Effortless Eats: BLACK + DECKER Rice Cooker Review

Effortless Eats: BLACK + DECKER Rice Cooker Review

Looking to make meal prep a breeze? Look no further than the BLACK+DECKER⁣ Rice ⁢Cooker 14-Cup (Cooked) with Steaming Basket! This ⁣little kitchen wizard not only cooks perfect rice every time, but it also doubles as a steamer for healthy meals ⁣and a versatile cooking tool for soups, stews, and oatmeal. Cleanup is a snap ‌with the ‌removable non-stick bowl, and the automatic keep warm function ensures your food stays hot and ⁣ready to serve whenever you’re ready. We put this rice cooker to the⁣ test, and we’re excited to share all the details⁣ with you in this review! Let’s get cooking!

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Having big dinners just got easier ⁢with this ⁣amazing rice ⁢cooker! With a 14-cup capacity, ⁣you can cook ‌anywhere from 3 to 14 cups of rice, perfect for serving ⁢a large meal or saving leftovers for ​later. The automatic “keep warm” function ensures that your rice⁤ stays fluffy and delicious long after cooking‍ is⁣ complete. And not only can you cook rice, but you can also use this versatile cooker to prepare soups, stews, and ⁢even oatmeal!

One of‍ the best‍ features of this rice cooker is the removable nonstick bowl, which makes cleanup a breeze. ⁤Simply remove the bowl and place it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The included steaming basket allows you to prepare healthy meals with vegetables, fish, and more, making this cooker a versatile addition to your kitchen. With dishwasher-safe accessories and‌ automatic keep warm function, this rice cooker is​ a must-have for any home chef. So why wait? Take the hassle out‍ of cooking and⁣ get⁣ your hands on this amazing BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker ⁢now!

Impressive Capacity and Versatility

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When it comes to capacity and versatility, ‌this rice cooker truly shines. With the​ ability to prepare anywhere ‍from 3 to 14 cups of⁣ cooked rice, this appliance is perfect for both large meals and leftovers. But ‍the magic ⁢doesn’t stop there – this ⁤cooker can ⁤also be used⁣ to prepare‌ soups, stews, and even oatmeal, making it ‍a true kitchen​ essential for busy households.

The‌ included steaming basket adds an⁢ extra layer⁣ of functionality to⁢ this already impressive appliance. Use it to prepare healthy meals with vegetables, fish, and more, all while ‍your rice cooks to perfection. Cleanup is a breeze thanks to the dishwasher-safe, nonstick bowl and ⁣tempered glass lid. If you’re looking for a versatile appliance that can ⁤handle all your cooking needs,⁣ look no further than this BLACK+DECKER Rice ​Cooker. Bring convenience and efficiency into your kitchen⁤ today! Order yours now!

Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance

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Keeping our kitchen clean and tidy is ‌always a top priority, which ‌is why we love the features of this ⁢amazing⁣ rice cooker. The removable nonstick bowl is ‍a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning⁤ up after cooking. Simply ⁤toss it in the dishwasher and you’re done! No more scrubbing or soaking required.

Another fantastic feature is the steaming basket that ‍comes with the cooker. This allows us to prepare healthy meals with ease, whether it’s steaming vegetables, fish, or more. The versatility of this cooker⁤ extends beyond just rice, making it a must-have appliance in our ⁣kitchen. If you’re looking for a convenient and easy-to-maintain rice cooker that goes the extra mile, this is the one for you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to simplify your ​cooking routine and upgrade your kitchen ⁢with this fantastic product.

Feature Description
Capacity 14-cup cooked rice capacity
Keep Warm Function Automatic “keep warm” function
Bowl Removable nonstick bowl
Accessories Includes steaming ‌basket, measuring ⁢cup, and plastic serving spoon

Upgrade your⁤ kitchen with easy⁢ cleaning and‍ maintenance!

Final‍ Verdict

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After thoroughly testing the BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker 14-Cup, we can confidently ‌say​ that ‌it is a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance that​ has⁣ made our meal⁢ prep so much ​easier. The automatic “keep warm” function ensures that the rice is always⁣ ready to serve, even long after the cooking process is complete. ‍This feature has been a ⁢game-changer for us, as we no longer have ‍to worry about timing our meals perfectly.

We also love the fact that this⁤ rice cooker comes with a steaming basket, allowing us to prepare healthy ‍meals with ease. The nonstick bowl is a breeze to clean, especially since it is dishwasher-safe. The ⁣14-cup capacity is perfect ‌for both small and large meals, giving us the flexibility to cook just the right ⁤amount of rice. Overall, we highly recommend this rice cooker to anyone looking to simplify their cooking routine. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

Customer Review Highlights:

Pros Cons Rating
Cooks everything perfectly None! 10/10

Creative Customer Reviews:

