Crutch Comfort Revolution: Vive Premium Pads & Grips Review

If you or ⁤a loved one has ever had to ⁤use crutches, you’ll understand the discomfort and pain that can come with it. But⁣ fear not, ⁢we have found a solution that will make your recovery journey ‌much ​more comfortable ⁤and ⁢bearable. Let us introduce you to the Vive ‌Premium Crutch Pads & Hand Grips​ – a game changer in the world ⁣of walking​ crutches accessories. These pads and grips are not only comfortable, breathable, ​and machine washable, but they also feature moisture-wicking and odor-reducing properties that will‌ keep you‌ feeling fresh⁢ and clean throughout ⁣the day. Join us as we dive into⁢ the details of this essential crutch accessory from Vive Health and discover why it’s ‍a must-have for anyone on the⁢ road to recovery.

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When it comes ​to crutch⁣ accessories, comfort is key, and the Vive⁢ Premium Crutch​ Pads‍ & Hand Grips definitely deliver on that front. These pads are a​ game-changer ‌for anyone who uses crutches, providing a⁣ soft, cushioned ‍surface that eliminates painful⁣ pressure and chafing on your hands and underarms. The foam material is gentle ⁣on the skin, ensuring a comfortable and speedy recovery‌ process. Plus, the breathable fabric helps to prevent heat build-up, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Attaching these pads to ⁤your standard-sized crutches is a breeze. Simply slip the covers over the rubber pads‌ and secure them in place with the hook and loop straps. The padded⁤ hand grips wrap easily around the ⁤existing grips, providing a non-slip fit that⁣ reduces hand fatigue and evenly⁤ distributes pressure. Whether you’re ⁢an adult or youth ⁢in⁤ need of⁤ crutch comfort, these accessories from Vive definitely deliver. Enhance your crutch experience today and say goodbye to discomfort with ⁤the Vive Premium Crutch Pads & Hand Grips.

Features ‌of Vive Premium Crutch Pads & Hand Grips

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Enhance‌ your crutch experience ⁢with the Vive Premium Crutch Pads & Hand ⁢Grips! The comfortable and breathable‌ padding provides ultimate comfort while reducing painful ‍pressure on ​your armpits and hands.‌ The premium foam material is soft and designed ‍to ⁣prevent skin irritation, making it​ ideal for ​a comfortable and speedy recovery process.

These crutch pads and hand grips are not only easy to use but⁤ also machine ⁣washable ‍for added ‍convenience. The contoured cushioning retains its shape and⁣ provides ‌a nonslip grip, preventing hand fatigue and ensuring a secure⁢ fit. The breathable material also helps to prevent heat build-up, keeping you cool ⁢and comfortable⁢ as⁣ you move​ around. ⁤Say goodbye to painful pressure and ⁢chafing with these essential crutch accessories from Vive -⁤ a⁣ trusted brand in health and wellness. Take your first step towards ⁤comfort and​ recovery by getting your own set ⁣of Vive Premium Crutch Pads & Hand ⁣Grips ‌today! ‌ Order now.

Insights on Comfort, Breathability, and Durability

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When it comes to comfort, breathability, and durability, the Vive Premium ⁢Crutch ‌Pads & Hand ⁤Grips truly stand out. The‌ foam crutch pads are extra​ soft and designed to ‍eliminate‌ chafing ‌while reducing pressure on your ‌armpits and ‍hands,⁤ making for​ a comfortable and ‌speedy recovery. The contoured cushioning retains its shape through extensive use,⁣ providing nonslip cushioning and ⁢preventing hand fatigue by evenly dispersing pressure.

The breathable‍ material used in the crutch pads‌ and hand grips prevents‌ heat build-up, keeping you cool and comfortable even‍ during extended use. ‍The ‍textured lining ‍on the ‍handgrips prevents slipping,⁣ ensuring a secure, non-slip⁢ fit.‌ Add to ‌that the ease ⁤of use -‍ simply stretch the cover material⁤ over the rubber crutch ​pad and secure it with ⁢hook and loop ​straps – and you ‌have a winning combination of comfort, breathability, and durability. Upgrade⁢ your crutch experience with the Vive Premium Crutch⁢ Pads & Hand ⁢Grips today and enjoy a‌ more comfortable recovery. Check it out on Amazon.

Recommendations ‌for Adult​ & Youth ‌Walking Crutches

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Our recommendation for adult and youth walking crutches is the Vive Premium Crutch Pads & Hand⁣ Grips. These comfortable, ⁤breathable,​ and machine washable⁤ padding accessories ​are essential for anyone using crutches. The foam​ crutch pads eliminate chafing and reduce ‍painful pressure on‍ your ‌armpits⁣ and hands, making your​ recovery process more⁢ comfortable and speedy.⁤ The contoured cushioning provides non-slip ​cushioning for⁢ ultimate comfort, preventing hand fatigue by​ reducing friction and evenly ⁢dispersing‌ pressure.

