Experience Ultimate Comfort with YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter: A Luxurious Dream!

Experience Ultimate Comfort with YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter: A Luxurious Dream!

Welcome to our ⁣product review blog! Today, we are excited to share our first-hand experience with the‌ “YOUR MOON Pure​ Mulberry Silk Comforter Queen Size for All Season.” As a team of sleep enthusiasts, we understand the importance ‍of a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. That’s why we were eager to try‌ out ⁣this luxury bedding option.‍

With its 100% natural long-strand mulberry silk fill‌ duvet, this comforter promises to deliver the ultimate sleeping experience. The silk filling is of 6A grade, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. We found‌ that the long-strand silk ⁣was‍ not only incredibly ​soft, but it also did not knot easily, extending the life of the duvet.​ Plus, the 100% ⁤cotton shell not only⁣ made the comforter noiseless, but also provided a softer and more breathable feel. Gone are the nights of being bothered by annoying “crunch” noises when you move in ‍your sleep.

One of the standout‍ features of⁢ this comforter is its ability to thermoregulate. Whether you’re⁣ a ⁣hot sleeper or a cold ⁣sleeper, the natural properties of silk keep you comfortable⁤ throughout the year. The silk material absorbs moisture and⁢ wicks away sweat, ⁢effectively regulating⁤ your body temperature and reducing the unevenness of hot and cold during⁣ sleep. This means you can experience⁤ warmth​ in ⁢the winter and‌ coolness in the summer, all with a single comforter.

We also appreciated the attention to detail in the design‌ of‌ the comforter. ‌The eight ⁢corner/side ties held the comforter in place, ensuring it stayed in the proper position all night long. Furthermore, ⁢the addition ‌of a short zipper ⁤on the side of the comforter allowed⁤ us to easily see⁢ the real materials‍ used. It’s clear that YOUR MOON is committed to‌ crafting luxury silk products that ​are not ‌only functional but also⁢ visually appealing.

We were also impressed with the manufacturing process of this ⁢comforter. The clover-shaped special fixing ‌technology used​ in place of traditional box-stitching adds both beauty and‌ durability. We didn’t have to worry about the silk coming ‌off, as the quilted silk⁢ thread segmented stitching ⁢kept everything in place securely. It’s clear that great attention is paid to‌ every detail, with a commitment to exquisite handcrafting based on​ complex craftsmanship.

In terms of size, ‍this comforter is​ ideal for‍ a queen-sized bed, measuring 90 x 90 inches. The mulberry silk filling weight of 3.5 ⁤lbs provides the perfect amount of comfort ⁤without ⁣feeling oppressive like a down or cotton comforter. It ⁤truly feels like silk next to the skin, enhancing the overall sleeping experience.

Overall, we were thoroughly impressed⁣ with the YOUR MOON Pure ⁢Mulberry Silk Comforter. Its superior quality, thermoregulating properties, and thoughtful design make⁤ it a standout choice ‍for luxury ⁢bedding.⁣ If you’re⁣ in search of a better‍ sleep experience, ⁢we highly recommend giving this⁢ comforter a try. ⁤We can confidently say‍ that you won’t ⁢be disappointed!

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Overview: An Exceptional⁤ Addition to Your Bedroom​ – YOUR MOON Pure⁣ Mulberry​ Silk Comforter Queen Size

Experience Ultimate Comfort with YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter: A Luxurious Dream!插图

If‍ you’re looking for the ultimate addition to your bedroom,⁤ look no further than the YOUR MOON ‍Pure ​Mulberry ​Silk Comforter Queen Size. This luxurious comforter is the perfect blend ‍of ⁣style, comfort, and functionality, making it a must-have for any sleep‌ enthusiast.

