Carb-Smart Rice Magic: Instant® Multigrain Cooker Review

Carb-Smart Rice Magic: Instant® Multigrain Cooker Review

Welcome to our review of the Instant⁣ 20-Cup Rice Cooker‌ and⁣ Multigrain Cooker, a‍ culinary marvel that promises to revolutionize your kitchen ⁣experience.​ From the creators of the⁤ beloved Instant Pot comes this innovative​ appliance, ‌boasting Carb Reducing Technology without ​compromising on taste or texture. As avid food⁣ enthusiasts, we couldn’t wait to ⁣put ⁢this multi-cooker to‌ the test and see if‍ it lives​ up to the hype.

Imagine a device⁤ that not‌ only cooks perfect rice but also ‌offers 8-in-1 functionality, allowing⁤ you to​ prepare a variety of grains, slow-cook meals, sauté ingredients, and more.⁤ The Instant 20-Cup⁢ Rice Cooker does just that, with intuitive presets that⁢ take the‌ guesswork out of‌ cooking times and temperatures. Whether you’re⁢ a⁤ seasoned chef or a kitchen novice,⁤ this appliance makes meal preparation effortless.

One of the most ⁤intriguing features ​of this cooker is its⁤ Carb Reducing Technology, which claims to reduce​ carbs ⁣and sugars ​in rice⁤ by‌ up to 40% without sacrificing ⁣flavor or consistency. As health-conscious consumers, we were eager to see⁣ if this ⁢technology could deliver on its promise.

But functionality aside, convenience⁤ is key⁤ in any kitchen appliance. The Instant 20-Cup Rice Cooker boasts ​a sleek‍ and compact design that looks right at home​ on⁣ any countertop. Cleanup is a ‌breeze, thanks to the non-stick cooking pot, stainless steel Carb⁣ Reduce steam⁤ basket, and removable inner lid, all of which are dishwasher safe.

In our ⁤upcoming review, we’ll dive deep into our experience with ⁤the Instant 20-Cup‌ Rice ​Cooker, examining its performance, ease ⁢of‍ use, and, most importantly, the taste and ‌texture of the rice it produces. So stay ⁤tuned as we take you on⁤ a culinary journey with this exciting new‍ addition to the⁣ Instant family.

Table ‌of Contents


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Discover a revolution in rice and grain cooking with our Instant​ 20-cup Multigrain Cooker. Engineered with 8-in-1 functionality, this cooker simplifies meal prep with smart features designed to enhance taste and texture without compromising on health benefits. Our innovative CarbReduce technology slashes carbs⁣ and‌ sugars in rice by‍ up to 40%*, ensuring your meals are not ⁣only⁢ delicious ⁤but also nutritious.

  • Cooking Simplicity: ‌With ⁣8 intelligent cooking presets, we‌ take the‍ guesswork out ‍of time and temperature⁢ settings, making meal preparation effortless.
  • Swift Measurements: Our CarbReduce​ steam ‍basket features level ⁤marks for ⁣easy water measurement, streamlining the cooking ⁤process.
  • Keep ‍Warm Functionality: ⁤ Enjoy ‌fresh rice or⁣ grains for up to ⁢10 hours, ensuring your​ meals are ready whenever you are.

Cooking Features Benefits
8-in-1 Functionality More than just a rice cooker – versatile⁢ cooking⁣ options for various grains and meal types.
Carb-Reducing⁣ Technology Enjoy⁢ healthier meals with‍ reduced⁢ carbs and sugars without compromising taste or texture.
Easy Cleanup Dishwasher-safe‌ components, including non-stick cooking ⁢pot and stainless steel steam⁢ basket, ensure hassle-free cleaning.
Sleek & Compact Design Matte⁣ finish and slim profile add aesthetic appeal to‌ your​ countertop ⁣while saving storage space.

Experience the convenience and ⁣health ‍benefits of ‌our Instant 20-cup Multigrain Cooker ⁢today. Elevate your ‍cooking game with precision, simplicity, and flavor-enhancing technology. Shop now and join the⁢ revolution!

Exploring the Innovative Features

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When it ‌comes to revolutionizing your kitchen experience, our Instant 20-Cup Multigrain Cooker stands out with its array of innovative features. Let’s ​delve‍ into what makes this cooker a game-changer:

  • Carb-Reducing Technology: Our CarbReduce technology is a breakthrough, reducing carbs⁢ and sugars in ‌rice by⁢ up to 40%, all while maintaining the delicious taste and texture you ⁢love. Say⁢ goodbye to‍ carb guilt without ⁣compromising on flavor!
  • 8 Smart Cooking Presets: Gone are the ‌days of guessing time and temperature settings. With 8 smart cooking presets, ⁣whipping up ‌your favorite grains and dishes has never⁢ been easier. ⁤From ⁤quinoa to slow ‌cooking, we’ve got​ you covered.
  • Swift Measurements: We’ve made meal prep a​ breeze with level ‌marks in the CarbReduce steam basket, allowing you to ‌easily measure⁢ water for quick ⁣and efficient cooking.

