Our Review: MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet—Perfect for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy!

Our Review: MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet—Perfect for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy!

Welcome to our product review blog⁢ post! Today,‍ we are excited to share‌ our first-hand ⁢experience with ⁢the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for⁢ Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper. ‌This exquisite product is perfect for adding an⁣ extra touch of elegance to your⁣ Chinese New Year celebrations.

Measuring 6×41 inches, the coupler comes in two packs, providing a total of 10 sets​ for⁢ the left, right, and top. Made from Xuan paper, a half-done rice paper that ‍boasts a remarkable ⁣history of⁢ 10,000 ​years, this product showcases⁣ excellent quality. Not only does it⁢ offer​ a smooth writing surface, but it ‌also ⁣does not discolor over​ time, ensuring that your calligraphy remains ‌vibrant and intact.

One of the unique features of this product is that it ‌comes ⁤as a DIY blank version. This means that you ⁢have the creative freedom to write⁣ your own personalized messages or auspicious phrases on the red rice paper. Whether you are a ⁢calligraphy enthusiast or simply looking to add a personal⁢ touch to your Chinese New Year decorations, this product is ⁢perfect for⁤ you.

In terms of size, the left and right ⁢sections‌ of the coupler measure 17×104 ‌cm (6×41 inches), while the top section ​measures 17x70cm (6×27.6 ​inches). This makes it easy to find the perfect placement for this beautiful festive‌ decoration. To give you a ​better ⁤idea of ‍its size, the⁣ product photo features a ‌size comparison‌ with a ‍CD (not included).

Overall, we were highly impressed with the MasterChinese DIY Blank ⁢Couplet for Chinese⁤ New Year ⁣Party Calligraphy ‍Chun Lian Red Rice Paper. Its excellent quality, ‍customizable nature, and traditional aesthetic make‌ it a must-have for⁣ any Chinese New Year celebration. Stay tuned for more exciting product reviews from us!

Table of Contents

Overview of ‌the ⁤MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese ‌New Year Party Calligraphy Chun ‍Lian Red Rice Paper 6×41-2 pks (10 Sets)

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In our review of the⁢ MasterChinese⁤ DIY Blank Couplet for⁢ Chinese New ⁤Year‌ Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper, we‍ found that‍ this product offers an excellent ⁢solution for⁤ adding a⁤ traditional touch​ to your Chinese New Year celebrations. ⁢With⁣ its⁢ dimensions of 17×104 cm​ (6×41″) for the left⁣ and right‍ sections, and 17x70cm⁢ (6×27.6″) for the‌ top section, this set provides ample ‍space for ⁤you to create beautiful calligraphy ⁤designs.

One standout ⁤feature of this rice paper is its high quality. Made from Xuan paper, a type of​ rice⁣ paper with a ⁤history of over 10000 years, it boasts excellent durability and texture. This paper does not discolor ⁣over time, ensuring that​ your calligraphy artwork will remain vibrant and⁤ intact⁣ for years to come. The DIY nature of this product adds⁣ an extra element of personalization, ​as⁢ you will have the opportunity to write your own messages ‍or wishes on the ⁢blanks.

Included in this set are ‌10 sets of blank couplets for ⁤the left,‍ right, and top sections, allowing you to create a cohesive and visually appealing display. These couplets can be used to decorate your home or event ⁣space during ⁢the Chinese⁤ New Year​ festivities, adding ⁤a festive and​ cultural touch. Overall, the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet ‌for Chinese New ‌Year Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper is‌ a fantastic option for‌ those looking ⁢to indulge in the⁤ ancient art⁢ of calligraphy and celebrate the Chinese New Year ‌in a traditional and meaningful‍ way. Visit [link] to purchase ​this product and elevate your Chinese⁣ New‍ Year decorations.

