Fluffy Carb-Reducing Rice: Aroma Cooker Review

Fluffy Carb-Reducing Rice: Aroma Cooker Review

Looking for a⁣ way to‍ enjoy delicious rice dishes ⁢without⁤ the guilt of consuming too many carbs? Look no further than the Aroma Housewares ARC-1120SBL SmartCarb Cool-Touch Stainless Steel Rice⁤ Multicooker Food Steamer, ‍Slow Cooker. This innovative kitchen appliance is designed to help you cut back on carbs ‌while still enjoying all the flavors and textures of your favorite rice dishes. With⁢ a non-stick inner ⁣pot and ​steam tray, this multicooker ​is perfect for making everything from fluffy rice‌ to steamed vegetables with just the touch of a ‍button. Join us⁤ as we explore the features and benefits of this handy kitchen ⁣companion that is sure to make mealtime a breeze.

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Our Aroma rice cooker is a game-changer when it comes to cooking healthy meals without sacrificing flavor ⁣or⁤ texture. With a stainless steel carb-reducing pot, this multicooker​ helps you cut back on carbs while doubling ​as ‌a food⁢ steamer, ‍making it a versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal.​ With 8 preset one-touch⁤ functions, you can easily ‌cook, steam, and sauté a‌ variety of meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks with minimal effort.

Thanks to the programmable 15-hour delay timer and automatic Keep-Warm function, you⁣ can always have warm, cooked ⁢rice ready⁤ whenever you need it. The⁤ nonstick pot makes ​cleaning up a breeze, ⁤allowing you to enjoy delicious meals without the hassle of​ scrubbing pots and pans. With accessories like a rice measuring​ cup, serving⁤ spatula, ⁤soup ladle, and ‍steam tray included, cooking ⁣healthy ⁣meals ​for yourself and your family ⁣has never been simpler. Upgrade your cooking game with our Aroma Housewares ARC-1120SBL SmartCarb Cool-Touch Stainless Steel Rice⁣ Multicooker Food Steamer and ‌say goodbye to carb-heavy meals ⁢without sacrificing taste!

Key Features and Benefits

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Innovative and efficient, this smart carb rice cooker is designed to‍ help you cut back on carbs ‌without sacrificing flavor or texture. The stainless steel⁣ carb-reducing pot drains up to 30%‍ of carbohydrates from the rice, making it perfect for a wide‍ variety of rice and ‍whole grains. With 8 ‍preset one-touch ⁢functions, you can easily ⁤steam, cook, and sauté a variety of dishes, from vegetables to meats, and even soups.

Thanks to the ⁣programmable 15-hour delay ⁣timer and automatic keep-warm function,⁣ you can ⁤enjoy warm, fluffy cooked rice whenever⁣ you need it. This all-in-one⁣ kit includes everything you need ⁣to get started, including a⁤ rice measuring ⁢cup,‍ serving spatula, soup ladle, nonstick ‌removable inner ⁢pot, and carb-reducing pot. Make the ‍smart‌ choice⁢ and enjoy healthy, homemade meals with ease ‌using this ‍versatile rice cooker and multicooker. Upgrade your cooking routine now with the Aroma Housewares ARC-1120SBL SmartCarb Rice Cooker and Multicooker. Check it out on Amazon!

In-Depth Analysis and Performance

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When it comes to cooking rice, our⁣ Aroma rice cooker is a game-changer. This multifunctional kitchen appliance not only helps you cook fluffy and delicious rice but also⁤ reduces the carbohydrate content by ⁤up to 30%. This means you ‌can ⁤enjoy your favorite rice dishes while ‌making‍ healthier​ choices. With 8 preset one-touch functions, you can easily steam,‌ cook, and sauté a variety of grains, vegetables,​ and meats, making it perfect for creating ‍wholesome meals for the whole⁣ family with ⁣minimal effort.