Feature Description
Carb-Reducing Technology Reduces carbs ⁤and sugars in rice by up to 40%⁤ without sacrificing​ taste ‌or​ texture.
8 Smart‌ Cooking Presets Eliminates guesswork with preset cooking​ options⁢ for various grains and dishes.
Swift ⁤Measurements Level marks in the steam ‍basket ⁣make measuring water quick and ​easy.

From its ‍sleek⁤ design to ⁢its⁣ easy cleanup and extended keep-warm function, our Multigrain Cooker​ redefines convenience in the kitchen. ‍Elevate your cooking game today ​with the Instant 20-Cup Multigrain ⁤Cooker!

Get yours now and experience the‌ difference!

In-depth Analysis ⁤and Recommendations

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Upon⁢ delving into the intricacies of‍ the Instant 20-Cup ​Multigrain Cooker, we’re⁤ met with a⁤ plethora of features that ⁤make it a standout addition⁣ to any kitchen. One of the ⁤most compelling aspects is ⁣its‍ CarbReduce technology, which promises to reduce ⁤carbs and sugars ⁤in rice by up to 40% without‌ compromising taste⁢ or texture. This‌ innovative⁢ approach caters to health-conscious‌ individuals without sacrificing culinary⁣ enjoyment.

Moreover, ‍the ⁢inclusion of 8 ⁢smart ⁣cooking presets streamlines the cooking ‌process,⁤ eliminating guesswork ⁤from time and⁤ temperature settings. From grains to slow⁤ cooking, sautéing to steaming, this multifunctional⁣ appliance⁢ covers ⁢a wide array of culinary needs with ease.⁢ Additionally, its ‌sleek⁤ and compact design adds‍ aesthetic‍ appeal ⁤to any countertop while ensuring ‌convenient ⁢storage.‌ For those seeking efficiency without compromising on ‍flavor or health, this rice⁢ and grain multi-cooker proves to be a valuable addition to the kitchen arsenal. ⁤Ready to experience⁣ the convenience and health benefits for yourself? Check it ⁤out here!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ‍Analysis

After diving deep ‌into⁤ the ​pool of customer‍ reviews, we’ve gathered some fascinating insights on the Instant® Multigrain ​Cooker. Let’s ⁤explore⁢ what the users​ have to say:

Pros Cons

  • Taste of rice is cleaner ​and healthier due to carb-reducing technology.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Large capacity for cooking and steaming.
  • Modern and sleek design.
  • Perfectly fluffy rice when water ‍ratio ⁢is adjusted.

  • Initial learning curve to get⁣ the right water-to-rice‌ ratio.
  • Design ⁤flaws with water drainage and ⁣pot scratching.
  • Heavy compared ⁣to⁣ other⁤ rice cookers.
  • Issues with inner pot chipping ⁣and durability.
  • Lack of specific cooking​ modes like ‍porridge.

Positive​ Feedback

“Replaced my 8 cup aroma rice cooker with this carb reducing rice cooker because it claims to help ⁢get rid of the extra​ starches⁣ in ‍rice. With traditional‌ rice cookers,⁢ I can always see white film⁤ of starch cooked into my rice and caked on ‌the lid. I love rice⁢ but ​always thought about ⁢how I was also eating these extra trace‌ carbs with it. Now‍ I⁤ feel guilt free eating my rice. Let ⁢me start off‍ by saying‍ the finished product‌ tastes so healthy‌ and clean! The starch does indeed separated and drain down. It ‌has a pure clean taste to it unlike anything⁤ I’ve tasted​ before which was always slightly sweet​ with​ all‍ the starch residues. This ⁤rice ⁣has consistently come out even visually clean with not a ‍spec ⁣of the white starch film residue of a traditional rice cooker.‍ It’s not even on the lid!The process of making it took me 3 trial times to ⁤get it right and not mushy. Don’t follow their directions ‌on the water ratio ‍when​ using the carb reducing stainless steel ‌basket. It came‌ out ‍mushy, way too much water. I found after putting in ‍my rice, I ⁣just put enough water to cover it. No more⁣ than half an ​inch on top of the rice, the less the better. ​Hope ‍this helps. ‍You can experiment but don’t give up if the⁣ first results don’t‍ work⁣ out, you’ll find what works best‌ for⁢ you​ and then you’ll ⁢consistently make ‍great rice like‍ I⁣ do!Very easy ‌to clean. Another note​ if that although it is beautiful and modern looking, it is bigger than⁤ I thought it would be ⁤but it’s ok. I​ got⁣ used to it bc of‌ the benefits of what it does with the carb technology and It’s more than a rice‍ cooker. I steam alot with it as well with it’s large capacity steam basket👍”

