to worry about clutter or storage issues. ‍This easy-to-use slicer allows you to slice and core apples into 16 even slices effortlessly.‍ Say goodbye to unevenly sliced apples and hello ⁢to ⁤perfectly portioned slices.

Experience ‍the convenience ⁤and efficiency of the PrepWorks by Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice ⁣Thin Apple Slicer and Corer‌ with Attached Safety Cover. Get⁤ yours‌ today ‌and ‌take your⁣ apple slicing⁤ game⁢ to the next level. Visit here to make your purchase.

Highlighting the Key Features and Benefits

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The PrepWorks by Progressive Dishwasher⁤ Safe ‌16-Slice Thin Apple Slicer and Corer with Attached Safety Cover ⁣is a game-changer when it​ comes to effortlessly slicing and coring apples. Its⁢ innovative design allows you to easily and quickly‌ prepare apple slices with just a push, flip, and ⁣pop motion. ⁢Simply place the apple ‍on the countertop,‍ stem side down, push the blades down over ​the apple,‌ flip the protective⁤ cover ⁢underneath, and watch as the apple‌ slices effortlessly slide through the blades.
With ‌a mission to inspire culinary ‍creativity, our team at PrepWorks by Progressive has designed ‌this apple slicer⁣ with both efficiency and safety in mind. The attached safety cover ⁤ensures that‍ your fingers are protected during the slicing and coring process. No more⁣ worrying about accidents or injuries. The sharp​ blades easily slice through ‍the apples, making⁤ the task a breeze.
Not only does this apple slicer offer functionality, but it ​also boasts a compact design⁢ that makes it easy to​ store in a ⁢drawer, cabinet, or ‍anywhere you prefer. Say goodbye​ to cluttered countertops⁣ or bulky appliances​ taking up precious kitchen space.
So, say ‍goodbye to tedious apple slicing and⁣ hello to​ effortless preparation with the PrepWorks by Progressive Dishwasher Safe‍ 16-Slice Thin Apple Slicer and Corer with Attached Safety Cover. Get your hands‌ on‍ this ⁢must-have kitchen essential and experience ‌the convenience and ease it⁢ brings to your daily cooking routine. Click here to get yours today!

In-Depth Analysis and Insights on the Performance

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When it comes to slicing and coring apples, the PrepWorks​ by Progressive Dishwasher Safe Apple Slicer ⁤and Corer truly⁢ shines. This clever kitchen tool offers a quick and safe way to effortlessly prepare apples for snacking ‍or baking. The process is as easy as push, flip,​ and⁤ pop. Simply place an apple on the countertop, stem ‍side​ down, ‌then push⁤ the thin‍ apple ‌slicer blades down over the apple. Flip the attached ‌safety‍ cover underneath, and with a satisfying ‍pop, the⁣ apple slices effortlessly come through the blades.

The⁤ Sharp blades of this apple slicer cut through apples with ease, ensuring clean and precise slices every time. Say goodbye to struggling⁣ with knives and‍ worrying ⁢about uneven‍ cuts.‌ With just the‌ push of a button, users can slice and core an ​apple in seconds, making it perfect for quick snacks or‍ large baking projects. Additionally, the attached safety cover provides peace of mind by protecting fingers during the slicing and coring process.

Compact in design, this⁢ apple slicer is a space-saving ‌addition to ‌any kitchen.‍ Its small size allows⁢ for easy storage in a drawer, cabinet, or just about anywhere. Whether you have a ‍small kitchen or ‌limited countertop space, this‍ apple slicer is​ a convenient‌ tool that won’t take ⁣up much room. It’s ‍also dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Overall, the PrepWorks by Progressive Dishwasher Safe Apple Slicer and Corer with ​Attached Safety Cover is a must-have tool for⁣ any apple‌ lover. Its ease of use, efficient slicing and coring capabilities, and compact design make it a⁢ standout product in the kitchen. We highly recommend this apple slicer to ​anyone looking for a hassle-free way to prepare apples for any occasion. So⁤ why wait? Click here to‍ get your hands on this fantastic⁤ kitchen tool and start enjoying perfectly‍ sliced⁤ and ​cored apples today!