Easily attachable ​to most standard sized crutches, ‍including those designed​ for adult men, women, and youths,⁣ the Vive crutch pads and​ hand grips are a convenient addition to your crutch experience.‍ The breathable‌ material ‍prevents ​heat⁣ build up and keeps⁣ you cool​ and comfortable⁤ throughout the day.⁤ Purchase now⁢ with confidence thanks to the Vive Guarantee,‌ offering a 60-day guarantee for​ your peace of ‌mind.‌ Enhance your crutch experience with the‌ Vive​ Premium ⁣Crutch Pads & Hand‌ Grips and​ make your recovery journey more comfortable. Check​ it out on Amazon. ​

Customer ‍Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for⁢ the Vive Premium Crutch Pads & Hand⁤ Grips, we have gathered valuable insights from⁣ users ‍who have ​experienced‍ the product firsthand. Here’s a⁣ breakdown of the feedback:

Positive Reviews

Nobody likes crutches. When I ⁣had my surgery on my knee​ I ‌knew I would be on crutches for about a month. I also need ⁣a second surgery on⁢ the ⁢other leg ⁢next ‌year and​ I ⁢will be on crutches closer to​ two months for that one. After two ⁣days of using the under arm pad that came​ with the‍ crutches I ‍ordered these. My‌ under arms were chaffed and sore ​from the original ​pads. These things were like night and day. So​ much better. No ‍more chaffing. They made an uncomfortable experience more bearable. I did not use the hand pads. Maybe for the next surgery.⁤ These pads​ were very ⁤easy⁣ to‌ put on⁢ and stayed in‌ place the entire time.
Cushions were used on my crutches​ following recent surgery on foot. Made the‌ experience ‌a little⁢ easier
I just had knee‌ surgery ⁤and these hand/armpit pads have been super helpful. I injured myself last year ​& ​was without these, and I learned ‍my lesson quickly. ⁢I’ll always ​have a set of these⁢ on hand! Only issue was​ that⁢ I ⁤needed ​to take the actual⁤ rubber armpit part of the crutch off in⁤ order to fit the pad⁣ properly. It technically is supposed to go over the rubber, but it’s way too ⁤tight of a fit, ‌and just flops to the side immediately while you⁤ use it.‍ They’re more effective without the crutch’s rubber‌ inserts
Used for foot surgery
It’s pretty obvious⁣ after ⁤even a few hours of having ​to use crutches that⁤ your armpits will⁤ get destroyed without some ⁣padding. Been a couple⁢ of decades since‌ I had to use a pair and I kind of knew it was⁤ coming, but it was‍ a quick reminder after a recent calf injury. Tried some pipe insulation I had around ‌with some ‌zip ties and that didn’t stay, and wasn’t comforatble​ enough anyway.These were awesome though. It⁢ took about ⁢a day ⁣or ⁢two ‌for the built up discomfort to go​ away after putting ⁤them‌ on, but after that ​it was smooth sailing for⁢ a month and a half I had to use them.Yeah maybe‍ first time ‌putting ⁣them on was a little bit of⁢ a struggle, but‍ it’s ⁤worth‌ it. Because ⁢they are so tight fitting around the crutch they actually look⁣ like ‌they are a part‌ of it, not something you⁢ added. Idk if classy is the ⁤right ‍word here, but they⁣ do make the crutches look⁢ better.I ​did not use the hand grips, ⁤those weren’t an issue for me, but the top part was absolutely worth it.
Overall, this​ crutch pad set was a good investment so⁤ far. We have been using it for about ‍a month. We bought‍ it because the original crutch ‌pads were‌ wearing out ⁤& falling off randomly, so I ⁢had to⁢ duct tape them on. It didn’t look ‌pretty, but​ served its purpose.I tried to find info as‌ to whether the crutch pads could be used to REPLACE ⁤the ORIGINAL crutch ‌pads, but the info‍ I found‍ from reading reviews & online‍ was⁣ unclear IMO. ⁣I figured I would take my chances & buy the set, in the hope​ that they would​ at least prolong the lifespan ​of ​the original crutch ⁣pads by covering⁣ them up & protecting them, if they‍ could not replace them ‍entirely.When I opened the set up it was ​clear these canNOT replace the original crutch⁢ pads as they are NOT thick enough to be used‍ alone‌ IMO. They ‌are GREAT though at using OVER the original pads & preventing‌ them‌ from getting​ beat up any more than they ‍already ⁣are. They ​are secured on by hook & loop fastener (AKA “velcro”), & ‌they ​STAY PUT, no shifting, sagging, etc.I was wondering⁤ if the⁢ hand​ grip pads would ‌be ​too thick for my ⁣teen to use, but they are‌ not too thick. She said ‍they actually make ⁢the crutches EASIER to use & ⁢keep her hands from slipping because they have a non-slip grip material on them.The pads are easy ‍to put on, easy to clean, & so far, have lasted to every day​ use all day long, & look as good as new. I wanted to purchase ⁣the cell ⁣phone holder too, but just could not afford to spend the‍ extra‍ money. ‌If my kiddo is still⁣ on crutches much longer, I may splurge⁤ on one for her though.I bought the set ‌of the handle & arm pads because it was slightly more than buying new ‍arm pads alone, plus these looked comfier & like they ‍would ⁤provide extra cushion. Goal⁤ accomplished. They cover up the duct tape‍ I ‍had to use ​to keep⁢ the original arm pads​ on, & my kiddo doesn’t have to ‍be embarrassed. Actually she ⁤did not care, but I wanted to cover it⁢ up anyway for her. The last⁢ photo shows the ‌duct tape under the pads.I RECOMMEND‍ this pad set.⁣ I WOULD purchase it again.
There were comfortable and worth buying.
Broke my ankle and i ⁣needed crutches for 3 months, they lasted‌ the ​whole ‍3​ months and ⁤never failed, only thing is the part for the hand is‍ a bit to big and makes the handle to wide so i didn’t use them but the armpit part did miracles 👍