“Bought this ‍as a present for myself during Black Friday. I ⁢love it. We⁣ do the carb saving​ cycle and ‌it only takes 40 minutes–which TBH is less than my Panasonic took⁣ on regular rice. It makes perfectly fluffy basmati rice. I​ love that it has such a large capacity, so ⁢I can freeze extra rice for later.It’s big, but worth it.Really an excellent product. So happy! We use it ⁤at least 4 times per week.”

“I love this rice ‍cooker so much! It’s huge so ‍just be ⁢prepared but ⁢it has ​so many uses ‍which I ⁣love. This thing cooks⁤ rice perfectly every time and I love how sleek it looks.”

“At first at wasn’t sure if to purchase this rice cooker⁣ but⁤ the reading​ the reviews I was convinced. Luckily, I⁤ purchased it because it’s worth the money. Finally, found a rice cooker that is really ​good. The⁢ rice ⁢smelled and tasted so ⁤much better‍ than ⁢the previous rice cooker I was using. ⁣The rice was ⁣so fluffy. ⁣The ⁢pot is ⁤super easy ​to clean, it looks slick and modern.⁤ I love it. Buy it, there will be no​ regrets. 🙂”

Negative⁤ Feedback

“Shame it doesn’t‌ provide a porridge⁤ mode⁤ like other‍ Instant Pots. Though it does look ⁤a lot more modern and clean.”

“In⁣ my understanding, the‍ high rates are accumulated by‌ all instant⁤ products. This‍ rate ​misleads customers.To reduce carb,⁤ I bought “Instant‍ 20-Cup Rice⁤ Cooker, Rice and Grain Multi-Cooker with Carb Reducing ⁣Technology without Compromising Taste or⁢ Texture, From the Makers⁢ of Instant Pot, ‍Includes 8⁢ Cooking Presets”.PRO:1. looks pretty2. easy to use ‌without carb reduceCON:1. This product has serious design problems 1.1 the rice ​cannot be fully ⁣and thoroughly cooked when you ⁤use default settings ​of “carb reduce”. You have to restart the cooker with “carb ‍reduce” and stir the rice with water. 1.2 the inner pot for “carb ⁣reduce” is not easy to clean because it is made⁢ of stainless steel and ⁣rice⁢ sticks⁢ on ‍it. 1.3 the inner pot ‍for “carb reduce”‌ is easy to scratch the inner pot ⁤with⁤ non-stick coating ⁣1.4 no water collection cup. When you finish cooking and‌ open‌ the lid, ⁣much water flow from the lid down into the pot and​ edge which may ‌hold ‌some ‌water.2. the pot is heavy than others. Just like other customers’ commend. ​It⁢ is ok for me ‍although it is “heavy”.Do not recommend this cooker if you use “carb reduce” a lot and worry about the‍ water from⁣ the lid. Will return it.”

“I use it⁣ mainly just for rice & it’s the best!! ‌The only​ thing is the Instructions for ‍the water to rice ratio aren’t that⁢ accurate, I put the the water at about half an inch above‌ the‌ rice level ⁢& it comes out perfect everytime!”

“I like the⁣ brand and ⁢would ​love to give it a try the new cooker​ with carbohydrate reduced function. But the rice tasted so hard‍ with the direction of 1:1.5 cup of water under the basket. Also the function limits 2 cups uncooked rice which‌ I followed still not getting a satisfying rice.”

“it ​looks good, ​cooks fine except one design flaw: when open the cap the water drain from ⁤the cap has no where to⁤ go but stay on ⁤the rim. some time it ‍overflow to the inside.‌ They should have it drain to a container as the other rice cooker usually does”

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Carb-Reducing Technology Reduces​ carbs and sugars in rice up to 40% without compromising taste or texture, ⁣making it a healthier option.
8 ⁤Smart Cooking Presets Easy-to-use presets take‍ the​ guesswork out of time and temperature settings, ensuring perfect results every time.
Swift Measurements Level marks ⁣in the⁤ CarbReduce steam⁤ basket simplify water⁢ measurement, making cooking or​ meal prep quick and efficient.
Keep Warm Function Unit can keep rice or grains warm for ‌up⁢ to 10 hours, ensuring freshness whenever you’re ⁣ready to eat.
Easy Cleanup Non-stick cooking pot, stainless steel CarbReduce steam basket,‍ and removable inner lid are all ‌dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.
Sleek & Compact Design Matte finish and slim profile add a touch of elegance to your⁤ countertop, while its compact size allows for easy storage.
8-in-1 Functionality More than just a rice cooker,‍ it⁢ can also cook grains, quinoa, ⁣mixed ​grains, slow cook, sauté, steam, and keep warm.
Includes‍ Multigrain Spoon and Measuring‌ Cup Comes with all the accessories you need to get started right away.


