Gamers’ Paradise: A Review of the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit for PC, PS3, Android, and Xbox360

Gamers’ Paradise: A Review of the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit for PC, PS3, Android, and Xbox360

Welcome to our product review blog post! Today, we are excited to share our firsthand experience with the SJ@JX ⁢Arcade Game DIY Kit. This incredible kit includes everything you⁣ need to​ create your very own arcade game⁣ joystick controller.

As soon as we received the package,​ we were impressed by the high-quality materials used. The button caps are made of a durable⁤ and attractive frosted plastic material that feels great to the‌ touch. Plus, ‌the mounting hole required is just ⁣28mm, making installation a breeze.

One standout feature of this kit is the original​ mechanical keyboard black switch. This switch provides‌ a satisfying and smooth experience when pressing buttons. It is medium stiff and linear, ensuring precise control without any clicky noises. We were pleased to learn that these switches have undergone a ⁢microswitch reliability test of up to 50 million cycles, guaranteeing their ‌longevity.

The zero delay arcade USB encoder that comes with the kit is ⁣another highlight. With the included ⁤USB cable and wires, we experienced no lag or ‍delay when playing games. Installation ‍was a piece of ‌cake thanks to the easy design, simply connecting the ⁣push buttons and joystick.

Compatibility was not an issue with this kit, as ⁣it ⁢supports all Windows systems, Android systems, and the PS3. You can ‌even use it ‍with a⁤ PS2 using a separate cable. We couldn’t be ⁣happier with this​ versatility.

The packaging includes the PC/PS3/Android encoder⁣ board, USB cable,‌ 5pin cable for the joystick, and 13 wire cables for the buttons. The size of the cables is perfect for ‍the included push buttons. Speaking of buttons, there are 13 28mm‍ black matt ​frosted buttons included as well, ensuring a ⁢sleek ⁤and professional look.

We were relieved to discover that no additional drivers are required for this‌ kit. Simply connect the buttons and joysticks, and‌ you’re ready to play. It’s as easy as plug and play, which saved us a lot of time and hassle.

In terms⁢ of specifications, ⁢the button ​hole measures 28mm, the joystick hole ‍ranges from 24mm to 30mm, ⁤the USB cable is a generous 180cm long, and the button and joystick cables are 35cm in length.

Overall, our experience with the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit has been nothing short of exceptional. From⁣ the top-notch materials used to the seamless installation process, this kit surpassed⁤ our expectations. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or looking for a fun​ DIY project, this kit is a must-have. Stay tuned for more product reviews⁢ from us ‌in the future!

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Gamers’ Paradise: A Review of the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit for PC, PS3, Android, and Xbox360插图

The SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit is a fantastic option for anyone looking to build their‌ own arcade gaming ⁢system. ⁤Made with durable matt-frosted plastic material, the button‌ caps provide a sleek and comfortable​ grip during gameplay. With a mounting hole requirement of 28mm, this kit ensures a secure and reliable installation.

One‌ of the‌ standout features of this kit is the original mechanical keyboard BLACK SWITCH. Known for its linear, medium ⁢stiff, and non-clicky operation, these switches have been tested for microswitch reliability up to 50 million cycles. This means you can enjoy countless hours of gaming without worrying about wear and tear on your buttons.

The Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder ⁤included in this kit is a ‍game-changer. With its USB cable and wires, it ensures seamless compatibility with⁣ various systems, including Windows, Android, and PS3. Additionally, this encoder supports PS2 with a PS2 cable, expanding the range of devices ‌you can connect to.

Installation is a breeze with the ⁣easy installation design. Simply ⁤connect the push button​ and joystick,‍ and you’re good to⁣ go! No ⁢additional drivers ⁢are required, making it a hassle-free experience.

The packaging includes everything you need to⁣ get started, including the PC/PS3/Android encoder board, USB cable, 5-pin cable for the joystick, wire cables for ⁢the ‍buttons, ​and 13 ⁢black matt-frosted buttons. The button size is perfect, ensuring precise input during gameplay.

