Delightful GUOSETIANX Dried Kumquat Passion Fruit Tea: A Nutrient-Packed Refreshment!

Delightful GUOSETIANX Dried Kumquat Passion Fruit Tea: A Nutrient-Packed Refreshment!

Welcome to our product review ‌blog post, where we⁣ are excited to share our first-hand experience with the GUOSETIANX⁣ Dried kumquat 100g kumquat‌ lemon Passion fruit drink fruit tea cold tea⁢ ingredients. If you’re a fan of unique fruit teas that pack a flavorful punch, ⁣then you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

Kumquat, known as the green orange or mountain orange, is a popular fruit rich in ⁤Hainan. The nutritional value of kumquat is ⁣impressive, with high‍ levels of⁤ vitamin C, vitamin A, ‍vitamin P, aromatic oil, carotenoids, and more.⁢ The GUOSETIANX Dried kumquat uses a special dehydration technology to lock in the fresh and delicious flavors ‌of the fruit, ensuring‌ a long shelf life without​ easy deterioration.

What sets this product apart is the careful selection of fresh kumquats with thin⁣ skin​ and thick flesh, resulting in a rich ⁣endophytic⁣ substance content. When brewed, the tea resembles fresh-cut kumquats, delivering a fresh and aromatic fruit experience. The bright color, rich fragrance, and uniform size of the dried kumquats make for an appealing visual and taste experience.

Whether you’re a fan of lemon ‍or passion fruit, the GUOSETIANX Dried kumquat can be easily paired with other flower and fruit teas ⁣for a ⁣delightful flavor combination. So, if ⁢you’re looking for a flavorful and refreshing fruit ⁢tea ⁣option to enjoy at home or ⁣on-the-go, this product is definitely worth a try. Stay tuned as ⁤we dive deeper into our review of this unique fruit tea blend.

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Delve into the world of tangy goodness ⁣with this unique fruit tea blend that includes kumquat, lemon,⁢ and passion ⁤fruit. Kumquat, a fruit rich in ​Hainan,‍ is packed with nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, and more. Its tart flavor is what⁢ makes it so irresistible to many. The special dehydration technology used in this product preserves the freshness of the fruits, allowing for a long shelf life without compromising on quality. Whether you indulge in it ⁤at home⁢ or on ‍the go, this fruit tea is a refreshing treat for your ‍taste buds.

Hand-picked ‍fresh fruits, ‌thin-skinned and thick-fleshed, are the essence of this delightful blend. The aroma of fresh cut kumquats fills your senses when you brew a cup. ​Its vibrant‌ color and rich fruit fragrance ⁤make each sip a delightful experience. Plus, its neat and‌ uniform size, courtesy of the special dehydration process, adds​ to ‌its appeal. Sealed in a cool, dry place, this‌ fruit tea has a shelf life of 12 months, ensuring you can‌ enjoy its‌ goodness for a long time to come. Embrace the zesty flavors of kumquat,​ lemon, and passion fruit in every sip – try it now!

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Unique Flavor Combinations

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Indulge in a unique experience with our Dried Kumquat,⁣ Lemon, and Passion Fruit Drink.​ Our drink is a⁤ perfect blend of sour kumquat, zesty lemon, and⁣ sweet passion fruit flavors that will surely tantalize⁣ your taste buds. The kumquat,⁣ rich in nutrients like vitamin C, A, and P, is carefully selected⁤ for ⁢its high-quality and‌ nutritional value, making this drink not only delicious but also‍ beneficial for your health.

Using a special dehydration technology, our⁣ drink maintains the fresh taste and aroma ‍of the​ fruits without the risk of deterioration. The kumquat, lemon, and passion fruit combination creates a refreshing beverage that is⁤ perfect for any time of the⁢ day. With its vibrant color and rich⁤ fruit fragrance, this drink is⁤ a delightful‍ treat for your senses. Try our today and elevate your tea-drinking experience with a‍ burst of freshness! Purchase now on Amazon!

Quality Ingredients

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When it comes to the quality of ingredients in this dried kumquat,‍ lemon, and passion fruit‌ drink, we were ⁣thoroughly impressed. The kumquat, also known as⁣ green orange and mountain orange, is rich⁢ in essential nutrients like vitamin ⁢C, vitamin A, vitamin P, aromatic oil, and carotenoids. Every 100g of⁣ kumquat pulp​ contains 40-50mg of ⁢vitamin C, making it a powerhouse of nutrition. ⁢The special ⁢dehydration technology used in this product ensures that the fruits remain fresh and flavorful, allowing for a long shelf⁢ life without compromising on quality.

The selection of​ fresh fruits with thin skin and⁣ thick flesh, rich in ⁢endophytic substances, truly sets​ this ‌product apart. The genuine materials used⁣ in this ‌drink can be perfectly blended with other fruit teas, ‌creating a refreshing and aromatic beverage. Whether brewed ⁢with lemon, passion fruit, or enjoyed​ on its own, the drink ​retains the appearance and aroma of fresh-cut kumquats. With its bright ​color, rich fruit fragrance, and uniform size, this dried kumquat, lemon, ​and passion fruit drink is a true delight for the senses. ⁣Don’t miss out ‍on experiencing the flavor and quality of⁤ this exceptional ‍drink, try it now on Amazon!


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When it comes to kumquats, this product truly stands out. Packed with vitamin C, vitamin A,⁤ and a​ variety⁢ of other beneficial substances, this dried kumquat blend is a nutritional powerhouse. Plus, the special dehydration technology used to create this product ensures that⁢ all the goodness of ‍the⁢ fruit is ⁢locked in‍ without any compromise on flavor.