Highlighting the Unique Features ⁣and Aspects of the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese New Year​ Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper

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  1. Size: The MasterChinese DIY ⁢Blank Couplet is available in a generous size to make​ your Chinese ⁤New Year party decorations stand out. The left ​and ⁣right sections measure 17×104 cm (6×41″) while the top section measures ⁣17x70cm (6×27.6″). This size is perfect for creating elegant ‍and eye-catching⁣ couplets.

  2. DIY Blank Version: Unlike pre-designed couplets, this product⁣ provides a blank canvas for you to showcase your calligraphy⁣ skills. One⁢ needs to write on‌ the rice paper, allowing for customization and personalization. It’s a great ⁣opportunity to express your creativity and add a personal touch to your​ festive decor.

  3. Excellent Quality: Made with Xuan paper, a ‍type of rice paper that has been used for thousands of years, these couplets⁤ offer exceptional quality. ⁢The paper is half-done rice paper ​of 10000⁣ years,​ ensuring its durability and longevity. The quality of​ the‍ rice paper ensures​ that your calligraphy will be preserved beautifully⁢ for years to come.

  4. No Discoloration: One of the standout qualities of this DIY blank​ couplet is its resistance to discoloration. ‍The rice paper⁣ used is specially treated to prevent any yellowing or ​fading over time. This ensures that your couplets⁣ will retain their⁤ vibrant appearance throughout the Chinese New Year festivities.

In‍ conclusion, the MasterChinese DIY Blank ⁤Couplet for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy Chun ‌Lian Red‌ Rice Paper is a high-quality ​and customizable product that will enhance ‌your festive⁢ decorations. With its generous size, DIY blank version, excellent ⁣quality, and​ resistance to discoloration, it provides the perfect‌ canvas for showcasing‌ your calligraphy skills. Grab your set now and add ‌a touch of elegance to your Chinese​ New Year celebrations!

In-depth Insights and Detailed Recommendations for the MasterChinese‌ DIY ‌Blank Couplet for Chinese⁤ New ⁤Year Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red ‌Rice Paper

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When it comes to creating an authentic and impressive‍ Chinese New Year ambience, the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy is an absolute must-have.⁢ This product offers a DIY blank version, allowing you to write your own‌ meaningful messages on it, making it truly personalized and unique. The half-done rice paper of 10000 years (Xuan paper)‍ used⁤ in this couplet is of excellent quality, ⁢ensuring⁤ that⁤ your calligraphy will‍ showcase‍ a beautiful and professional finish.

What sets this product apart is‍ its size. With dimensions of 17×104 cm (6×41″) for the‍ left and right ‌sections, and 17×70 cm (6×27.6″) for the top section, it provides ample space for creativity and intricate designs. We love how the product‍ description includes a visual size comparison‌ with a CD,⁢ which helps us imagine the actual dimensions. The fact that this rice paper doesn’t discolor over⁢ time is also a significant advantage,​ as it ⁣ensures your calligraphy will remain vibrant and ​impactful ​for years⁢ to come.

Overall, the MasterChinese ​DIY Blank Couplet ​for⁤ Chinese New Year Party⁢ Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper is⁣ a fantastic choice for those ‍who want⁣ to add a personalized touch to their Chinese New Year celebrations. With 10 ⁤sets included for ⁤the left,⁣ right,⁤ and top sections, you’ll⁤ have plenty of material to work with. We highly recommend checking out this product and ‍unleashing ⁣your ‌creativity by⁤ adding your own⁤ artistic touch to your festive decorations.‍ Don’t miss out on the​ chance to make your Chinese New Year celebrations truly extraordinary. Get your ​hands on this⁣ amazing product now by visiting this link.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ‌analyzing several customer reviews, we have​ gathered valuable insights⁣ about ⁤the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet ‌for Chinese ​New Year Party Calligraphy ⁤Chun Lian⁤ Red Rice Paper. Here’s⁢ what customers are saying:

Review Rating Comment
Review 1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Big and thick⁤ enough. ⁤Comfortable to write. but I ​should ⁣order ⁣the smaller⁢ size. ‍Anyway, recommend!
Review 2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ These papers are beautiful! So beautiful, we decided not to use them for this⁢ year’s Chinese New Year’s calligraphy practice, and used cheaper red rice papers instead. We will⁣ save them for display use​ next ⁤year, once​ we ‍are more confident in our calligraphy skills.
Review 3 ⭐⭐⭐ We bought several different types of couplet paper for Chinese New Year, these were the ​most ‍difficult to write on. Calligraphy ink does ‌not adhere well on it.
Review 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The⁤ paper​ handled ink well.⁣ seemed it that was good ⁤quality sized Xuan. the alignment of pattern was perfect.⁤ But odor was a very strong‍ solvent type smell. Can ‌not⁤ recommend this ⁢because of odor. Have fans running on it after doing New Years‍ brushwork. Hope smell dissapates.
Review 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Used this​ in an elementary school class ⁣Chinese New Year party to make chun lian (spring couplets). The paper is a good strength (thicker than tissue paper) and the calligraphy‌ ink ⁤we used⁤ didn’t leak through.
Review ​6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ These are very good quality ⁢and great for traditional Chinese calligraphy.⁣ We used⁢ them for Chinese‍ New Year decorations.
Review ‌7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Nice product.
Review 8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I don’t know⁢ what kind ‌of paper it is but‍ it seems like ⁣sized Xuan paper. The ‌color is a ⁤deep bright red, as expected. The gold shows⁤ through ⁤when you write on ⁣it, and the circular patterns help ⁤you ​align characters. Most importantly, ⁤though, ⁤I’m glad this is available here on Amazon ⁢and Prime eligible. I had such a hard⁣ time finding red paper‍ like this. UPDATE ⁢2018/1/11: I‍ ordered some more. Of three packages, ⁢two of ⁣them had very misaligned gold printing. The third was​ also⁤ misaligned, but was at ​least presentable. I’ve attached ​a ​photo.

From these reviews,​ it can be concluded that:

  • The ⁢paper ⁤is big, thick, and‌ comfortable​ to write on, but some customers mentioned that they would prefer a smaller size.
  • Customers appreciate the beauty of these papers and plan to use them‌ for ⁤display purposes instead⁢ of practicing calligraphy.
  • Some users ​faced difficulty while writing on the paper as calligraphy ink ‍does ‌not adhere well to it.
  • The‌ paper is of⁢ good quality and handles ink ⁤well, but ⁢a few customers complained about ‌a strong⁣ solvent-like odor that​ may ‌be off-putting.
  • This product was successfully used in an elementary school class for making chun lian, with no issues of ink leakage.
  • Overall, the product​ is considered good quality and⁤ suitable for traditional Chinese calligraphy and decorations.
  • There were mixed experiences regarding⁣ the alignment of the gold printing on the‌ paper, with some customers receiving misaligned packages.

Based on⁣ these customer reviews, it⁤ is evident that the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese⁣ New Year Party ⁤Calligraphy Chun Lian Red ‌Rice Paper has its strengths and weaknesses. Despite⁢ a few drawbacks mentioned,‌ it still remains an attractive option for those seeking high-quality Chinese New Year paper for calligraphy purposes.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • High-quality rice paper: The MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet is made from Xuan paper, a type of rice paper that has been used for over 10000 years.⁢ This ensures ​excellent‌ quality and durability.
  • Perfect for Chinese New⁢ Year party calligraphy:⁢ This⁣ product ​is specifically‌ designed for Chinese New Year celebrations, ⁣making it a ​great⁤ choice for adding a traditional touch to your festivities.
  • DIY ‌blank version: With the DIY ⁢blank design, you have the freedom to personalize your couplet ‌by writing your ‌own ‌messages or calligraphy on it.
  • Includes 10 sets: This set comes with 10 sets, providing you with enough couplings for both the⁣ left, ⁢right, and top sections. ‍Each set is generously sized, allowing for ample space for your calligraphy.


