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Welcome, nail polish ​enthusiasts! Today, we have the⁢ pleasure of diving into the world of ⁢the OPI Nail Polish⁣ Milan Collection. As ‍self-proclaimed nail art aficionados, we were ⁤thrilled to get our hands on these beautifully curated shades inspired by‍ the fashion-forward palette of Milan. From burnt orange to ​deep ⁢sapphire blue,‍ each color tells a unique story and adds a touch of sophistication to any look.

The Muse of Milan Collection not ‌only boasts ‌a range of⁢ vibrant colors but also offers a gel-like wear and ⁢high gloss shine that lasts​ up to 11 days with the OPI Infinite Shine⁢ system.‍ Whether you’re channeling⁤ your inner Italian fashionista or simply looking to elevate ⁣your nail game this fall, OPI​ has you covered.

But let’s not forget about the application process! With OPI’s easy-to-use nail lacquer, you‍ can ‌achieve a streak-free, salon-quality ⁣finish right at ⁣home. And if you ever encounter any nail polish mishaps, ⁣fear not – OPI has you covered with tips and tricks ⁢for proper nail prep, troubleshooting streaky polish,​ and more.

So grab a bottle of your​ favorite Muse of Milan shade, put on your⁢ favorite Italian ⁢tunes, and get ⁤ready to create some stunning nail⁤ art looks that would make Leonardo da Vinci​ proud. Let’s paint the town (or rather, our nails) ⁤with the iconic OPI Milan Collection!

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The‍ Muse of Milan Collection by OPI is⁤ a tribute to the vibrant fashion ‌scene‌ of Milan, offering a palette⁣ that​ embodies the hottest elements of fashion, art, and design. With colors inspired⁤ by ⁤the textures and material trends of Milan, this collection brings a romantic and fashion-forward touch to your fall look. ⁣As we explore the range of shades,⁢ we are captivated by the rich and diverse hues that capture the⁣ essence of this iconic ​city.

From ⁢burnt orange ‍to​ deep velvet burgundy, each nail polish ⁤in the Muse of Milan Collection tells a unique story. Whether you opt for the earthy chestnut tones or the shimmering ‍light of purple, these shades ⁢are designed ‍to inspire your inner artist. With names like “Duomo Days, Isola Nights” and “Leonardo’s Model Color,” ​each nail polish in ⁤this collection invites you to embrace the beauty and creativity of Milan right at your fingertips.

If you ⁢want to add a touch of Milan to your fall look,‍ explore the OPI Muse of Milan Nail Lacquer Nail Polish collection here!

Mesmerizing Milan Collection Shades

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Transport yourself to the vibrant streets of Milan with the mesmerizing ⁣shades of ⁣this nail lacquer collection. Each color in the Muse of Milan Collection embodies the essence of Italian fashion ‌and art, bringing a touch of sophistication to your fall look. Indulge in‍ burnt oranges, velvet burgundies, ⁣rich chestnut earth​ tones, shimmering ⁢purples, deep sapphire blues,⁣ and pearly blues ‍that hit all ​the high notes.

Whether you prefer minimalistic ‍nail art styles like Bravo⁢ Terazzo or ​marble-inspired ‍looks like Alpine Snow Marble Muse, there ‍is a ⁤shade in⁤ this collection to‍ suit every style and ​mood. Elevate ‌your nail⁤ game with OPI’s Fall ​2020 Muse of Milan Collection and let ‍your nails do the talking. Embrace the beauty and elegance of‌ Milan with every stroke of color.

Top Features Benefits
Rich Color Palette Brings vibrancy and sophistication to your nails
Long-lasting ⁣Formula Ensures extended wear and‍ high gloss shine
Easy Application Allows for quick and seamless ⁣nail painting

Long-lasting ‌Formula and High Gloss Finish

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Looking ​for a nail ⁣polish with a⁣ ? Look no further!‌ The OPI Nail Lacquer​ from​ the Milan​ Collection is the perfect choice.​ This ‌nail polish is designed to last for days without chipping or fading, keeping your nails looking fresh and vibrant.

The high gloss finish of this nail lacquer gives your⁣ nails​ a⁢ stunning shine ⁢that is⁢ sure to turn heads. Whether you’re​ looking for ⁢a subtle nude or‌ a⁤ bold pop of color, the Muse ‌of Milan Collection has a shade for every mood and occasion. Transform your⁤ nails with the⁣ rich, fashion-forward palette‌ inspired ‍by⁤ the vibrant colors and textures of Milan. Don’t miss out on⁤ experiencing the luxurious formula and high-quality​ finish of OPI Nail Lacquer – get yours today!‍ Order now.

Our Recommendation

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When it comes to selecting‍ a must-have nail polish ​for the fall season, is clear⁤ – look‌ no further than the OPI Muse of Milan Collection Nail Lacquer. Inspired by the vibrant fashion scene of ‍Milan, this collection boasts a romantic and ⁤fashion-forward ‍palette that will⁤ leave your nails⁣ looking effortlessly chic ⁤and stylish. ​With shades ranging from burnt orange to deep sapphire blue, there is⁢ a color for ‍every mood and ‌occasion.