One of the standout features of this comforter is its 100% natural 6A grade long-strand mulberry​ silk filling. Not only does this silk ‌filling provide ⁣exceptional softness and comfort, but‌ it is also incredibly durable, ensuring that your comforter‌ will last for ​years to come. The 100% ‌cotton shell of the comforter is ‍not only‌ noiseless but also softer and more ⁤breathable than other materials, ‍allowing for a truly restful sleep. Say⁢ goodbye to annoying ​”crunch” noises and hello to a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • Thermoregulated​ Sleep: The‌ silk material ⁤of the comforter makes ⁤it perfect for hot and cold sleepers. Silk has⁤ natural thermoregulatory ⁤properties that help regulate ⁣body temperature,‌ keeping you⁤ comfortable in ⁤every season. ⁣It absorbs moisture and wicks⁢ away ⁤sweat,‌ effectively reducing the‍ unevenness of hot and cold​ during sleep. No more‍ tossing‌ and turning to find the right temperature.
  • Charming Details: The YOUR MOON Pure‌ Mulberry Silk Comforter⁢ Queen ‍Size features thoughtful design elements that enhance ⁤both its functionality and ⁣aesthetics. The comforter ⁢includes 8 corner/side ties⁢ to hold it​ in place, ensuring ⁣that it stays⁣ in the proper position throughout the night. The short zipper on the side of the comforter is not only convenient but also allows you to see the ⁤real materials used in its construction. It’s details ⁤like these that set ‍this comforter apart from others on ‌the market.
  • Durable Manufacturing: YOUR MOON ⁤takes pride in their⁣ meticulous manufacturing process. They use a clover-shaped special fixing‌ technology,​ which is more ⁤durable and beautiful than traditional “box-stitching.” ⁢This ensures that the silk filling stays ⁢securely ‍in place, so⁣ you don’t have to worry about ‌it shifting or⁢ coming off. The comforter is also crafted using ⁢silk ‍thread segmented stitch quilting, which ⁢prevents​ the thread satin from falling off or twisting. Each comforter⁢ is⁤ handcrafted with exceptional attention to detail, resulting in⁣ a product that is truly fit for life use.

The YOUR MOON ⁤Pure ‌Mulberry Silk Comforter Queen Size is generously sized at 90​ x 90 inches and ⁤has a filling weight⁣ of 3.5 lbs. Despite its ample size, it‌ won’t feel oppressive like a down or cotton‌ comforter. Instead, it will provide a luxurious and cozy feel next to your skin. Experience the difference that a high-quality silk comforter ⁤can make in your sleep routine.

Don’t wait any⁣ longer to upgrade your bedroom. Click‌ here to get your own YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry​ Silk​ Comforter Queen ⁢Size today ‌and enjoy the ultimate comfort and luxury.

Highlighting ​the ​Luxurious Features of YOUR ⁤MOON Pure Mulberry Silk‌ Comforter Queen Size

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Experience the epitome of luxury with the ‌YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter Queen Size. Crafted with 100% natural 6A grade long-strand mulberry⁢ silk filling, this duvet is designed to provide⁢ you with ⁣the ​best sleep of ⁣your life. The long-strand ⁣silk is not easy to‌ knot, ‌ensuring⁤ the longevity of the ​silk duvet. Wrapped in ‍a noiseless cotton shell, it offers a softer ‍and ​more breathable sleeping experience. Say goodbye to annoying “crunch” noises that disturb⁢ your sleep. Once you try‍ this silk comforter, you won’t‌ be disappointed!

One of the ‍standout features of the YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter Queen Size is⁤ its thermoregulatory⁣ properties. Ideal for both⁢ hot and cold sleepers, the silk material naturally adjusts to your⁢ body temperature, guaranteeing comfort all year round. It absorbs moisture and wicks away sweat,⁣ effectively regulating your ⁣body temperature and⁢ minimizing discrepancies between ‍hot and cold during sleep.⁢ Whether you crave warmth in winter or ⁢coolness in summer, this silk comforter has got you covered.

When it comes⁣ to design and craftsmanship, YOUR MOON⁤ excels. The comforter includes ‌8 corner/side ties to hold ⁢it in place, ensuring maximum comfort⁣ throughout the night. It also features a practical short zipper on the side, allowing you to easily see and appreciate the real material that makes ⁢up​ this luxurious⁣ product. The ​Clover-shaped‌ special⁢ fixing technology replaces​ the traditional “Box-stitching,” enhancing the beauty and durability of the comforter. With the silk thread segmented stitch quilting, you don’t have to worry about the thread ⁣satin falling​ off or twisting.‌ Each comforter ⁤is meticulously handcrafted, an exquisite display ‌of complex craftsmanship.

