Discover the Ultimate Health Pot for Perfect Stews & Teas: Bear YSH-C18S2 – A Game Changer!

Discover the Ultimate Health Pot for Perfect Stews & Teas: Bear YSH-C18S2 – A Game Changer!

Welcome to our review of the Bear YSH-C18S2 Health ⁤Pot, Electric Kettle Tea Maker with Infuser, ‍Glass Kettle & Stew⁤ Pot. As‌ avid tea lovers ourselves, we were excited to try‍ out ⁢this versatile kitchen gadget⁢ and share our firsthand experience with you.‍ With its 16 customizable menus and multiple stewing options, ‌this ​health pot offers a wide⁢ range of possibilities for creating delicious and nutritious ⁢meals. Made from ‌food-grade high‍ borosilicate glass, this pot is⁣ not only ​durable but ‍also a ⁤beautiful addition to any kitchen. Join us as ‌we delve into⁤ the features and benefits of the ‍Bear​ YSH-C18S2 Health Pot and ‌discover how it enhances⁤ our tea​ making and cooking experiences.

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The Bear YSH-C18S2 Health Pot is ‍a versatile and innovative electric kettle tea maker that‍ includes ‌a glass kettle‌ and stew pot. With‌ 16 ​menus to choose‍ from, you can easily⁣ make a variety of delicious dishes such as ⁤scented tea, porridge, ⁢soup, and bird’s nest. The kettle also comes ⁤with an egg⁢ rack, allowing you ⁢to cook up to 5‍ eggs at a ‍time.

One ⁣of the standout features of this health ⁢pot is ⁤its ability to ⁣achieve 4 different⁤ types of stew. Whether you prefer to directly boil, boil with the infuser, stew in water, or boil outside and stew inside, this ⁤pot has got you covered. ‌The sunken design of the stew pot⁢ allows for a larger ⁢contact area between ⁣the water and food, resulting in⁣ even more flavor and tastiness.

Made from food-grade ⁤high⁤ borosilicate glass, both the kettle and​ stew pot are not ​only resistant to high ‌temperatures but⁣ also unbreakable. The transparent glass panel ⁢is not only ⁣beautiful but also easy to clean. Additionally,⁣ the⁤ glass kettle supports‍ presetting for up to ‍9.5 ⁤hours and automatic keep​ warm for up ‌to 8 hours within a ​temperature range ⁢of ⁤40-90℃.

In summary,⁤ the Bear YSH-C18S2 Health Pot is a great addition to any kitchen. With its 16 boil functions, it allows you to⁢ easily create a variety ⁣of dishes. The top-quality materials ​used in⁢ its construction ensure durability and safety. Don’t miss⁤ out on this fantastic product. Click here to ⁣order yours now and start ⁢enjoying a healthier life.

Features⁣ and Functions

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In terms of , the Bear YSH-C18S2 Health ‍Pot⁤ is truly impressive.‍ With ⁢its 4 types of stew options, including direct boil, boil with⁣ infuser, stew in water, and ‍boil‌ outside and⁤ stew inside, this kettle offers incredible versatility. The sunken design ensures ‌that the stewpot and water contact ⁤area is larger, ⁢resulting in more delicious food.

Another fantastic feature is ⁤the preset and keep warm function.⁤ The ‌glass kettle‌ supports‌ a 9.5-hour preset and‌ 8-hour automatic keep warm, allowing you to have​ hot water ‍or ‍keep your food‍ warm for extended periods. The temperature range of‌ 40-90℃⁢ adds even more convenience. Additionally, the ⁣pot lift memory feature‌ ensures that the ⁣kettle remembers the default boiling temperature for different menus.

The Bear ‌YSH-C18S2 Health Pot is also made from‌ food-grade high borosilicate ⁢glass, which is not only resistant to high temperatures but also⁢ unbreakable. The transparent glass ‌panel is not only beautiful but also easy to clean and waterproof.⁣ With‌ this kettle, you also get a 1.8L kettle, ⁤0.5L stew pot, infuser, egg rack, user manual, and‍ a 1-year warranty.