To ⁤sum it up, the ⁣SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit provides a high-quality and user-friendly arcade gaming experience. With its durable materials,⁣ reliable ​switches, and Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder, it’s the ​perfect choice for gamers of all levels. Don’t miss out on this incredible DIY kit and start building your dream arcade gaming‍ system today!

Experience the ​ultimate ‍arcade gaming with the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY ‍Kit. Get yours here!

Highlighting the ‍Features

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Highlighting the Features:

When it comes to the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit, one‌ of the standout features is the‌ use of matt frosted plastic material for the button caps. This gives⁣ them a sleek and professional look, elevating the overall‌ aesthetic of the arcade setup. Additionally,​ the mounting hole required is 28mm, ensuring a perfect fit​ and easy installation.

Another notable feature is the use of the original mechanical keyboard BLACK‌ SWITCH. These switches provide⁤ a linear and medium stiff feel, making every button press smooth‍ and satisfying. With a reliability test of up to 50 million cycles,‌ you​ can trust that ⁣these switches will withstand intense gaming⁢ sessions without any issues.

One‍ of the biggest selling points of this ‍kit is the Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder. It comes with everything you need, including a USB‍ cable and wires, to ensure that all the parts work perfectly⁣ together. The easy installation design allows you to simply connect the push buttons‍ and joystick, making setup a breeze.

This kit is compatible with all Windows systems, Android systems, and​ PS3, and even supports PS2 with an additional cable. The packing includes all the necessary cables⁤ for buttons and the joystick, as well as 13 black matt frosted buttons with a perfect size for easy pressing. ‌There are no drivers required, just plug and⁣ play!

To get your hands on⁣ the ⁤SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit, visit our Amazon link and start enjoying the nostalgic ⁣fun of arcade games right at home!

In-depth Analysis ‍and Recommendations

Gamers’ Paradise: A Review of the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit for PC, PS3, Android, and Xbox360插图2

The SJ@JX Arcade ​Game DIY Kit is a versatile and reliable option⁣ for⁢ gamers looking to create‍ their own arcade experience. One of the standout features ⁢of​ this kit is‍ the inclusion of a zero delay arcade USB encoder. This ensures that there is no lag in your gameplay, giving you a​ seamless and responsive experience. The USB cable and wires provided are of high⁢ quality, guaranteeing that all the components⁢ will work perfectly⁣ together.

Another⁤ notable feature of this kit is the easy installation design. You simply need to connect the push buttons and joystick, and you’re good to go. This makes it ideal for both beginners⁤ and experienced arcade enthusiasts. The kit supports all Windows systems, Android systems, and even PS3. It also has‍ support for PS2 with the appropriate cable.

The construction of the buttons and joystick is also impressive. The button caps are made from‍ a matt frosted plastic material, giving them a sophisticated look. The mounting hole required ‍for⁣ the buttons is 28mm, providing a ⁢secure‍ fit. The joystick, on the other hand, is an original mechanical keyboard black switch that has undergone a microswitch reliability test of 50 million cycles.‌ This ensures long-lasting durability and smooth joystick movements.

To enhance your gaming experience, the kit ​includes 13 black matt frosted buttons. They are the⁢ perfect size for ‍a comfortable and responsive feel. The zero delay USB encoder supports 5V LED, adding a vibrant and dynamic touch to your arcade setup.