Indulge⁣ yourself in the ultimate‌ sleeping experience with⁢ the YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter Queen Size. Measuring 90 x 90 inches, this⁣ queen size ‌silk comforter has a filling weight of 3.5 lbs. Forget about the oppressive ​feeling of‍ traditional down or cotton comforters. A silk comforter provides a gentle and luxurious sensation against your skin. Enhance your sleep quality,‌ regulate your body temperature, and⁤ enjoy‌ the incomparable comfort and elegance of YOUR MOON’s pure ‍mulberry silk comforter. Don’t miss⁤ out on this​ opportunity to experience true luxury in your own home. Visit our website to⁢ purchase now.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations⁢ for ⁤YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter ​Queen Size: A Must-Have Investment for​ a Restful Sleep

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In our quest for the ultimate sleep⁣ experience, we stumbled upon the YOUR MOON​ Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter Queen Size, ‍and boy, are we glad we did! This ⁤luxurious bedding‌ item is truly ⁤a must-have​ investment for anyone⁤ seeking ⁣a restful sleep like no other.

With its 100% natural 6A grade long-strand ⁤mulberry silk filling, this comforter not only provides⁢ unsurpassed comfort but also ensures‍ durability. Unlike other silk duvets, the long-strand ‍silk in this ⁢comforter ​is not prone to knotting, extending its⁤ lifespan significantly. The ​noiseless cotton shell adds to the overall tranquility, allowing ​you to ​doze off in peace without any annoying “crunch” noises.

What truly sets this comforter apart is‌ its thermoregulatory​ properties. Whether you’re a hot sleeper⁢ or a cold sleeper, the silk material works wonders in maintaining your ideal sleep temperature in‍ every season. It absorbs moisture and wicks away sweat, effectively reducing ⁢the unevenness of hot and ‌cold during‍ sleep. Say goodbye to ‍uncomfortable nights ‍and say hello to the perfect balance of warmth in winter⁤ and coolness in summer!

The YOUR MOON Pure ‌Mulberry Silk Comforter Queen ⁢Size also excels in its attention to detail. With⁢ 8 corner/side ties, the comforter stays in its proper‌ position, ensuring‍ a snug ‌fit ⁢on your⁢ bed. The⁤ short zipper ⁢on the side not only provides easy ⁢access ⁢but also showcases the real⁤ material in all its glory. It’s clear that YOUR MOON ‌designs silk luxury products that truly embody craftsmanship and ​are⁤ built to withstand the test of time.

Measuring 90 x 90 inches‍ and weighing⁤ 3.5 lbs, this queen size silk comforter offers a plush and gentle touch that is unparalleled. Bid​ farewell​ to the oppressive​ feeling of down comforters​ or cotton⁢ comforters – the silk comforter is as close to ‌heaven as‌ it gets. Don’t just take our word for it, give it a ‍try yourself and experience the ultimate sleep of your dreams. Don’t miss out on this ⁢life-changing investment – grab your YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter Queen Size now and transform your sleep⁤ experience for the better!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

We ⁤gathered feedback from customers who have ⁤purchased and ‍used the ‌YOUR MOON⁤ Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter Queen Size for⁣ All ⁢Season. Here’s a summary of ​their ​experiences:

Customer Reviews
Review Rating
I bought‍ this silk comforter ⁤for my guest bedroom to replace dated synthetic fill comforter. I decided to⁣ get same quality silk comforter as I ‌did for my bedroom 3 years⁣ ago, but‍ this one was at a great ‍deal at 1/3rd of a price I ‍paid ‍for mine. My original ⁢comforter is a​ great ​quality, long strand silk but the comforter cover is 100% cotton, this one has a bamboo cover which feels ⁢so much cooler to touch, ⁢almost like pure silk (I did​ checked the tag because I couldn’t believe it wasn’t silk).‍ I didn’t want ⁤to‍ put duvet on it because‍ it felt so ‍great all alone, but knowing these can’t be washed, I did⁣ put duvet ​on. It was a small challenge as the 8 loops are relatively small, but thanks to my quality bamboo duvet⁣ cover, their 8 strings with​ a snap closure did fit right in!! (Please note, It might be a ‌challenge for those that do not⁢ have this ⁢type of string‍ closure on their duvet ‌cover). The comforter felt⁣ so good ⁣I had to try sleeping under ⁣it, so after 1 night⁢ in a guest bedroom I did switched and took this one to my bedroom, leaving my guests with a 3x ‍more expensive one, I’m very happy with the overall quality at the bargain price ⁤+‌ next day delivery!!! Couldn’t be happier with⁢ my choice. 5/5
Got ‍it ‌from‍ prime day. Quality⁤ is ⁤superb. ‌Weight is perfect​ for me. Super comfy. Will definitely buy one more for⁣ my daughter. 5/5
I⁤ literally can ⁤not get my ​boyfriend out of bed now because it’s the perfect temperature regulation for us both. The way⁢ it⁢ hugs and its‌ softness ​is superb. ‍He’s become ⁣obsessed I ‌think he’s going to marry it. 5/5
I​ live in the Pacific‌ Northwest. It’s⁣ cool and moist. When it arrived, it⁤ wasn’t quite cool enough to put on the bed.​ It’s​ lightweight and really warm. The temp has dropped….. still ⁢a bit warm but think it will be ⁣perfect for winter. 5/5
Natural fibers for the win! ⁣I don’t⁣ really like weighted blankets‍ because they are a little ⁤too cozy and heavy. ‌This blanket is the perfect compromise.⁣ It feels breathable and ‍light, ‍but‌ still hugs⁢ your body. Amazingly, you never feel cold ⁢or hot despite the blanket feeling ⁤thin. ⁤I personally ⁤prefer the lightness and fluffiness of a down comforter though. ‍Although ​I was loving ⁤the temperature regulation the silk​ offered, I found I missed the squishy puff of a‍ down comforter despite occasionally becoming too warm⁤ with it. I think hot sleepers would⁢ love ‍this silk comforter ​though! 4/5
TIP: Don’t aggressively rub this blanket if ⁣you​ need to spot‌ clean like ​I did. ⁢It agitated the fibers⁤ under the cover and created⁢ a solid feeling “rope” ⁣that is here‍ to stay. I’d tap‍ rather than rub to⁤ spot clean. 4/5
I ‍live where, since I turn heat off at night, it’s usually‍ in the⁢ 50s-60s in the house at ⁤night.​ Needed​ a cover that didn’t ⁢feel heavy​ on⁤ the body, but would be ⁢warm enough⁤ for these nights. ⁢This feels just right. If I⁢ need more, adding another light ‍blanket ​would still preserve the lack of heaviness. The product is just as‍ pictured. Seems a good value for the money. ‍The cat sleeps on or next to me, so⁢ I put ⁤a​ light ‍weight sheet on ‌top of any covers, so I can shake hair off it daily and ‍wash frequently. Last night she​ left some blood that‍ went through to this quilt.​ (I know she fights with ⁣cats ‌invading our yard.) I was able to spot wash it and dry ⁣with‌ a hair dryer. ⁢No problem. 5/5
This⁤ is a⁤ nice product, very‌ nice. After looking for a good down‍ comforter, and the good ones are severly⁤ overpriced, hollywood style, I came across the mulberry silk​ comforter. I loved my silks from ⁤China from years ago. After reading reviews, thought I’d try one. It’s⁣ not as light as⁢ a goose down, but the ⁢all ​season handled ‍the 30 degrees, 55​ degree inside, ‌night temp ​as ‍well as a goose down comforter that is three times as ‌thick. impressive! This is very pretty. would impress on a guest ‌bed. I opened the zipper and inspected it‍ deep inside. All was a ​beautiful​ raw silk, ‌long ​fibers nestled between an ultralight ⁢interfacing to⁤ keep it in place. The interfacing could ‍be rayon or maybe polyester, didn’t give that a burn test, it could be silk. Whichever, it’s nicely done, holds the silk fibers⁣ in place. The exterior⁢ is a very nice sateen cotton. Very comfortable ⁣to the skin. It has a very faint smell,‍ as it is a natural fiber, ‍it should. Nothing overwheleming ⁤and no headaches. I have very sensitive alabaster skin, have⁢ no reaction‌ at all. After sleeping ⁤a few nights, it was wonderful. ‌one night⁢ a litt;e⁣ cold, one not so, one very cold. ⁣Yet I⁢ never ⁤woke being too cold‌ or too hot. Just woke up ‌next​ morning. That’s a good ‍sleep.⁣ This is so nice, I wouldn’t put it through ‍a washer. ‌I’ll only spot wash and ‍put out in sun. on the bed I have a light sheet ⁤on top in case a pup jumps on the bed. I’m buying another for my ⁢daughter. it’s⁢ that nice! ​Today I watched a video on the ⁤Moon company and the‌ making of these. Oh, ‌I’d love to visit and see this⁢ in ‍person ⁢and help make ‌them, ⁣it ​would be fun! ok,⁢ i ⁢got carried away,‍ just really like⁣ my new comforter. 5/5
My husband and I run ⁤hot⁣ and⁤ have struggled to find a ‌duvet to keep us cool at night. ⁣10/10 – I ⁣already had multiple friends buy this ⁢duvet!! It’s soft, thick, fluffy, yet, cool to the ⁣touch. It ⁢doesn’t ever ​feel like ‍it gets hot either – the temperature stays moderate throughout the night! We got ‌a king ⁣and it fits perfectly. 5/5

Based​ on the reviews, the majority of customers are extremely⁢ satisfied ‍with‌ their purchase, praising the quality, comfort, and temperature regulation of the YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter.