If you’re looking ​for a versatile, easy-to-use kettle with ‌incredible features,⁣ the ⁣Bear ‌YSH-C18S2 ⁢Health Pot is the ⁤perfect choice. Click ⁢here to ⁢get yours and start enjoying a healthier life with this amazing product.

Pros ‍and Cons

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  • Versatile functionality: The ‌Bear YSH-C18S2 ‍Health Pot offers⁤ 16 menu options,‌ allowing you to easily make a variety of scented teas,⁢ porridge, soup, bird’s nest, and more. It also comes with an egg rack ‍that can cook‍ up⁤ to 5⁢ eggs at ⁤a time, adding to its versatility.
  • Convenient stewing ‌options:‍ With its kettle,⁢ stew pot, and infuser, this product offers‍ 4 types of stewing methods, including direct boil,⁢ boil with infuser, stew in water,⁤ and boil outside and stew inside. The sunken⁢ design of the stew pot increases the ‌contact area ⁢between the food and water, resulting in more delicious dishes.
  • Preset and keep warm features:‌ The​ glass kettle supports a ​9.5-hour preset function, allowing you to‌ schedule your cooking in advance. It also has an 8-hour automatic keep warm feature, keeping your food at a ⁤temperature range of 40-90℃. The pot lift memory function is a convenient addition, remembering⁤ your previous settings.


  • Fragile ‌material: While the Bear YSH-C18S2 Health Pot boasts food-grade⁤ high borosilicate glass ​construction for⁤ its kettle, stew pot, and infuser, some may find ⁣this material to be somewhat ⁤fragile. Extra caution is advised when ⁢handling and cleaning‍ this product.
  • Limited warranty: Although‍ the product comes with a⁤ 1-year warranty, some customers may find this duration to be relatively short ⁢compared to other similar products on the market. ⁤It is important to​ note the warranty terms and conditions before making ​a​ purchase decision.

Experience the convenience and versatility of​ the Bear⁣ YSH-C18S2 Health Pot, ⁤Electric ‌Kettle Tea Maker with Infuser, Glass Kettle & Stew Pot. Don’t miss out on ⁣the chance to enjoy ​a healthy lifestyle with its 16 menu options ‌and 4 types​ of stewing methods. Click here to purchase this amazing product on Amazon and elevate your cooking experience.

Our Recommendation

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Based on our⁢ experience with the Bear⁢ YSH-C18S2 Health Pot, Electric Kettle Tea Maker with Infuser, Glass Kettle & ​Stew Pot,‍ we highly recommend this product for those who value versatility and convenience⁤ in their kitchen appliances.

One​ of ‍the standout features ‌of ‍this health pot⁤ is its ability to achieve four types of stew, thanks ‍to its kettle, stewpot, and ⁤infuser components. Whether you prefer direct boiling, boiling with the⁢ infuser, stewing in water, or a combination of boiling and stewing, this pot ⁣has got ⁢you covered. The sunken design ensures a larger contact area between ⁤the stewpot and the water, resulting in more deliciously cooked food.

Another key feature of this health pot is ⁢its preset and keep warm functions. The‍ glass ⁢kettle allows ⁤for a convenient 9.5-hour preset, while the automatic ‍keep warm feature ‌keeps your ⁢food at ‍the ideal temperature for up ⁤to 8⁤ hours.‌ The range‍ of 40-90℃ ensures your food stays warm without overcooking. Additionally, the pot lift memory feature saves you the hassle of ‍resetting your preferred boiling temperature every time you use‌ it.

Made from ⁤food-grade high ⁢borosilicate⁢ glass, the kettle, stewpot, and infuser are not only highly resistant to high temperatures but also unbreakable. The transparent glass‍ panel ⁢adds a touch of elegance to the⁤ design and‌ is ⁢extremely easy to ⁢clean. With the purchase of this⁣ health pot,⁤ you also get an ⁤egg ​rack, allowing you to​ cook​ up to five⁢ eggs at once.