In ⁣conclusion, the ‌SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit⁢ is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build their own arcade system. With its easy installation design, reliable⁤ components, and extensive⁢ compatibility, it offers a hassle-free and enjoyable gaming experience. So don’t wait⁣ any longer. Click here to get your hands on this amazing kit now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

In our review of the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit, we came across several customer reviews that ​provided‌ valuable insights⁢ into the performance and ‌functionality of this product. Here, we summarize ‍the key ‍points from these reviews:

Review #1

One customer mentioned that they were not using the kit as it was intended for an arcade joystick but rather for a custom button box for their sim ⁢rig setup. They praised the joystick’s ability to control the‌ free⁢ camera in games such as Euro Truck Simulator 2, ⁣American Truck Simulator, and ⁣Assetto Corsa. They were particularly impressed by the joystick’s deadzone tuning and how it snapped back to center perfectly without recoiling to the opposite direction. They expressed their satisfaction and would definitely consider purchasing this kit again for their retro gaming box project.

Review #2

Another customer used the kit in their‍ mini pinball machine and mentioned that everything ​worked flawlessly. They rated the product as absolutely perfect, with a 10/10 ⁣rating. They were impressed by the seamless functionality and⁢ how well it suited their needs for their mini desktop pinball machine.

Review #3

One customer expressed mixed feedback about the kit. While they found the joystick to be almost fine, they‍ mentioned that the buttons were not⁢ of good‌ quality. They experienced instances where a press did not come back smoothly.‍ This inconsistency in button performance was a concern for them.

Review #4

Another customer gave a positive review, stating that ​the kit was very cool and highly recommendable. They ‌highlighted that there was no more delay‌ while gaming after incorporating the kit into their​ V-Pin setup. Overall,​ they were pleased with the product.

These customer reviews provide a diverse range ​of ⁣experiences and opinions about the SJ@JX Arcade Game‍ DIY Kit. While most customers expressed‍ their satisfaction with its performance, there​ were a few concerns‍ regarding the button quality. Despite this, the general consensus remains ⁣positive, with customers appreciating the kit’s functionality ​and recommending it ​for various gaming setups.

Pros Cons
Deadzone tuning for the joystick Some concerns about button quality
Perfect center snapback
Seamless functionality in different⁣ gaming setups
Great for custom button boxes‍ and retro gaming ‌projects

Overall, the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit⁤ has received positive feedback from customers who have used it for various purposes, ⁤including⁤ arcade joystick and custom ⁣button box setups. If you are looking for a versatile and reliable DIY kit‍ for your⁤ gaming needs,‌ this product comes highly recommended.

Pros​ & Cons

Gamers’ Paradise: A Review of the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit for PC, PS3, Android, and Xbox360插图4


  1. Easy installation​ design – just connect the push buttons and joystick
  2. Supports all⁣ Windows systems, Android systems, and ‌PS3
  3. Packaging ⁤includes all necessary cables and ‍components
  4. Durable mechanical keyboard with black switch
  5. Zero delay USB encoder ensures seamless gameplay
  6. Suitable for 5V LED
  7. Button and joystick holes are the perfect‌ sizes


  • No support for PS2 without additional cable
  • No included LED lights
  • Button and joystick cables could be ⁢longer for some setups


The SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit Zero Delay PS​ USB Encoder Mechanical Keyboard Switch PC PS3 Android Xbox360 Arcade 2Pin Button Arcade Joystick‍ Controller is a comprehensive and user-friendly kit for gamers. With easy installation and support for multiple platforms, it offers convenience and versatility. The durable mechanical keyboard and zero delay ⁣USB encoder ensure smooth and reliable ⁣gameplay. However, the lack of PS2⁣ support and⁣ LED lights may be limitations for‍ some users. Overall, this kit provides a great ‍gaming ⁣experience for those looking to​ create⁢ their own arcade setup.


Gamers’ Paradise: A Review of the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit for PC, PS3, Android, and Xbox360插图5
Q&A Section:

Q: Is this SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit compatible with my gaming console?
A: ⁣Yes,​ the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit is compatible with PC, ‌PS3, Android, and Xbox360.

Q: Do I need⁤ any additional tools for the installation ⁢process?
A:‌ No, the installation of the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit ‌is made easy with its simple design. Just connect the push buttons and joystick and⁢ you’re ready to⁢ go!