One customer⁢ noted that they initially bought ‍the comforter for their ⁤guest ⁢bedroom but ended up ⁣switching it to their own bedroom due to its exceptional comfort. They were especially impressed with the overall quality, considering the ⁢reasonable price⁤ and next day delivery. Another customer mentioned ⁣that ​the weight and comfort⁤ of​ the ⁤comforter were perfect, prompting them to buy ⁤another one for their daughter.

Many customers praised ​the⁤ temperature regulation of the comforter, finding it to be an ideal ⁤compromise ‍between the breathability of natural ⁢fibers ⁣and the cozy ⁣feeling of a down comforter.‍ They mentioned that⁣ they didn’t feel too cold ​or hot throughout​ the night, resulting in a good night’s sleep.

However,⁣ one customer ​did mention that ‌aggressive rubbing of the comforter during spot cleaning⁢ could lead to agitated fibers, forming a solid rope-like texture. They advised tapping rather than rubbing to spot clean.

Overall, the⁤ YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk⁤ Comforter received positive feedback for its quality, temperature regulation, and comfort. It appears to be an​ excellent‍ choice for individuals seeking ⁤luxurious and comfortable‍ bedding.

Pros ⁢&⁣ Cons

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1. Provides Better ⁢Sleep The 100% ⁣natural 6A grade long-strand mulberry silk filling ‍ensures a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. The noiseless cotton shell adds to⁢ the overall peaceful sleeping experience.
2. Thermoregulated Sleep Perfect for hot and cold sleepers, the silk material helps regulate⁤ body temperature and keeps you comfortable⁣ in all ‌seasons. It effectively absorbs moisture, wicks away sweat, and reduces the unevenness of hot and cold during sleep.
3. Charm in the Details The comforter features ​8 corner/side ties to hold it securely in place.‍ The short zipper on the ‍side allows for easy access and adds a touch ⁤of elegance. The craftsmanship is apparent, making ⁣it a luxury​ product fit for ⁢life use.
4. High-Quality‌ Manufacturing ⁢Process The⁣ advanced Clover-shaped special fixing technology ensures beauty, durability, and prevents the silk ⁢from coming ​off. The silk⁣ thread segmented stitch ⁤quilting ensures the⁤ thread satin won’t easily fall off or twist, giving you ​a long-lasting comforter.
5. Queen Size and Comfortable With dimensions of ‌90 x 90 inches‌ and a ‌weight of 3.5‍ lbs, the⁢ queen size silk ‌comforter provides ample coverage without feeling oppressive.⁤ Its⁤ luxurious⁣ texture feels soft‍ and pleasing against the ⁢skin.


– Limited color ⁣options available. Presently only available in white.


Experience Ultimate Comfort with YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter: A Luxurious Dream!插图5
Q: What sets YOUR MOON ⁤Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter apart from other comforters?

A: At YOUR MOON, we believe​ in providing the ultimate comfort experience for ‍our⁢ customers. ⁢Our Pure​ Mulberry Silk Comforter is crafted with the finest materials and designed⁢ to provide a luxurious‌ dream-like sleep. What sets it apart from other comforters is the use of 100% natural 6A grade long-strand⁤ mulberry silk⁢ filling.‍ This high-quality silk is not easy to‍ knot, ⁤ensuring the longevity of your duvet. The comforter also features a noiseless cotton shell, making it softer, more breathable, and free from irritating “crunch” noises.

Q: Is the YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter suitable for ⁣all seasons?

A: Absolutely! We made sure that ‌our comforter is perfect for hot ‍and cold sleepers alike. The natural thermoregulatory​ properties ‍of silk help keep you comfortable in every⁤ season. ⁣The silk material absorbs ‌moisture and ⁢wicks away sweat, effectively regulating ⁢body⁢ temperature. Say goodbye to uneven hot or⁢ cold spots while you sleep.‍ You can​ rely on YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter‍ to meet your high demand for warmth in winter and coolness in ⁣summer.