In summary, the⁢ Bear YSH-C18S2 ⁤Health Pot,‍ Electric Kettle Tea Maker with Infuser, Glass ‌Kettle⁢ & Stew Pot, is a versatile and ⁢reliable ⁤kitchen appliance.⁢ With ⁤its 16 menu options, food-grade ⁣material, and additional accessories, it offers great‌ value for money. Upgrade your ⁤cooking ‍experience and enjoy a healthy ‍life with ⁤this exceptional health pot. Don’t ‍miss out and get yours today on‍ Amazon [INSERT CALL TO ACTION LINK].

Customer Reviews​ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing customer ​reviews​ for the ⁣Bear⁢ YSH-C18S2 Health Pot, Electric Kettle Tea Maker with Infuser, Glass ‍Kettle & ‍Stew Pot, we have compiled the ⁢following insights:

Review Pros Cons Rating
“Easy to use, great looking and ⁢very good quality glass. ⁤We ⁤have been making different teas in this machine and it keeps the brewed tea at whatever temp we desire all day​ long.” – Easy to use
– Great looking
– Good quality glass
– Maintains desired temperature
N/A 5/5
“This pot comes⁣ with a tea‍ filter and​ a small​ glass kettle, but ⁣I did my fruits tea directly inside ‍the stew‌ pot. ⁣It’s easy​ to‍ use, lots of the function has been programmed. You can choose‍ 10⁤ more different functions to make your favorite tea or soups.” – Versatile functions for tea and soups
– Easy to use
N/A 4/5
“Such ‌a great product ⁣to⁣ have at home for convenience. ‌Looks really good too. ​Highly recommended.” -⁢ Convenient to use
-⁤ Aesthetically pleasing
N/A 5/5
“Recently‌ I found ‌that the water I drank is⁢ super‍ dirty with some white dots on⁢ the surface. I thought‍ they were something⁣ fall from the ceiling, but then‍ I found the white ​glue the​ side of the kettle. Very bad quality and expensive, much worse than⁤ the same products in ⁣my country.” N/A – Poor quality with glue issues
– Expensive
“I bought​ this unit to replace ⁢a three-year-old ⁤Buydeem kettle ⁤I had used nearly every day but was beginning to burst a ⁢leak ⁤somehow around its handle… Overall, ‍yes, especially if you need⁣ one able to do the Chinese medicinal and soup functions. And since the base is covered with​ glass, if it does boil⁢ over, ⁢at least it’s easy⁤ to clean.” – Affordable compared to other brand
-⁢ Versatile functions for​ Chinese⁣ medicinal and⁢ soup
– Easy to clean
– Lid parts feel cheap
– Boils over‍ easily
“I bought this because it has ‌an ‍8-hour keep ⁤warm function. Most​ others are only‍ 30 mins⁣ to⁤ 2 hrs… This ‌kettle does much more ⁤than heating water but the instructions​ are so poor​ that I’m not sure how to use most of it.” – Long keep warm function
-⁣ Versatile functions
– Poor⁣ instructions 4/5
“I love this⁣ appliance. It’s versatile… There‌ are more presets than I’ll ⁤ever use. Bird’s nest soup anyone? 😂 I love ​the aesthetic and the performance is flawless. Highly recommend!” – Versatile functions
– ​Aesthetically pleasing
– Flawless ⁤performance
N/A 5/5
“It’s a cute unit and boils water perfectly but, aside from the tea strainer, I don’t understand how to cook in it and⁤ the YouTube videos aren’t helpful. I need clear,‍ English instructions.” – Cute design
– Efficient boiling
– Lack of clear English instructions 3/5

From these reviews, it is evident that ‍the Bear YSH-C18S2 Health Pot, Electric Kettle Tea Maker⁢ with ‌Infuser, Glass Kettle⁤ & Stew Pot has many positive qualities. Customers appreciate​ the ease ​of​ use, great aesthetics, and quality⁣ glass construction. The versatile functions for‌ making different teas and soups, as⁢ well as the options for Chinese medicinal recipes, are also highly valued.

