Aroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker: Deliciously Easy Home Cooking Made Simple

Aroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker: Deliciously Easy Home Cooking Made Simple

Are you tired of spending​ hours in the ⁣kitchen preparing‍ meals? Do you want to spend more time​ doing the things you love instead of slaving‌ away over a hot stove? Well, we have found ‍the solution⁤ for you – the AROMA® 20-Cup (Cooked) ​/ 5Qt. Rice & Grain ​Cooker (ARC-390NGP)!

With the AROMA® Rice Cooker, you can enjoy restaurant-quality rice,⁣ healthy ‌steamed meals, and delicious one-pot dishes with ⁤just the flip of a switch. This convenient cooker can perfectly cook 4 ‍to ​20 cups of ⁣any variety of rice, making meal prep a breeze. And⁢ with the automatic Keep‌ Warm mode, you don’t have ⁢to worry about monitoring or stirring‍ – just ⁤set it and forget it!

Not only can this rice cooker make perfect rice, but it also has a ‍Wire Steam Rack for healthy ‌steaming of​ meats and⁣ vegetables​ while your rice cooks below. It’s versatile enough to make oatmeal,⁤ chili, jambalaya, soups, and more. Plus, when you’re done cooking, the⁣ inner ‌pot and all ⁢accessories are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Say goodbye to long‍ hours in⁢ the kitchen and hello to more free time with ⁢the AROMA® 20-Cup Rice Cooker. It’s time to let AROMA® take the “cook” out of home cooking and help you enjoy ‌hot, hearty, and healthy meals that⁢ the‌ whole family will ‍love.

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In the‍ world⁤ of home cooking, convenience is‌ key and the AROMA® 20-Cup (Cooked) ⁤Rice & Grain Cooker delivers just that.​ With the ability⁢ to perfectly ⁣cook up to 20 ‌cups⁤ of any variety of rice, this cooker takes the hassle out⁢ of meal preparation. Just with the flip of a switch, you‌ can enjoy restaurant-quality⁤ rice, ⁤healthy steamed ‍meals, ⁤and delicious⁣ one-pot dishes without any monitoring or ⁤stirring required. The Wire Steam Rack ⁣provides additional versatility,​ allowing for the steaming of meats and‌ vegetables while the rice cooks below – perfect for ‌creating a variety ‌of⁤ meals from ⁣oatmeal⁢ to chili ‌to​ soups.

The easy-to-clean nonstick removable inner pot and accessories, including ⁤a rice⁣ measuring cup, serving spatula, and steam tray,⁤ make cleanup a breeze. With⁤ automatic Keep Warm mode, you ‍can focus on other tasks while your ​meal stays hot and ready ​to serve.​ The full-view tempered glass lid allows for easy monitoring of your food as it cooks, ⁣giving you peace‍ of mind that your meal ‍is progressing perfectly. Say‍ goodbye to kitchen⁢ stress and hello to convenient, delicious meals ‌with the ⁣AROMA®​ 20-Cup​ Rice & ⁤Grain Cooker. Join us in simplifying ⁣your home ⁢cooking experience by clicking the link to purchase your own AROMA® 20-Cup Rice &​ Grain Cooker on Amazon today!

Impressive Features

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The AROMA® 20-Cup Rice Cooker & Food Steamer is jam-packed with that⁢ make cooking a breeze. ​With ‌a generous capacity that can cook 4 to 20 cups of any variety of‍ rice, you ‌can easily whip up delicious meals for the​ whole family. The automatic⁢ Keep Warm ⁣mode ensures that your food stays hot and ready ⁣to eat whenever you’re ready. The included Wire Steam ‍Rack allows for healthy steaming of ‍meats and vegetables ⁢while your rice cooks ⁤below, giving you a⁤ complete meal in one pot.

Not only is this rice cooker convenient to⁣ use, but it’s also ⁣easy to clean. The​ nonstick removable inner pot and all accessories are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.‌ The full-view​ tempered​ glass lid allows‍ you to easily monitor ​your food as ‌it cooks, so you can ensure that it’s coming out ⁢perfectly every time. Say goodbye to kitchen stress and hello​ to more time for yourself and your family with the ⁣AROMA® 20-Cup Rice Cooker & ‌Food Steamer.​ Click‌ here to⁣ purchase yours today!

Detailed ⁢Insights and Recommendations

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When ‌it comes to easy home cooking, the Aroma® ​20-Cup Rice Cooker & Food Steamer truly delivers. With‌ its one-touch operation ‌and automatic Keep Warm‌ mode, ‍we can prepare delicious⁢ meals without ⁤the hassle of constantly monitoring or stirring. The⁢ generous‍ capacity allows us to cook‍ 4 to‌ 20 ​cups of any variety of ‌rice, making it perfect for family ​gatherings ⁤or meal prepping for the week. And let’s ⁤not forget about ‌the‌ Wire ⁣Steam Rack that ⁤allows for‌ healthy ‌steaming of meats and vegetables while the​ rice⁣ cooks below. It’s ‌like having⁤ a ⁤sous chef in ‍our kitchen!