Q: ⁢Can I use this kit​ with older gaming consoles like the PS2?
A: ‍Yes,‍ the ⁣SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit ⁢can also support the PS2 console with the use of a ⁣PS2 cable.

Q: How durable are the buttons‌ and joystick included in ‌this kit?
A: The buttons and joystick included⁢ in the SJ@JX Arcade⁤ Game DIY ‌Kit are made with high-quality materials and have‌ undergone a microswitch reliability test of up to 50 million cycles. So rest assured, they are built to last.

Q: What is the size of the button hole and joystick hole?
A: The button hole has a ⁣diameter of 28mm, while the joystick hole ranges from 24 to 30mm. This ensures a perfect fit for your gaming setup.

Q: Are drivers required for this kit?
A: No, the SJ@JX Arcade ⁢Game DIY Kit‍ is plug and play. ​No‌ need for any additional drivers. Just connect the buttons and joystick, and you’re good to go.

Q: Does this kit ⁢support LED lights?
A: Yes, the Zero Delay SJ@JX USB Encoder included in the kit is suitable⁤ for use with 5V LED lights, allowing you to customize your gaming ⁣experience ‌further.

Q: How long is the USB cable and the button/joystick ‌cable?
A: The USB cable provided ‌in the‍ SJ@JX Arcade Game​ DIY Kit measures 180cm in length, while the ‍button and joystick cable is 35cm long,​ giving you flexibility in setting up your gaming area.

Q: Can I use this kit on any operating system?
A: Yes, the SJ@JX​ Arcade Game ⁢DIY​ Kit supports all Windows systems, Android systems, and PS3.⁣ It offers compatibility with a wide range of devices for your convenience.

Q: Are the button caps made of ‍a frosted plastic material?
A: Yes, the button caps included in the SJ@JX ⁣Arcade Game DIY Kit are made of frosted plastic material, providing a stylish and comfortable gaming experience.

Transform Your World

Gamers’ Paradise: A Review of the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit for PC, PS3, Android, and Xbox360插图6
Thank you ‌for joining us on this thrilling journey into the world of ⁤gaming accessories. We’ve explored the ‍SJ@JX​ Arcade Game DIY Kit, a true ⁣gem for any gaming enthusiast.

From the moment we laid eyes on this sleek and stylish kit, we⁢ knew we were in‌ for a treat. The matt frosted plastic material button caps provided a comfortable grip and added a touch ⁤of sophistication to ‍our gaming setup.

But it’s not just about looks. This kit boasts ‍an impressive mechanical keyboard BLACK SWITCH Linear, ensuring smooth and responsive gameplay. With a‌ microswitch reliability test to 50 million cycles, we found ⁤ourselves comfortably immersed ​in gaming heaven.

One of the standout features of this kit is ⁢the Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder. This handy device, along with the included USB cable and wires,⁤ ensured flawless compatibility with our gaming systems. Connecting the push buttons and joystick ⁤was a breeze, thanks to the easy installation design.

We were delighted to discover that this kit supports all Windows systems, Android systems, and even the ‌trusty PS3. And with the bonus support for PS2 with the​ appropriate cable,‍ we felt like we had unlocked​ a whole ⁤new level of gaming possibilities.

The packing includes everything you need to ⁤get started, from the PC/PS3/Android encoder board to all the necessary cables and 13⁢ sleek 28mm Black Matt Frosted buttons. The Zero Delay SJ@JX USB Encoder truly lived up to its name, requiring no drivers ⁣and providing a‍ hassle-free ⁣plug and play experience.

In conclusion, the‍ SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit is a gamer’s paradise. It combines top-notch craftsmanship with seamless functionality, creating an immersive gaming experience like no other.

If you’re ready to take your⁣ gaming to the next level, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Click here to unleash the power of the SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit and‌ embark on the gaming ⁤adventure of⁤ a lifetime.

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