Negative Reviews

These‌ were not perfect but they still helped. ‌ The underarm ​ pads took‌ some work to ‌get⁣ on, but once they were, ​they fit tight and worked⁢ well- a⁢ lot of improvement in comfort.The handgrips- not so much.
Lastima un poco

Overall, the Vive ‍Premium Crutch Pads & Hand Grips have received positive feedback for​ their comfort,​ durability, and ease of use. While some users encountered minor issues, the‍ majority found the product to be a valuable investment for improving⁣ their crutch ‌experience.

Pros & Cons

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Pros &‍ Cons


  • Eliminates painful pressure and ⁢irritating chafing
  • Simple and easy to use, ‍attaches to most standard sized crutches
  • Breathable contoured cushioning for ​ultimate ‌comfort
  • Moisture-wicking and odor-reducing ⁤fabric
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • 60-day guarantee for peace of mind


May not fit⁤ all types of crutches
Only​ includes crutch pads, not the crutches themselves

Overall, the‍ Vive Premium Crutch‌ Pads ‍& Hand Grips offer excellent comfort and support for anyone⁤ using ‌crutches. ⁤The pros definitely outweigh the cons, making this ⁤accessory a valuable addition to your‌ recovery toolkit.


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Q: How do I clean the Vive Premium Crutch Pads & Hand⁣ Grips?
A: ‍The Vive Premium‍ Crutch Pads & Hand Grips are machine washable, making it easy to keep them clean and fresh. Simply toss them in ⁢the washer⁢ on⁢ a gentle cycle​ and air dry for best results.

Q: Will these pads fit my crutches?
A: ​The Vive Premium Crutch Pads & Hand Grips are designed to ⁣fit most‌ standard sized crutches for adult men, women, and‌ youths. The cover material stretches over the⁢ rubber⁣ crutch pad ‌and ‍can be ⁤secured with ‍hook ⁣and ​loop straps for a⁢ perfect fit.

Q: Do the crutch pads really eliminate chafing and pressure?
A: Yes, the extra soft premium foam crutch pads are specifically designed to eliminate ⁤chafing and ‍reduce ⁣painful pressure on your armpits and hands. Say‌ goodbye to discomfort and irritation ⁤with these comfortable pads.

Q: Are the crutch pads ⁣breathable?
A: Absolutely! The Vive Premium Crutch Pads⁣ &‌ Hand Grips feature breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that helps prevent heat‌ build-up and keeps you cool and ⁢comfortable while using your crutches. Say‍ goodbye ⁤to sweaty, ⁢uncomfortable crutch pads.

Q: Can⁤ I trust ‍the quality of⁢ the‌ Vive brand?
A: Vive ​is a trusted⁤ brand that‌ stands behind their products. With a 60 day guarantee, you can purchase the Vive Premium Crutch Pads & Hand Grips with confidence⁣ knowing that you’re getting a quality‌ product designed for comfortable and speedy ‌recoveries.⁣

Unleash ⁣Your ‌True Potential

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As we conclude our review ​of the Vive Premium Crutch Pads & ⁢Hand Grips, we can ⁢confidently say that this product truly⁢ revolutionizes crutch comfort.‌ With its superior‍ cushioning, breathable material, and easy-to-use design, it’s a ​must-have accessory⁣ for anyone using crutches. ⁢Don’t settle for painful pressure ‍and ‍irritating ‍chafing ‌- upgrade to Vive Premium ⁤Pads⁢ & Grips for a ⁣more comfortable and speedy recovery.

Experience​ the⁢ difference for yourself and get your Vive Premium Crutch Pads &⁣ Hand ⁣Grips‌ today! Click here ⁢to purchase now with confidence: Buy Now!

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