Specific Recommendations for Potential Buyers

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  • If you love to snack on⁣ apples or ‌use them in your recipes often, the PrepWorks⁤ by Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice Thin Apple Slicer and Corer is a must-have kitchen tool. By simply pushing ⁣down ‌and flipping, you can effortlessly core and slice an apple⁢ in seconds. No more struggling ⁢with a knife‍ and ⁤risking injury. This apple slicer‌ comes with ⁢an attached safety cover that ensures your fingers stay protected during the⁣ slicing ⁣and coring process.

  • The sharp blades on⁤ this⁢ apple slicer cut through the fruit​ with ease, giving ‌you 16 even slices in one go. ⁢Not only does it save time and effort, ‍but it also creates beautifully uniform apple slices ⁣that ⁣are perfect for salads, pies, and other dishes. Plus, the compact design of this slicer makes it easy to store in a drawer or cabinet, taking up minimal space in your kitchen.

  • When it comes to kitchen‍ tools,⁣ we believe in offering stylish⁣ designs along with no-nonsense functionality. That’s why​ this apple slicer is a great addition to⁤ any‌ kitchen. It’s not only​ practical but ‍also aesthetically pleasing. So‍ why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Get the PrepWorks by Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice Thin Apple ​Slicer and Corer ‍today ‌and enjoy the⁣ convenience ​and precision it brings to your apple slicing experience. Click here‌ to buy it now on Amazon.

    Customer Reviews Analysis

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    Customer Reviews Analysis

After‌ analyzing multiple customer reviews, we have compiled a comprehensive⁢ overview of​ the PrepWorks by ⁤Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice Thin⁢ Apple Slicer and Corer with Attached Safety Cover. Here’s what customers have to say:

Review Rating
I have had apple slicers for years, but this one takes the cake – literally. I’ve ⁣used it ⁤to core and slice both apples and ‌pears for tarts and pies, and it’s absolutely perfect for making⁢ small, even slices instead of the larger chunks that most⁣ apple ‍slicers‌ make for eating raw apples.‌ My pastries look like a professional has made them. The blade guard is hinged to prevent‌ the bottoms of the blades from dulling or damaging items⁣ when stored. It’s as easy to clean as any other apple slicer, which can​ usually be accomplished with ⁤a dish brush. I’m⁤ thrilled with this product. 5/5
Really gives you a nice thin apple slices and I like that ⁣feature ⁢where you ‌close the base and it pops out the whole Apple. very​ convenient. Very nice. I use it a lot. 5/5
I like ⁢this makes thinner slices (and therefore, more pieces per apple). I started‌ with ‍large ⁢apples and realized I ⁣needed a⁢ lot of strength to push down — but when using a slightly smaller apple, it worked easier. I like how the bottom rubber part helps ⁢pop the cut ​slices up‌ and out. I⁣ just⁤ need⁢ to be careful hand-washing the blades when done. 4/5
I have 3 year old nieces who love apples. The slices‍ of my‌ 8 slice apple cutter⁤ are a little bigger than are comfortable for them so I​ was excited‌ when I saw this‌ 16 slice cutter. I like‍ that it has⁢ a blade cover​ for safety but‍ wish it was‌ detachable. It​ gets ​in the way when ‌using. ‌While the blades are sharp‌ I don’t think they are ⁤sharp ‍enough. I had to really work to get my apples⁣ sliced. Of course, there were 16 blades to⁢ push through the apples as opposed to‌ 8 but it⁢ still⁢ shouldn’t be that hard. The size‍ of the slices is‍ great for ‌the twins and I like the size ​too. It’s perfect for ⁢recipes which call for thin‍ slices apples. The cutter is easy to clean – just be careful of the blades.⁤ Overall, it’s a good apple slicer but I’m ⁣giving it 4 stars because of‍ my issues with the⁢ blades. 4/5
We help run caramel apple stands every year. This tool gives perfect, thin slices ready ⁤to be smothered in homemade caramel! The extra flap means you can⁣ push the apple slices out without drawing​ blood. Being dishwasher ‍safe makes this‌ one of the easiest kitchen tools to clean!! 5/5
I‌ have two young children ‍and a traditional⁣ slicer just makes​ too thick of slices for‌ me to be comfortable giving them to my kids ​(choking hazard). This is ​easy to use⁤ and makes nice ‍thin slices. I also LOVE that⁤ the grey part pops ​the slices off ⁤the slicer instead⁢ of having to pick them⁤ off ​one by one ⁢like ⁤a regular​ slicer. ​100%‍ worth the $ for a ​bit of ⁣convenience! 5/5
Recommended by my child’s daycare provider, and it’s⁢ a game-changer!⁤ The concept is super easy, but ‍I find⁤ it a bit challenging to push all⁢ the‌ way through an apple. Regardless, where ​has this been all my life? Definitely ⁣worth it! 4/5
This is ‍a ⁣very sturdy apple slicer. ⁣The blades are sharp ‌and it is very easy to slice the apples. 5/5
Parece que no lo necesitas pero cuando lo tienes no saben ⁢qué maravilla. Funcional y prefecto. Fácil de mantener. 5/5
Tenho um e adoro, me ​ajuda ‌muito.Comprei para dar de presente⁢ e minha filha disse ​ser muito útil. 5/5
So easy now to make A Tarte ⁢Aux ‍Pomme. ​Cores ⁣&⁣ slices thinly in one go, ⁤very impressed with this 5/5
appareil fonctionne très bien plus besoins de coupé les pommes à la main⁣ et enlevé le trognon je⁣ vous conseil cette appareil vendeur ​très sérieux 5/5
Super Zerteiler! Habe ihn jetzt einige Zeit ⁢getestet und muss ⁤sagen​ er ist sehr gut ‍. ​Man ‌benötigt natürlich einige Kraft je nach ⁤Festigkeit ‍des Apfels ,‍ aber​ mit ‌einer gewissen Technik die man mit der⁤ Zeit herausbekommt⁣ ist es kein Problem. Die‍ untere Schale ist am Zerteiler angebracht und kliegt dann vollständig ⁣den Apfel durch . Mein ärgernis war , dass die Äpfel nie ganz durch geschnitten waren , dieser tut es richtig . Auserdem sieht er am Frühstückstisch mit dem⁤ zerteilten Apfel sogar noch gut aus und man muss ⁣ihn nicht extra auf einen Teller geben . 5/5