However, there are‌ some negative experiences reported, such ‍as poor quality with glue ⁣issues,‌ expensive‌ pricing compared to similar ⁣products in other countries, lid parts feeling cheap, and the kettle boiling ⁤over easily when not filled to the top fill-line. Some customers also expressed frustration with the poor‍ instructions, specifically the lack of clear English instructions.

Overall, the Bear YSH-C18S2 Health Pot receives positive ratings for its convenience, versatility, and performance, particularly for⁣ those looking to⁢ make various teas and traditional Chinese soups. However, improvements could be made in terms of quality control, pricing, lid construction, boiling over issues, and​ providing clearer instructions.

Pros &‌ Cons

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  • The ⁤Bear YSH-C18S2 ‍Health Pot is a versatile appliance with multiple ‍functions,​ making it perfect for tea enthusiasts and stew‍ lovers.
  • The 16 ​boil functions allow users to‍ easily make scented tea, ‍porridge, soup, bird’s nest, and more. This variety⁤ adds convenience and versatility to any kitchen.
  • The kettle comes with an egg rack that can cook up to ⁢5 eggs at a time, saving‍ time and effort.
  • The 4 types of stew ‌functionality (direct boil, boil⁢ with infuser, stew‌ in water, boil outside and stew inside) ​expand cooking options and ensure the food in the stewpot is delicious.
  • The sunken design of the stewpot and ‌water contact​ area allows for⁣ more thorough⁤ and⁣ flavorful ‌cooking.
  • The glass kettle and stew pot⁣ are‍ made of high borosilicate glass, which is not only food-grade and⁣ high temperature resistant but also unbreakable, ensuring durability and ‍safety.
  • The panel is made of transparent ⁢glass, making it easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The kettle supports 9.5 hours preset and ⁢8 hours automatic⁣ keep warm⁤ function, allowing users to enjoy⁤ hot ​beverages and meals throughout the day.
  • The pot lift memory feature adds convenience and ‍ease of⁢ use.
  • Customers receive a package that includes the ‌Bear electric kettle, stew pot, infuser, egg rack, user manual, and a⁤ 1-year warranty, ensuring⁤ a satisfying customer experience.


  • The Bear ‌YSH-C18S2 Health Pot may ⁢be considered pricey compared to other⁢ similar products ⁣on the market.
  • Some users may find the vast number of‍ menu options overwhelming and unnecessary⁣ for their needs.
  • The ⁣automatic keep warm feature⁣ may result in increased energy consumption.


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Q&A Section:

Q: Can I‍ use this health pot for making different types of ⁤tea?
A: ⁢Absolutely! The Bear YSH-C18S2 Health Pot is designed specifically⁢ for making tea. It comes with 16 different​ menu options⁤ that allow you to easily make a variety⁣ of scented teas, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite flavors and aromas.

Q:⁣ Can I use this health pot for cooking soups and‍ porridge⁣ as well?
A: Yes, ‌you can! The Bear ⁣YSH-C18S2 Health Pot not only excels ​at​ making tea but also allows you to cook soups‍ and porridge effortlessly. With its ⁣versatile 4 types of stew function,‌ you can achieve different cooking styles, including direct⁤ boiling, boiling with the‍ infuser, ⁤stewing in water,‍ and boiling outside while stewing inside. This ​diversity makes it perfect⁤ for cooking ‍a wide range ‍of ⁤dishes.

Q: How long ⁤can I keep the liquid warm ‍in the health pot?
A: The YSH-C18S2‌ Health⁢ Pot ‌is⁣ equipped ​with a ⁢glass kettle ⁣that supports an​ automatic keep‍ warm function for up to 8‍ hours. You can easily set the ⁣temperature between 40-90°C, ensuring ​your tea, soup,‌ or porridge stays ​warm, allowing ​you to enjoy it at your own convenience.