One of the standout features of this⁤ rice ‍cooker is the‌ programmable 15-hour delay timer and automatic Keep-Warm function.‍ This allows you to have a bowl of warm cooked ‌rice ready whenever you need it, saving you time and hassle in the kitchen.⁢ The nonstick inner pot and included accessories like the rice measuring ‍cup, steam tray, and serving spatula make ‌cooking and​ cleaning a breeze. If you’re ⁤looking to simplify your ⁢meal prep and ⁤enjoy delicious, carb-reduced rice, then the Aroma ​ARC-1120SBL rice cooker and ⁢multicooker is the‌ perfect choice ⁣for you. Experience the convenience⁣ and health ⁢benefits for yourself by clicking here.


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After trying out the Aroma rice cooker, we‌ were ​pleasantly surprised by⁤ its versatility​ and ease of use. ⁣The stainless steel⁤ carb-reducing pot allowed us‌ to enjoy our‌ favorite rice‍ dishes with 25% fewer carbs, without sacrificing taste or texture. The 8 preset one-touch functions made cooking, steaming, and‌ sautéing a breeze, allowing ⁣us to whip up healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with minimal effort.

We also appreciated the programmable 15-hour delay timer and automatic Keep-Warm function, which ensured‍ that we always had a bowl of warm cooked ‍rice ready whenever we needed‍ it. The included‌ accessories, such as the‍ rice measuring cup, steam tray, and serving spatula, made⁤ meal prep even easier. Overall, we highly recommend the Aroma rice cooker to ‍anyone looking for a convenient and healthy ⁣way to enjoy​ delicious rice dishes.

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Customer​ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ⁢Analysis

After reading multiple customer reviews​ for the Aroma Housewares ARC-1120SBL SmartCarb Cool-Touch Stainless Steel Rice Multicooker, we have gathered valuable insights to help⁤ you make an informed decision about purchasing‌ this product.

Review 1

“I’m a simple guy who is terrible at cooking rice and has⁤ to feed a family of 6 regularly. This rice cooker is awesome ⁣and I question why I waited so long to buy one.”

  • Convenience: Cooking​ rice for a large family is effortless.
  • Versatility:​ Can ​be used to cook other meals like beef stew ⁤and chili.
  • Easy to Clean: Simple maintenance ‍after each ⁤use.

Review 2

“The Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB Professional Plus multicooker has a logical layout of preset buttons, and I​ enjoy the low ⁤and high settings on the slow cook mode.”

Likes Dislikes
•⁤ Efficient pre-programmed buttons
• Low and ​high settings in slow cook mode
• Stainless steel outer covering
• Non-removable lid design for⁣ cleaning
• Inner pot water markings not legible
• Steamer basket not stainless steel

Review‌ 3

“Makes the perfect rice each time. Also so simple to ‍use. Perfect for ‌making ‌a large quantity of⁣ rice and not worry‍ about it taking forever.”

  • User-friendly: Easy to operate ⁤and‌ consistently​ produces fluffy ‌rice.
  • Capacity:⁣ Ideal ⁣for ‍cooking up to 10⁢ cups of ⁢rice.

Review​ 4

“Facil de usar ‍y muchas​ funciones para⁢ hacer todo tipo de platillos. Lo recomiendo.”

(Translated: Easy to use and many functions to make‌ all ⁤kinds of dishes. I recommend it.)

Review 5

“Well built, very easy to‌ use. Makes great sushi rice for sure.”

  • Sturdiness: High-quality construction for durability.
  • Sushi Rice: Capable of producing restaurant-quality sushi rice.

Review 6

“Appareil qui m’a explosé ⁢à la figure! Dangereux!!!”

(Translated: Device that ⁣exploded in my ​face! Dangerous!!!)

  • Safety Concerns: Mention ‌of a dangerous incident⁣ experienced with the ‌product.

Review 7

“Para hacer arroz, guisados,⁣ verdura al vapor y sin ⁢grasa.” (Translated: To make ‍rice, stews, steamed vegetables, and without fat.)