Q: ‍What are some notable features of the⁣ YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter?

A:⁣ The YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter ⁤boasts ⁢several ⁣thoughtful features. It is equipped ‍with ‍8 corner and side ties, ensuring that the comforter⁣ stays perfectly in place throughout the night. Additionally, a short zipper is located on the side of the comforter, allowing easy​ maintenance‍ and showcasing the real material beneath. YOUR MOON takes pride in its commitment to delivering silk luxury products that are designed for life-long use.

Q: Can you tell us more about YOUR MOON’s manufacturing process?

A: We understand the importance of both beauty and durability.‍ That’s why⁣ we’ve⁤ implemented a special Clover-shaped fixing technology, which‌ replaces traditional “Box-stitching.” This innovative technique guarantees that the silk stays securely in place, eliminating any ‍worries ⁢about it coming off. Moreover, we‌ use‌ silk thread segmented stitch quilting to ensure that the thread satin will not easily fall⁤ off or twist. Every YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter is crafted⁢ with exquisite handcrafting based on complex craftsmanship, ensuring the highest quality.

Q: What are the dimensions ⁣and weight ‍of the YOUR MOON Pure ⁢Mulberry Silk Comforter?

A: The YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter​ is designed to fit a queen-size bed, measuring​ 90 x 90 inches. The mulberry silk filling ⁣weight is 3.5 ‌lbs. Unlike down or ⁣cotton comforters, our silk​ comforter provides a next-to-skin feeling without any ⁤oppressive weight, allowing you‍ to experience the ⁤utmost comfort while you sleep.

Q: Is the​ YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter ⁢worth a try?

A: Absolutely! We are confident that ⁢once you experience the luxurious comfort of the YOUR⁣ MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter, you won’t be disappointed. With its high-quality materials, thermoregulatory‌ properties, ​and thoughtful design, ⁢this comforter offers the ultimate sleep ‌experience. Treat yourself to the comfort you ‍deserve and discover the difference of ‍YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter.

Unleash Your True⁤ Potential

Experience Ultimate Comfort with YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter: A Luxurious Dream!插图6
In conclusion, experiencing‌ ultimate comfort​ is now ​within ⁣reach with YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk ‌Comforter. ‍This luxurious dream of a comforter‍ offers⁣ unmatched quality and sophistication to enhance ⁢your sleep experience.

Crafted with 100% natural 6A grade long-strand mulberry silk filling,⁢ this comforter is designed for ‍longevity and durability. No more worrying about knots or wear⁢ and tear – YOUR MOON ensures that‌ their silk duvet will stand‌ the test of time.‌ The ‍100% cotton shell provides a noiseless and softer sleeping ⁣experience, allowing you to drift off into a ⁢peaceful slumber.

But it doesn’t stop there – this comforter offers thermoregulated sleep, making it ideal ⁤for hot‍ and cold sleepers. The ​silk material’s natural properties absorb moisture, wick away sweat, and‍ regulate body temperature. Say ⁣goodbye to the unevenness of ‌hot and ‌cold during sleep⁣ and welcome the perfect⁢ balance of ⁤warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

The details truly showcase the charm of​ this comforter. With​ 8 corner/side ⁤ties, you can ⁣keep the comforter​ securely in place. The short zipper on the side of the comforter not only adds convenience⁣ but also⁣ displays the high-quality real material used. ⁤YOUR MOON’s commitment​ to ⁢exquisite craftsmanship and complex manufacturing processes ensures that you will receive a product that⁤ is both beautiful and durable.

Sized at 90 x 90 inches, this queen-size⁣ comforter is the epitome of luxury. With a mulberry silk filling‍ weight of 3.5 lbs, it offers​ a ‍comfortable ⁤and cozy experience‌ like no other. Say goodbye to the oppressive feeling ‍of down⁤ or cotton⁢ comforters –‌ the YOUR ‌MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter is next ‌to the skin, allowing you to indulge in unparalleled‌ comfort.

Ready to experience the⁤ better sleep‍ you​ deserve? Don’t‌ hesitate to give the YOUR MOON Pure Mulberry Silk Comforter a ⁣try.⁣ We guarantee ⁣that ‌you won’t be disappointed with this exceptional product. Click here to purchase and make your dreams come ​true:

YOUR MOON‌ Pure ⁣Mulberry Silk Comforter

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