Overall, customers have given the PrepWorks by Progressive Dishwasher Safe ​16-Slice Thin Apple Slicer ⁣and Corer ​with Attached Safety Cover a highly positive reception. The majority of customers praised its ability to produce thin, professional-looking slices for various culinary creations such as tarts and ​pies.

One ⁤of the standout features mentioned by‌ customers was‌ the convenience of the⁤ hinged blade guard, which prevented damage when stored. ⁣Additionally, the attached safety cover was appreciated, although some customers wished it ⁣was detachable ⁣during ⁤use. The ‍majority of ‍customers found the slicer easy to clean, ⁤although caution was ⁣advised when hand-washing the blades.

While the majority‍ of the reviews were positive, a few customers noted difficulties in pushing all the way through an apple, requiring additional strength. However, the size‌ of the‌ slices was still⁢ praised, particularly for those with young children for ​whom thicker⁤ slices posed a potential choking hazard.

Overall, the PrepWorks ⁢by‍ Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice ⁤Thin Apple Slicer and‍ Corer with Attached Safety Cover received high ⁤marks for its ability to create thin slices, ease​ of use, sturdiness, and dishwasher-safe design.

If you’re ⁢in search of a reliable apple slicer that delivers thin, even slices, this product comes highly recommended by customers. Give it⁤ a try and ‍elevate‌ your apple-based recipes to the next level!

Pros⁣ & Cons

Pros ⁢& Cons

Pros Cons
1. Slices⁣ and cores apples in seconds. 1. May not be suitable for larger⁤ apples.
2. Equipped with an attached safety cover that protects fingers. 2. The safety ⁣cover may be difficult to remove.
3. Sharp blades make slicing through apples easy. 3. Blades‍ may require occasional sharpening.
4. Compact design allows for easy⁢ storage. 4. May not be suitable ​for larger kitchens with⁢ limited drawer or cabinet space.
5. Easy-to-use⁣ slicer ‍with⁤ simple ​push, flip, and pop ‌operation. 5. May require some force to slice ⁤through harder apples.


Q: Is the PrepWorks⁣ by Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice‌ Thin Apple Slicer and Corer⁢ easy to​ use?
A: Absolutely! The Thin Apple Slicer is incredibly easy to use. Simply place the ‌apple on the countertop with the stem side down, ​push‌ the blades down over the apple, flip the protective ‌cover underneath, and pop the apple slices ​the rest of the ⁣way through the blades. It’s as easy as push, flip, and pop!