Q: Is the glass material used in this ‍health pot​ safe for food and cooking?
A: Absolutely! The kettle (1.8L), stew pot (0.5L), and infuser are all ‌made of high-grade⁣ borosilicate glass, which⁣ is not only food-grade but also highly resistant to high temperatures and ⁢unbreakable. Additionally, the ‌transparent glass panel used for the control panel is waterproof, beautiful, and easy to clean, making it‍ a safe and convenient choice for food preparation.

Q: What does the​ package⁢ include?
A: When you purchase the Bear⁢ YSH-C18S2 Health ⁣Pot, you will receive the electric kettle, stew pot,⁣ infuser, egg rack, ⁢user manual, ⁢and ‍a generous 1-year warranty. We also ⁤provide ​friendly ​customer service to ⁢assist you with any queries⁢ or concerns you may have.

Q:⁣ Can‌ I cook eggs using ⁤this health⁢ pot?
A: Absolutely! The Bear YSH-C18S2 ⁤Health Pot comes with ​an egg rack that allows you ‍to⁣ cook up to ‍5 eggs at a time. This convenient feature adds to the‌ versatility of the health pot and ensures ‌that you can ​enjoy perfectly cooked eggs along with your tea or other dishes.

Q: Is the stew pot design of ‌this health pot efficient for cooking?
A: Absolutely! The sunken design of the stew‍ pot ensures a larger contact area between the food and the water, resulting in more ‍delicious and flavorful stews. This ​design ⁣feature enhances the‍ overall cooking⁤ experience and allows you to achieve ⁤exceptional results​ with your stews and other dishes.

Q: Can I preset the cooking time on this health pot?
A:⁣ Yes, you can! The glass kettle of the YSH-C18S2 Health Pot supports a preset function for up⁤ to 9.5 hours. This allows⁣ you to conveniently set⁣ the cooking ‍time⁤ in advance, ensuring that your tea or dish is ready precisely when you want it. The health pot also features pot lift ⁢memory,‌ which remembers the preset cooking time even if the ⁢pot⁤ is lifted during the process.

Experience the Difference

In conclusion, the Bear YSH-C18S2 Health Pot​ is truly a game changer when it⁣ comes to ⁣creating perfect stews ‌and teas. With its versatile functionality and innovative design, this ⁤electric‌ kettle tea maker with‍ infuser and⁤ glass stew ‌pot offers a unique cooking experience‍ like no other.

The‌ 16 menu options allow you to easily make a ⁣variety of dishes, from scented teas to porridge, soups, ⁤and bird’s nest. ⁤The ‌included egg rack even​ allows you to ⁣cook⁤ multiple eggs⁢ at⁣ once, adding even more convenience to your cooking routine.

One of the standout features of this ⁢health pot is the ability to achieve four types⁢ of stew:‌ direct boil,⁢ boil with ⁤infuser, stew ⁤in water, and boil outside and stew inside. The sunken​ design ensures a larger contact area between the ‍stewpot and‍ water, resulting in more delicious and flavorful stews.

With the glass kettle’s 9.5 ⁣hours preset ‌and 8‍ hours automatic keep warm function,‍ you​ can​ enjoy warm beverages throughout the day. The food-grade high borosilicate glass material used for​ the kettle, stew pot, and infuser ensures⁤ safety⁢ and ⁢durability. Plus, the transparent glass ​panel is not ⁣only‍ waterproof but also adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.

With the Bear YSH-C18S2 Health Pot, you’ll receive not only the ‌electric kettle, stew pot, and infuser but ‍also an egg rack,‌ user manual, 1-year warranty, ‍and friendly customer service. It’s‌ everything you need to start enjoying a healthy ⁢and ⁣convenient⁤ cooking experience.

Don’t miss out on⁢ this ultimate health pot! Click here to discover the Bear YSH-C18S2 on Amazon and take ⁢your culinary skills to the next level: Bear YSH-C18S2 Health Pot.

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