One of the best ⁣things about this dried kumquat mix is its versatility. You can ⁣enjoy it ⁣on its own‍ as a refreshing fruit tea or mix it ​with other flower and fruit teas for a unique‍ beverage experience.⁢ With its fresh aroma and vibrant color, this blend is sure to please ‍your taste buds. So‌ why not ‍treat yourself to a pack of GUOSETIANX Dried kumquat 100g kumquat lemon Passion fruit drink fruit tea cold tea⁤ ingredients青金桔干100g today? Click ‌here to⁢ make your purchase and experience the deliciousness for yourself!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

After analyzing the⁤ customer reviews for the ⁤GUOSETIANX Dried Kumquat Passion Fruit Tea, we found mixed opinions on the product. Some customers loved the strong citrus flavor and found creative ways to use the dried kumquat in their recipes, while others were ⁢disappointed by the lack of flavor and presence of particles in ⁤the tea.

Positive Reviews

Review 1: “I ordered ⁣the Dried kumquat 100g kumquat lemon Passion fruit drink fruit tea cold tea because I’ve had fresh kumquat so dried sounded sort ‍of interesting. The label is all in Chinese and⁤ translating it didn’t ⁤say how to ⁢use it really.⁣ I tried some in cold water and it did ⁢nothing, but once steeped in boiling water like⁤ a tea the flavor ​came out. It was‌ a very strong‌ citrus flavor that ⁣I thought was pretty tart and needed some sweetener ‍to balance it out. I made‌ some​ jello with the steeped liquid⁢ and it turned out good.”

Negative Reviews

Review ⁢2: “Putting them⁣ in plain water offers no flavor at all, and I don’t see any difference between plain iced tea and iced tea infused with these kumquat lemon. I think the star of these​ lemons is the juice. And because it is dried, the juice is no ‍longer there, ​hence the flavor is already gone. I would rather get fresh ones than dried ⁤ones if they’re available.”

Overall, ‍while some ⁣customers enjoyed the strong citrus flavor of the GUOSETIANX Dried Kumquat Passion Fruit Tea, others were disappointed by the lack of⁢ flavor and presence of particles in the tea. We recommend trying this product with caution and experimenting with different ways to enjoy⁣ its unique ‌taste.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • High Nutritional Value: Each 100g of kumquat pulp contains 40-50mg of vitamin C, along with‌ other essential⁢ nutrients.
  • Long Shelf Life: Thanks to special dehydration technology, this dried kumquat ‌passion fruit tea can ⁤be stored for a long time without ⁢deteriorating.
  • Fresh⁤ and Refreshing Aroma: After brewing, the tea ‌smells like fresh cut kumquats, providing a delightful sensory experience.
  • Convenient Packaging: The product comes in a neat and uniform size, making it easy to take on the go for instant refreshment.


Contains Added‍ Sugar The product⁢ may ‍contain added sugar, which could be a concern for those who are watching their sugar intake.
Origin of Ingredients The country of ​origin for the ingredients is ​China, which may raise questions about sourcing and production practices.

Overall,⁤ the GUOSETIANX ‍Dried‍ Kumquat⁤ Passion Fruit Tea offers ‌a nutrient-packed and refreshing beverage option with some minor drawbacks to⁣ consider.


Q: ‌Is this GUOSETIANX Dried Kumquat Passion Fruit Tea easy to prepare?
A: Yes, this tea is⁢ very easy to prepare. Simply brew it with hot or cold ⁣water and enjoy the⁤ refreshing taste!

Q: What are the health benefits of kumquat and passion​ fruit in this tea?
A:‌ Kumquat is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, and other essential nutrients, while passion ⁢fruit is packed with antioxidants ⁤and vitamins.⁤ Together, they make ‌a‍ nutritious and delicious drink.

Q: How long does the GUOSETIANX Dried ‌Kumquat Passion⁣ Fruit Tea last?
A: This tea has a shelf life​ of ⁢12 ​months‌ when stored ⁣in a cool, dry place away from⁢ sunlight and moisture.

Q: Can this tea be mixed with other teas or ingredients?
A: Yes,​ this tea can be easily mixed with other flower and ⁢fruit teas, as well as ingredients like lemon and passion fruit, for a customized flavor⁤ experience.

Q: Is the GUOSETIANX ​Dried Kumquat Passion Fruit ‍Tea suitable for vegetarians?
A: Yes, this tea is suitable ‌for vegetarians‍ as it is⁣ made from natural fruit ingredients without any animal products.

Q: Can this tea be enjoyed hot or cold?
A: Yes, ‍this tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold, giving you the flexibility to enjoy ‍it in any weather or season.

Discover the Power

As we conclude our delightful journey through the world of GUOSETIANX Dried Kumquat Passion Fruit Tea, we can’t help but feel refreshed and revitalized by the nutrient-packed goodness it offers. From the rich vitamin C content to the special⁤ dehydration technology used⁤ to lock in freshness, this tea truly stands out in both flavor and quality.

If​ you’re‍ ready⁤ to experience the invigorating taste of this incredible tea for yourself, why not treat yourself to a package today? Click here to purchase your own GUOSETIANX Dried Kumquat ⁢Passion Fruit Tea on Amazon ‍and elevate your tea-drinking experience to new heights: Buy ​Now.

Thank you for joining us on this flavorful adventure, and we hope to ⁣see you again soon for⁣ more exciting product ‍reviews and recommendations. Until next ​time, cheers to good health⁢ and great taste!

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