  • Results May ⁤Vary: CarbReduce⁣ technology’s effectiveness may vary depending on the ⁣type ⁤of rice used and cooking process, so individual results⁤ may differ.
  • Large Capacity: While great for families⁢ or large gatherings, the 20-cup capacity may‌ be⁤ excessive for smaller households.
  • Requires Storage Space: Despite its compact design, it still requires space for storage‌ when ​not in ⁣use, which may be a concern for those with limited kitchen space.


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**Q&A Section**

Q: ‍How does ⁤the CarbReduce ⁢technology work exactly?

A: CarbReduce technology ‌is⁣ the magic behind our⁢ Multigrain Cooker’s ability to ​reduce ‍carbs ​and sugars in rice by up to‌ 40% without​ compromising taste⁣ or texture. It ⁣achieves this by⁣ altering the cooking process and water⁣ ratio in a ‌way that minimizes the absorption ⁣of carbohydrates ⁣during⁣ rice ‌cooking. The ‌result? ‌Healthier​ rice options without sacrificing flavor!

Q: Can ‍I ⁢use this cooker‍ for other‍ grains besides rice?

A: Absolutely! Our Multigrain Cooker is designed to ⁢handle a variety of grains beyond just⁤ rice. Whether you’re​ cooking quinoa,‍ mixed⁤ grains, ⁤or experimenting ⁤with different varieties, our cooker provides versatile functionality to suit your culinary needs.

Q: How long does it take to cook⁣ rice with⁢ this cooker?

A: ‌One of the beauties of ⁤our ⁤Multigrain Cooker is its efficiency. Depending on the⁣ type of rice and the desired⁢ texture, cooking times⁣ can vary, but generally, it⁣ takes ⁣about 20-30 minutes for most‍ rice varieties. ⁣Plus, with​ the convenience of our 8 smart cooking ‍presets, you can ​set​ it and forget it, letting⁢ the cooker ⁢do the‍ work for⁣ you.

Q: ​Is ⁣the cooker ‍easy to clean?

A: Absolutely!‍ We understand the importance ​of‌ hassle-free cleanup, which is why​ our Multigrain Cooker is designed⁣ with ​convenience in mind.‌ The non-stick​ cooking pot, stainless⁤ steel CarbReduce steam basket, and removable inner lid ⁢are all dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Q: Can I leave rice in ​the cooker after ​it’s done cooking?

A: Yes, you can! Our Multigrain Cooker features ⁤a ‍keep warm​ function that can maintain your ⁤rice or grains at an ideal serving temperature for up to 10 hours. This ensures that your food is ready and⁢ fresh⁣ whenever you need it, without the ⁢worry of it becoming cold or overcooked.

Q: Is the Multigrain Cooker suitable for small kitchens or limited countertop space?

A: Absolutely! Our Multigrain Cooker boasts a sleek ⁤and compact design, making it a perfect ⁤fit for⁣ small⁢ kitchens‌ or limited countertop space. Its slim‍ profile⁤ and matte finish not only look beautiful on your countertop but also make it easy to store ‍away ‌in ⁣cabinets ‍or ⁢pantry when⁤ not in use.

Achieve New Heights

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As⁣ we wrap up our exploration of the Instant® Multigrain Cooker, we’re ⁤left⁣ marveling at its‍ ingenuity and⁣ simplicity. With Carb-Reducing Technology paving ⁢the way for healthier meal options without compromising on⁢ flavor ⁢or texture,‌ this cooker truly ​stands out⁤ in⁣ the realm of kitchen appliances.

From its 8-in-1 functionality to its intuitive presets and ⁣convenient warm-keeping feature, every aspect of ​this cooker⁢ is ‌designed to streamline your cooking experience. ⁢And let’s not forget the ⁣ease of cleanup, ​thanks to its dishwasher-safe components.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, the Instant® Multigrain Cooker is a game-changer that promises delicious results every time.

Ready⁣ to revolutionize your⁢ cooking routine? Click here ​to get ‌your hands on the Instant® Multigrain Cooker ‌today!

Get Your Instant® Multigrain Cooker⁣ Now!

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