Effortless Cooking: The Aroma 20-Cup 3-in-1 Rice Cooker Review

Effortless Cooking: The Aroma 20-Cup 3-in-1 Rice Cooker Review

We recently had the pleasure of ​trying ⁤out the Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Digital Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, and Food Steamer, and let us tell you – this kitchen⁢ appliance is a game changer!⁢ With‌ its sleek stainless steel exterior and multiple functions, this cooker is a true powerhouse in the kitchen. From perfectly cooked rice⁤ to steamed veggies and tender meats, this all-in-one cooker does ‌it all. ⁤Keep reading to discover why we think the⁤ Aroma⁣ Housewares ARC-150SB is a must-have for any ⁤home chef.

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The Aroma Housewares ⁢20 Cup Digital Rice Cooker is a versatile kitchen appliance ​that ⁤offers a seamless cooking experience. One of ‍the standout features is⁤ the Flash Rice function, which significantly reduces cooking time⁣ for tough grains. This cooker can yield 4 to 20​ cups of rice,​ with ⁣specialized settings ​for both White and‌ Brown Rice. The Steam⁣ Tray allows for‍ healthy steaming of meats and vegetables while the rice ‌cooks below, making it a convenient all-in-one ⁤cooking solution.

With‍ Sensor⁤ Logic Technology, this rice cooker‍ ensures consistent and delicious results every time‌ by automatically controlling the internal temperature throughout the cooking process. The ​programmable​ 15-hour​ delay timer‌ is‍ perfect for busy families, while the Keep-Warm function eliminates the need for constant monitoring. Accessories like the rice measuring cup, ⁤serving‌ spatula, and steam⁢ tray are included for‌ added convenience. If you’re looking for ⁢a reliable and efficient rice cooker that can also function as a ‍steamer and slow cooker, the Aroma Housewares 20 Cup​ Digital Rice Cooker is a great choice for your kitchen.

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Impressive Multi-Functional Capabilities

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When it comes to multi-functional capabilities, the Aroma ⁤Housewares rice cooker truly shines. With the ability to ‌cook a⁢ wide variety of dishes,⁣ including tough-to-cook grains like Flash Rice, this cooker is a real meal-making powerhouse. The ⁣Steam Tray ‌allows for​ healthy steaming of meats⁢ and vegetables while your rice cooks below, making it easy to prepare a⁢ well-rounded, nutritious meal in no time.

In addition to cooking rice perfectly‌ every time,⁣ this cooker can also​ double as a slow cooker, further expanding ⁢its use in the kitchen. With a programmable⁤ 15-hour delay timer, busy families‌ can have​ delicious, warm rice ready⁣ when they need it. The easy-to-use digital controls and automatic Keep⁣ Warm mode make using ​this ⁤cooker a breeze, and the included accessories like the rice measuring cup and⁢ serving ‌spatula ensure you have everything ‍you‍ need for⁤ a seamless cooking ​experience. Check it out now on Amazon for ​a ⁤versatile cooking solution that will make ‍mealtime a breeze.

Detailed Performance Analysis

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When it comes to ⁤the performance of the Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Digital Rice Cooker, Food Steamer, and Slow ⁣Cooker, we were thoroughly impressed. The Flash Rice function⁢ really stood out‌ to ⁢us, ‍allowing ⁢us to‌ cook tough-to-cook grains in a ‍fraction of the time. ⁤This feature was a game changer for ⁣us, as it made meal ⁢preparation quick and efficient.

The Sensor Logic ‌Technology ensured that our rice and​ grains turned out perfectly fluffy and delicious every time. The wide range of preset functions,​ including‌ White Rice, Brown Rice, Steam, and Slow ‍Cook, ⁤made it⁢ easy for​ us‍ to ⁣create a variety of meals with just the touch of a button. The included accessories, such as⁢ the rice measuring cup and serving spatula, were also a nice touch, making the‍ cooking process​ even more ​convenient. ‍Overall, ‍we found the Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Digital Rice Cooker to be‌ a versatile‌ and reliable kitchen appliance that truly exceeded our expectations.

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Our‍ Strong⁤ Recommendation

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After trying‍ out the Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Cooked Digital Rice Cooker, we are pleased to ‌share for‍ this versatile kitchen appliance.⁣ This‌ 3-in-1 rice⁣ cooker, food steamer,⁤ and slow cooker is‍ a⁢ true meal-making powerhouse that simplifies ⁤the cooking process⁣ and produces delicious results.

The Aroma ​rice cooker‌ offers a range of preset functions for different types of meals, from white and brown rice to steamed vegetables and meats. The Sensor‍ Logic ​Technology ensures ⁣that every batch of rice or ‍grains comes out fluffy and ‍flavorful, while the programmable digital controls make it⁣ easy to customize cooking settings. Plus, the included​ accessories ​like the rice measuring cup, serving spatula, and⁣ steam tray add to the convenience and versatility of this device. If ⁣you’re looking for⁤ a reliable and efficient kitchen companion, click here to⁣ get your own Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Cooked Digital Rice Cooker today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the ⁣customer reviews for the Aroma Housewares 20 ‌Cup Cooked Digital Rice Cooker, we have gathered valuable insights. Here’s a​ breakdown ‌of the most common feedback:

Positive Reviews Negative Reviews
“Makes the ⁣perfect rice each time. Also so⁣ simple to use.” “Appareil qui ‍m’a explosé à ‌la figure!​ Dangereux !!!”
“Great for making large quantities of rice quickly and easily.” “The lid‌ design makes ⁢it difficult to clean.”
“Versatile functions for various dishes.” “Inner pot water markings not legible.”