Not only does this ⁣collection offer‌ a stunning array⁣ of‌ colors, but the nail polish itself is ⁢also known for its ease of application, long-lasting wear, and high gloss shine. Whether you’re‌ a⁢ fan of minimalistic nail art styles or⁢ love marble designs, the ​Muse of​ Milan Collection has got you covered. So why wait? Elevate your fall⁣ look with the ⁣OPI Muse of Milan Nail Lacquer today ‍and let your nails do the​ talking.

Customer Reviews ‍Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After going through various customer reviews, we have compiled a⁢ detailed analysis to help you make an informed decision ⁢before purchasing the OPI Nail Polish from the ‍Milan Collection.

Positive Reviews:

Review Rating
Love the colors. Wears nice. 5/5
OPI is simply the best polish. I have OPI that is easily ⁤10 years old! 5/5
Perfect for fall! Love⁣ these colors! 4/5
i love these colors! i‍ currently have the copper color on my toes!⁤ they don’t stain and ‌they are sparkly! i’ve gotten lots of ‍compliments! Opi really⁣ is the best nail polish around!! 5/5
Love the colors!!! 5/5

Negative‌ Reviews:

Review Rating
Oh well.‌ I ‍still like OPI brand but ⁣these colors⁣ pretty much suck. 2/5
Nail polish and not gel. What a ‍waste of my money and time!!!​ Not with ⁣the hassle. 2/5

Overall, the OPI Nail ​Polish from ⁤the Milan ⁣Collection received‌ mostly positive​ reviews for its long-lasting colors​ and sparkly finish.​ Some customers did have issues with the size of the bottles and the color selection. It’s​ essential to consider these⁤ factors before making your purchase.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of vibrant colors inspired by Milan fashion scene
  • High-quality nail lacquer with long-lasting ‍wear
  • Easy to apply ​and remove
  • Gel-like finish for a ⁤professional look


  • May be slightly more expensive compared ⁤to other nail polish brands
  • Some shades may require multiple coats for full opacity
  • Thicker ⁢formula⁢ may lead to ⁤streaking ‌if not applied correctly

Overall,‌ the “OPI Nail Polish, Milan Collection, Nail Lacquer” offers a beautiful array of colors inspired by Milan’s fashion-forward palette, with long-lasting ⁢wear and ⁣a ⁢professional finish. ​While it⁣ may be pricier and require some practice for⁤ application, the quality and range of ​shades make it a worthy investment for nail enthusiasts.


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Q: ‌How do I properly prep ‌the nail before applying OPI Nail Lacquer?
A: ⁤Properly prep the nails‌ by‍ pushing back the cuticles, cleaning the ⁢nail plate and removing any hangnails or dead tissue around ⁣the nail. Cleanse the nails⁤ thoroughly with an OPI Expert Touch Nail Wipe⁢ saturated with ⁢N.A.S. 99 ⁢Nail Cleansing Solution.

Q: ⁢Why do I ⁤get bubbles in my manicure?
A: For best ​results, allow each coat to dry before applying the⁣ next coat.​ If the previous ‌coats are⁢ still wet, they⁢ will continue to dry under the new coat and air bubbles will get trapped in between.

Q:⁣ Why does my Nail Lacquer get thick?
A: Nail Lacquer contains solvents which evaporate‌ with use and causes your polish to ‍get thick. Use Nail​ Lacquer‍ thinner to replace the ⁤evaporated solvents and you’re good to go again!

Q: How do ‌I remove cuticle flooding?
A: Easily ⁢remove Nail Lacquer nail polish from the skin by dipping a brush or Q-tip into Expert Touch Lacquer Remover and clean around⁣ the cuticle.

Q: Why ⁣is my Nail Lacquer nail polish ​streaky?
A: Make sure ⁢to apply OPI Nail Lacquer ⁤nail polish using the Three Stroke Method to avoid streaking and‌ create an​ even application.

Experience Innovation

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As we ⁤wrap up our Milan Muse: OPI Nail⁤ Polish⁤ Review ‍Blog, we can’t help but⁢ be⁣ inspired by the‌ romantic, fashion-forward palette of the OPI Muse of Milan Collection. With rich ⁤chestnut earth tones, ​deep velvet ‍burgundy shades, and shimmering‌ light purples, this collection truly captures the essence of Milan’s fashion scene.

Whether you’re into‌ minimalistic⁣ nail art styles or bold, vibrant ⁤colors, there’s something for everyone in⁣ this stunning collection. So why not let Milan inspire your ‍fall⁣ look with‍ OPI’s Muse of Milan Nail ​Lacquer Nail Polish?

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your nail game this​ season. ⁣Click here to shop the OPI Nail Polish Milan Collection on Amazon and unleash your inner muse: Shop Now!

Ciao for now, nail polish lovers! 💅🇮🇹

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