  • We are ‍(almost, we are so close) ​empty nesters. The last one hardly‍ eats ⁣at home anymore, or eats⁢ what has been made, so I’m mainly⁤ just cooking for my ⁤husband and myself. I had a huge rice cooker ​that did‌ a whole bunch of other things that ⁢I never used it for (like make yogurt and stews and soup) and it was great for a large family.⁣ I noticed it was starting ⁢to get scratched up and the coating was getting worn ‌so I started looking for a smaller rice cooker. Also, ​we have a travel trailer we ⁣like to use and I was thinking a smaller rice‍ cooker could also be used in the trailer. I bought this‌ little rice cooker⁤ and it is perfect! It takes up ‌so much less space ⁣on my counter. It easily makes one⁤ cup of rice for us to share, if my little bird wants‌ rice‌ I‍ make two ​cups. It cleans up easy. I love that the only controls on ⁣it are a button you push to start it. It has two lights, ‍red and ⁢green ⁣and one button.​ Simple, easy,‍ perfect, and easy on the‌ wallet.
  • I used to hate making rice – I’ve always been‌ bad⁣ at it. We eat a lot of yellow rice in our house and‌ both my ‌husband ​and I always seem to burn the bottom ⁢of the‍ pot when making it (so it’s not just me). This rice cooker is so cheap and it’s really changed ⁤our dinner in ‌our house. Making rice is so easy now‍ so I make it more ‍- and all you have to do is chuck it ‍in ⁤there⁣ and leave ​it.​ So ⁣easy and⁤ it’s made perfect rice every time. It’s ⁢also very easy to clean!
  • This⁢ one I bought twice. Got the 3 cups⁤ For my Dad AND the results ​were so good that my son⁤ got one For himself and I decided to got mine. Mine is​ 6 ⁤cups AND Brings the convenience ⁢of a steamer ítem.Like it’s‌ size. Suits​ a ⁣single or two persons needs.It’s awkward ⁢that it doesn’t have a on/off switch. It starts when the pot have some weight, the ⁣cook ‍light lit and it starts‌ at once. It ends at the minimum time of cooking as per the‍ cooking chart in the ⁢instructions booklet, and goes to the warm mode automatically. For warm ​mode⁢ there⁤ is no timing. You have to keep ‍an eye on it.I used short⁣ rice and‌ get ⁤what I expected… A‍ little mushy rice because⁣ is no the one⁤ included in the instructions, but good ‍to go. It ⁤is‍ amazing how fast it cooks⁢ the ​rice and always turns ​out fluffy.
  • Makes enough for one ​, easy to use & ⁤clean.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Pros Description
Effortless Cooking Cooking rice and steaming meals is a breeze with this rice cooker
Automatic Keep Warm Function Rice stays warm and delicious for serving
Large Capacity Prepare up ‌to 14 cups of rice, ‌perfect ⁤for family dinners or leftovers
Versatile Can be ‌used for cooking soups, stews, oatmeal, and more
Easy to Clean Removable nonstick bowl and ‍dishwasher-safe accessories make cleanup a snap


Cons Description
Size May be too large ⁢for small kitchens‌ with limited ‍storage space
Basic‍ Design Some​ users may find the ⁢design to be too simple or‍ plain
Condensation Condensation may form on the ⁢lid during cooking, which can‌ be‌ messy
No Delay Start Does not have⁤ a delay start feature for preset ‌cooking times
Non-Programmable Does not have programmable settings for different types of rice


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Q: How long does ⁤it take to cook rice in the BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker?

A: Cooking time can vary depending on the amount⁣ of rice being cooked, but generally, it takes between 20-40 minutes to ⁣cook rice in the BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker.

Q: Can I ⁤use the ⁤BLACK+DECKER ​Rice⁤ Cooker to ​steam vegetables⁤ and fish?

A:⁤ Yes! The BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker comes with a steaming basket that allows you to steam vegetables, fish,‌ and more, making it a versatile kitchen⁣ appliance.

Q:‍ Is the nonstick bowl easy to clean?

A: Absolutely! The nonstick bowl is completely removable and dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze after you’re done cooking.

Q: How many cups of‌ cooked rice can the BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker prepare?

A: The BLACK+DECKER Rice ​Cooker has a 14-cup capacity, allowing you ⁢to prepare anywhere from 3 to 14 cups of cooked rice, perfect for large meals or leftovers.

Q: Can I use the BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker to make other dishes besides rice?

A: Yes, you ‍can! The BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker can also ⁢be used to prepare soups, stews, oatmeal, and more, making it a ​versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Unlock‍ Your Potential

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As we wrap up our review ​of the BLACK ⁣+ DECKER ‌Rice Cooker, we⁤ can confidently say that this kitchen appliance is a game-changer​ when it comes to preparing effortless meals.‍ With its ‍14-cup⁤ capacity and versatile functionality as both ⁢a rice cooker and steamer, cooking⁤ has never ⁤been easier. The‌ automatic “keep warm”‍ function ensures that your food stays ready to serve, ‍while the dishwasher-safe accessories make cleanup a breeze.

Say⁢ goodbye to tedious meal prep and hello to quick and delicious dinners with the BLACK + DECKER Rice Cooker. Don’t miss out ⁤on the opportunity to simplify your cooking‌ routine – click the link below to get your hands on this must-have⁢ kitchen gadget!

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