The majority ⁣of customers ‍praised the simplicity‌ and efficiency of the rice cooker, highlighting ‍its ability to ‌produce ‍fluffy⁤ and perfect​ rice​ every time. Many users appreciated⁢ the versatility of the appliance, allowing them⁣ to cook a variety of dishes with ease.

On the ​other hand, some users expressed concerns about the non-removable lid ​design, making it challenging ‍to clean. Additionally, a few customers pointed out ⁤issues with the readability of⁣ the inner pot water markings.

Overall, the Aroma ‌Housewares 20 Cup Cooked Digital Rice⁤ Cooker received positive feedback for ‌its performance,⁣ ease ⁤of use, and cooking results.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Multi-functional: Can be used as a rice cooker, food steamer, and slow cooker.
2. Large capacity: Yields 4 to 20 ‍cups of cooked rice,‌ perfect for feeding a ‍crowd.
3. Easy⁤ to use:⁣ Programmable digital controls make cooking effortless.
4. Automatic Keep-Warm function: Keeps your food warm until you’re ready to eat.
5. Accessories included: Comes with⁢ a rice measuring cup, serving spatula, and⁢ steam tray.


1. Large size:​ Takes up quite a bit of⁤ counter space.
2. Can be ⁢tricky to clean: Inner cooking pot‌ and accessories need to be hand washed.
3. Pricey: On the higher end⁢ of the rice cooker price range.

Overall, ‌the Aroma 20-Cup 3-in-1 Rice Cooker is a versatile and convenient appliance that makes cooking a breeze. While ​it ⁢may ⁣have a few downsides, the pros definitely outweigh ⁣the cons. We would recommend this product to anyone looking for an‌ all-in-one⁤ cooking solution.


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Q: Can ​I use this rice cooker ​to cook other ‌grains ⁢besides rice?

A: Yes, this rice​ cooker is designed‌ to cook a variety of grains, including quinoa,⁣ barley, and oatmeal. Simply follow the provided instructions⁣ for the type of grain you would like to cook.

Q: How long does‍ it take to cook rice⁢ in this cooker?

A: The cooking ‍time varies depending on the type and quantity of rice being cooked. On average, it takes about 20-30 minutes for white rice and 40-50 minutes for brown rice. The Flash Rice ‌function can cook tough-to-cook grains quicker.

Q: Is‍ this ​rice cooker easy to clean?

A: Yes, the inner cooking pot and all accessories are removable and dishwasher safe, making cleanup ⁢a breeze. ⁣Just make‍ sure ​to unplug the⁣ cooker and let it cool down before cleaning.

Q: ⁣Does this⁢ rice cooker have a timer function?

A: Yes, this rice ​cooker has a programmable 15-hour delay timer,⁤ allowing you to‌ set it to start cooking ‍at⁤ a later time. This is perfect for busy families or​ those who want their rice ready⁢ at ⁣a specific time.

Q: Can I steam ​vegetables and meat in ⁤this rice cooker?

A: Absolutely! The included Steam Tray allows you to steam vegetables ⁤and meat while the⁤ rice cooks below, making it easy to prepare a complete meal in one appliance.

Q: Does this rice cooker​ have a Keep-Warm function?

A: Yes, once the cooking cycle is ‌complete, the rice cooker will automatically switch to Keep-Warm mode, keeping your rice at an ideal serving​ temperature without overcooking ⁢it.

Q: Is this rice cooker⁣ BPA free?

A: Yes, this rice cooker is BPA free, ⁤ensuring that your food is cooked safely without any ⁢harmful chemicals.

Achieve New Heights

As we wrap up our review of ‍the ‍Aroma ⁣Housewares 20-Cup Digital Rice‍ Cooker, Food Steamer, and Slow Cooker, ‌we can confidently say that⁢ this‌ kitchen appliance is a game-changer for effortless cooking. With ⁣its multiple functions and easy-to-use design, preparing delicious meals has‌ never been​ simpler. Whether you’re cooking rice, steaming veggies,⁢ or slow-cooking a hearty stew, this versatile cooker has got you covered.

Say goodbye to⁤ the‌ stress of⁤ monitoring your cooking ‍- the ⁤Aroma ⁢20-Cup ‍Rice Cooker will automatically switch to Keep-Warm mode once ​your dish is ready, giving you one less thing to worry about. And with the programmable 15-hour delay timer, you can have your meal​ ready exactly ⁢when you need it, perfect for busy families⁢ on the go.

Don’t ⁤miss out on the convenience and ​delicious results this ‍appliance​ can​ bring to⁤ your kitchen. Click ‌the link below to ⁢get your hands​ on the Aroma Housewares 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker now!

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