The Aroma® Rice Cooker also comes with accessories ‍like a⁤ rice measuring⁤ cup, serving spatula, and steam tray, making meal preparation​ even easier. ⁤The nonstick removable ⁤inner pot and full-view tempered glass lid make cleaning ‍up a breeze. Whether we’re cooking‌ rice, oatmeal, chili, or soups, this rice cooker is a versatile‌ addition to any kitchen. Say goodbye to kitchen stress and hello ⁢to ⁣delicious,‍ healthy meals with the Aroma® 20-Cup Rice Cooker & Food Steamer.

Customer​ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ⁢Analysis

After reviewing customer feedback for the AROMA® ‍20-Cup Rice & Grain Cooker (ARC-390NGP),⁣ we have compiled a ‍summary of the ‍most common remarks. Let’s take a closer look at what customers have to say‍ about this product:

Positive Reviews

I washed the cooker when ‍it arrived today and threw in some jasmine rice. The rice cooked rather quickly and⁢ came out⁤ perfect. Amazing ‌little cooker. I can’t ⁤wait to try the steaming tray.
very ‍big, ⁣my head fit real good. good for goofs⁤ and gaffs
It’s working fine.​ And the size is exactly what I wanted.
Cooks your rice perfectly ⁤and doesn’t stick to the⁣ bottom.
Work amazing 🤩
Very easy to use‌ for someone ‍who cannot make rice ⁤for the life of them
It is working very well.

Negative Reviews

  • I⁢ dont even understand‍ how the​ rice cooker stopped working ⁢in⁢ two weeks! What kind of product is this. On a positive note, im glad is ‌not after the return window is closed

Overall,‍ the AROMA® 20-Cup Rice & Grain Cooker seems to⁢ perform well ‍according to most customers, with only ⁣a⁢ few isolated incidents ⁤of ‌malfunction. ‍It’s ⁣essential to consider both positive and negative feedback before making a purchase decision.

Pros & Cons

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Pros ⁤& Cons


1. Easy ‍to Use: One-touch operation makes cooking a breeze
2. Versatile: Can prepare a variety of dishes beyond just​ rice
3. Large Capacity: Perfect for feeding the whole ⁣family ⁤or meal⁣ prepping
4. Keep Warm Function: Keeps food‍ ready to eat without overcooking
5. Easy to Clean: Removable inner pot and accessories are dishwasher safe


1. ⁣Bulky Size: May take⁢ up a lot of counter or storage space
2.⁤ Limited Features: Doesn’t ‍have advanced settings ‌for ​more precise cooking
3. Steam ⁣Rack Placement: Steam tray ⁣can ‌be ⁤challenging to ​use with certain recipes


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Q: Can ‍this rice cooker handle ⁢different ‍types of rice?
A: Yes, the Aroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker can perfectly prepare 4 to 20 cups of​ any variety of cooked⁢ rice. Whether you‍ prefer white⁢ rice, brown‌ rice, jasmine rice, ‌or ⁣any ⁢other type, this cooker ⁢can handle it all with ease.

Q:​ Is it easy to clean?
A: Absolutely! ‍The nonstick‍ removable inner pot and all accessories can be easily⁣ removed​ and cleaned ⁤in the dishwasher, ​making cleanup a breeze.

Q:​ Can I ‍cook other ⁢dishes besides rice in this cooker?
A: Definitely! The Aroma Rice Cooker⁢ is not just for rice – it‌ can also steam meat and vegetables with the ⁢provided steam​ tray.‍ You can get creative and make oatmeal, chili, jambalaya, ​soups, and⁣ so much more with this versatile​ cooker.

Q: ⁢Does it come⁣ with ‍any accessories?
A:⁣ Yes, this rice‌ cooker comes with a rice measuring cup, serving spatula, and steam tray, so you have everything you need to start cooking delicious​ meals right away.

Q: How long does it take ‌to cook rice in‌ this cooker?
A:‍ The Aroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker has a simple one-touch operation and will automatically⁤ switch to Keep Warm mode once the⁣ rice is cooked, so ‌you can enjoy perfectly cooked⁣ rice without having to monitor or stir it. The cooking time will ‌vary‌ depending on the amount and type of rice you are cooking.

Experience the‌ Difference

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In conclusion, the Aroma® 20-Cup Rice Cooker truly makes home cooking a breeze. From perfectly cooked rice⁤ to healthy steamed meals and delicious one-pot dishes, this cooker does it all with just the⁤ flip ⁣of a switch. Say goodbye ⁣to monitoring and stirring,​ and hello to ⁣more quality time for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t miss out on this convenient and efficient⁢ kitchen appliance. Get your own Aroma 20-Cup Rice⁢ Cooker today‍ and start enjoying deliciously easy home cooking ⁣made simple!

Ready to revolutionize your kitchen? Click here to purchase your Aroma® 20-Cup Rice Cooker⁤ now!

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