  • Requires writing: ‍The DIY blank version means that you ​will need⁣ to​ invest some time and ‌effort​ into writing on the rice paper. This may not be suitable ⁢for ⁣individuals who ⁤prefer​ pre-printed ⁤or ready-to-use⁤ couplings.
  • Size limitations: The size of​ each section is limited to 17×104 ‍cm (6×41”) for the left and right sections, and 17x70cm ⁣(6×27.6”) for the top section. This may be a constraint if you prefer larger ​or ⁣longer couplings.


Our Review: MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet—Perfect for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy!插图5
Q: How big are the panels in each ‌set?

A: Each set includes‌ left, right, and top ⁢panels. The left and right panels measure ​17×104 ⁢cm (6×41″), while ⁣the top panel measures 17×70 ⁢cm (6×27.6″). We have‌ provided a​ size comparison‍ with a CD in the product photo (CD not included) to give you a better ⁣idea of the dimensions.

Q: Is the paper blank or pre-printed?

A: The MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet comes in a blank version, ‌meaning you will need to write on it​ yourself. This allows for complete ‍customization and personalization of⁣ your Chinese New Year party calligraphy.‌

Q: What ‌kind of ‍paper is used for these panels?

A: The Couplet is ​made with‍ excellent quality rice paper, specifically half-done rice paper⁣ of 10000 years⁣ (Xuan paper). This ⁤type of⁣ paper ‌is highly regarded ⁣in ⁣the ⁢art of Chinese calligraphy and is known for its durability and‌ smooth surface, making it perfect for your ​calligraphy needs.

Q:⁢ Will⁤ the paper discolor over time?⁢

A: No, the MasterChinese DIY‍ Blank Couplet is designed to resist discoloration. The high-quality ‌rice paper used in these panels ‌ensures that your calligraphy will remain vibrant and beautiful⁤ for years‌ to come, preserving the festive ‌spirit of Chinese New Year.

Q: How​ many sets are included in ‍a purchase?

A: Each purchase ⁣includes ‌10⁢ sets of the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet. This means you will have enough panels for the left, right, and top‌ sections of⁢ 7 vertical⁣ characters. With these 10 sets,⁢ you’ll have all you need to create an ‌impressive display ‍for your​ Chinese‍ New Year ‍celebrations.

Ignite ‍Your Passion

Our Review: MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet—Perfect for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy!插图6
Thank you for joining‍ us on this exciting journey of exploring the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy! We have ⁣delved deep into the features, quality, and endless creative possibilities of this incredible product.

As we have⁣ discussed in‍ our review, this DIY blank couplet is​ the perfect addition to your Chinese New Year festivities. With its spacious dimensions of 17×104 cm (6×41″)⁤ for the left and right sections and 17x70cm ‌(6×27.6″) for ⁣the top section, it provides ​ample space for your calligraphy masterpieces. The​ included 10 sets ensure ‍that you ‍have plenty of room for⁢ all ​seven vertical characters.

One standout feature of⁤ this product is its top-notch quality. Made from half-done rice paper⁤ of 10000 years (Xuan paper), it showcases a time-honored ‍tradition and guarantees a smooth writing experience. Rest assured,⁤ this rice paper doesn’t discolor, ensuring that your calligraphy remains vibrant and impactful.

The DIY aspect of this ⁢couplet​ adds an extra layer of ⁢personalization and ‍creativity to your Chinese ⁤New Year celebrations. With​ this blank canvas,⁢ you can let your artistic ‍skills flourish and create ⁣a truly unique masterpiece. It’s a fantastic ​opportunity to ‍showcase your creativity and impress your family, friends, ​and guests.

Now,⁢ it’s time to take action and bring the MasterChinese DIY​ Blank Couplet into your life. Click here to get your⁤ hands on ‍this exceptional‌ product and unlock your artistic potential:​ Click ‌here!

We hope ⁤our‌ review has been ‍helpful in guiding you ‌towards making an​ informed decision. Get ready to dazzle⁣ everyone with your ‍calligraphy skills and make this ⁣Chinese New Year ⁤a memorable one. Happy writing!

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