Q: How‌ long does it take‍ to slice and core an apple?
A: With ​just the ⁣push of a button,​ you ‌can⁤ slice and‍ core an apple in mere ​seconds. It’s incredibly quick ‍and efficient, making‌ snack time ⁢or meal prep ‌a breeze.

Q: Does the Thin Apple⁢ Slicer come with a‌ safety cover?
A: Yes, ‌it‍ does! The Thin Apple Slicer is ‌equipped with an attached safety ⁢cover that helps protect your fingers ⁤during the slicing and‌ coring process. Safety is a top priority, and ‌we’ve got you covered.

Q: Are the ⁣blades sharp⁢ enough to slice through apples‌ with ease?
A: Absolutely! The ⁢sharp blades of ⁢the‌ Thin Apple ​Slicer have​ no problem slicing through apples, making the process quick‍ and effortless. ​Say ⁢goodbye to struggling with a ⁣knife and hello to perfectly sliced apples.

Q: Is the⁣ Thin Apple Slicer easy ‌to store?
A: Definitely! ​The Thin Apple Slicer has a compact​ design, ⁤making it easy to store in a⁣ drawer, cabinet, or ⁢just about anywhere. No need to worry about it⁣ taking⁢ up too​ much ​space in your⁤ kitchen.

Q:⁣ Can ‌the Thin Apple Slicer‍ be cleaned in ​the dishwasher?
A:‌ Yes, it can! The Thin Apple Slicer is dishwasher ⁤safe, making ‍clean-up a breeze. Simply place it in the dishwasher and let​ the machine do the work for you.

Q: What sets the PrepWorks by Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice Thin Apple Slicer and Corer apart from other apple slicers on the market?
A: ‌At PrepWorks by Progressive,⁣ we pride ourselves on creating innovative kitchen tools and gadgets that make food preparation fun and fast. ‍Our Thin ⁣Apple⁣ Slicer is designed with thoughtfulness⁤ and functionality⁣ in⁤ mind, ensuring ‌a hassle-free slicing and coring experience. With an attached safety cover, sharp⁢ blades, and a​ compact design, our Thin Apple Slicer ‍stands out from the rest. We strive to‌ provide exceptional kitchen essentials that help cooks of all skill levels create meals worth ⁣sharing.

Q: Does the PrepWorks by Progressive Dishwasher Safe 16-Slice Thin ⁤Apple Slicer and Corer come with any warranties or​ guarantees?
A: ​While we stand behind ​the ⁤quality and functionality ⁣of our products, the ⁢Thin Apple Slicer does not come⁤ with specific warranties or guarantees. However, ​we are⁢ committed to providing superior customer service ⁢and support. If you have any issues or⁣ concerns with your Thin Apple Slicer, please reach out ‌to our customer service team, and we will do our best ‌to assist you. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Experience Innovation

In conclusion, the Thin Apple Slicer & Corer​ from Prepworks by Progressive is a must-have kitchen tool for anyone ⁣who loves apples. With its quick and safe design, ⁤you can easily slice and core ​an apple in seconds, making ⁣snack or​ meal prep ‌a breeze.

The‍ push, flip, and pop mechanism ⁤is‌ incredibly easy ‍to use. Simply place the apple on the countertop, push the blades down over the apple, flip the protective cover underneath, and watch as the apple ‌slices effortlessly pop out. It’s a simple process that saves ‌you time and effort in the kitchen.

At Progressive ​International, we are dedicated to creating innovative kitchen tools that‌ make‌ food preparation fun ⁤and fast. The Thin Apple Slicer is no exception.⁣ Its sharp blades ‍cut ​through apples with ‌ease, ⁤providing you with‌ perfectly sliced and cored apples every time.

The compact ⁤design of the Thin Apple Slicer makes it easy to store in a drawer, cabinet, or anywhere‍ else in your kitchen. It’s the perfect size for any space.

But what we love most about⁤ the Thin Apple Slicer is its commitment to safety. With ‌the attached safety cover, your​ fingers​ are protected‌ during the slicing and⁢ coring ⁢process. You ⁢can slice your⁤ apples without worry, ​knowing that your hands are safe.

So why ‍wait? Upgrade your apple slicing game with the Thin Apple Slicer & Corer from Prepworks by Progressive. It’s quick, safe, and easy to use. Click ‍here to get ‌yours on Amazon today and start enjoying‌ perfectly sliced apples: Thin Apple Slicer & Corer. Happy ​slicing!

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