(Translated: ⁤Excellent)

Overall, the reviews highlight the Aroma ‌Housewares ARC-1120SBL SmartCarb Cool-Touch Stainless Steel Rice Multicooker as a versatile and user-friendly appliance ⁣for effortless cooking. ⁣While some minor concerns ​were raised about specific features, the majority​ of customers were satisfied with ​the performance and convenience this ⁣multicooker offers.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Carb-reducing pot: The Stainless Steel pot drains up to⁤ 30% carbs from the rice, allowing you to‌ enjoy a wide variety of rice and whole grains ⁢while maintaining nutrients.
2. Versatile functions: With ‍8 preset one-touch functions, you can ‍easily cook,‍ steam, and sauté a variety of dishes like whole grains, fish, vegetables, and ⁣soups.
3. ⁣Time-saving features: The programmable 15-hour delay timer and automatic Keep-Warm ​function ensure you always have warm cooked rice ready when you need it.
4. All-in-one kit: Includes‍ accessories like a rice ⁤measuring cup, serving spatula,‌ soup ladle, and removable inner pot, making cooking healthy meals simple.
5. Large capacity: Cook enough rice for 20 people or carb-reduced rice for 10 people with just ⁢the press of a button, perfect for family meals or gatherings.


1. Size: This ⁣cooker may be too large for individuals or small families who‍ don’t need to cook large quantities⁤ of rice.
2. Cleaning: While the nonstick pot‍ is easy to ‌clean, the carb-reducing pot‌ may require extra care and maintenance.
3.⁣ Limited color⁢ options: The ‍cooker only comes in black, ⁣which may not match every kitchen’s aesthetic.
4. Complexity: Some users may find the multiple functions and settings ⁢overwhelming if they prefer a simpler rice cooker.


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Q: Can this rice⁢ cooker​ really reduce carbohydrates in rice?

A:‍ Yes, ⁢absolutely! The Aroma Rice Cooker comes with a⁤ stainless steel pot ​that drains up to 30% ⁣of carbs from the rice, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of⁢ rice and whole grains while maintaining all the nutrients and minerals it has to offer.

Q:‌ How many‍ cups of rice can this cooker make?

A: This cooker can⁤ make up to 20 cups‌ of regular rice or 10 cups of carb-reduced rice, making​ it perfect for feeding a large group of people or meal ⁤prepping for the week.

Q: Can I cook things ⁤other than rice in this cooker?

A: Definitely! The ​Aroma Cooker has 8 preset ⁢one-touch⁢ functions,‍ making it great for cooking a⁢ wide variety ‌of ⁣whole grains, steaming fish and‌ vegetables, making hearty soups, and even sautéing meats. It’s perfect​ for⁢ cooking healthy homemade meals for breakfast,⁢ lunch, dinner, snacks, or sides.

Q: Does‍ this rice cooker come⁣ with all the necessary ​accessories?

A: Yes, it does! This cooker comes with a nonstick inner pot, rice measuring cup, steam tray, soup ladle,⁢ serving spatula, and a⁣ stainless steel carb-reducing pot to​ make ⁤cooking healthy meals​ for​ yourself and your family ​simple ⁢and convenient.

Q: Is this rice cooker easy to clean?

A: ⁣Absolutely! Thanks to the nonstick pot,‍ this⁢ rice cooker is super easy to clean and can be used night after night without any hassle. ‌Save time and ⁣effort cleaning‌ up ‌after ⁣cooking delicious meals with this Aroma Rice Cooker.

Q: Can I ‌program this rice‌ cooker⁤ to start cooking at a specific time?

A:‌ Yes, you⁣ can! The Aroma Rice Cooker has a programmable 15-hour delay ‍timer and automatic Keep-Warm function, so‍ you can have ‍a warm bowl of cooked rice ready whenever you need it. You can easily cycle between the different cooking presets with just a single touch.

We hope these answers have been helpful! If you have any more questions ⁣about the Aroma Cooker, feel free to ask.

Discover the Power

Overall,​ we ‌are truly impressed with the Aroma ⁢Housewares ARC-1120SBL SmartCarb Cool-Touch Stainless Steel Rice​ Multicooker Food Steamer. It has ⁤exceeded ⁢our expectations in terms of functionality, ease of ​use, and the ⁢ability to reduce carbs without sacrificing flavor. If you’re ⁢looking for a reliable and versatile rice ⁤cooker that also helps you make healthier choices, this is the one for you. Don’t miss out on this amazing⁢ product⁣ – click ⁣here‍ to get your own Aroma Cooker today: Aroma ⁣Cooker on Amazon. ​Happy cooking!

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