Planning for the Inevitable: A Complete Guide for Our Loved Ones

As ⁣we navigate through life, ​we often avoid ⁤thinking about the‌ inevitable – our own passing.‍ It’s a difficult subject to broach, but one that must be addressed for the sake of our loved‍ ones. That’s where “Everything You Need to Know When​ I’m Gone – End of Life ‍Planner‌ for Affairs and Last Wishes” comes in. This ⁤simple guide has ⁣been an invaluable resource for us in preparing for‌ the ‍unexpected. With its clear instructions and thoughtful prompts,⁤ we were‍ able⁤ to organize our affairs ⁢and express‌ our ‍final wishes in⁤ a way that will make the ​process easier for our ⁢family ‌when the time comes. Join us as we delve into this essential tool‌ for ⁣planning ahead‌ and ensuring‌ peace of ​mind for ⁣ourselves and‍ our loved ones.

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Our family ⁤recently ⁣came ⁣across this‍ invaluable ⁣guide that has truly made⁤ a⁤ difference in our ⁢lives.‌ The “Everything You ⁣Need to Know When I’m Gone – End of ⁢Life Planner for Affairs and Last Wishes” has been a game-changer for us. ⁢The compact 52-page paperback book is written in simple, ​easy-to-understand English, making ⁤it accessible​ to everyone.

We appreciate how this planner covers everything from important paperwork to personal preferences, ensuring that our affairs are in order⁤ and our final wishes ​are known. The⁤ ISBN-10 is 1797877232, and the dimensions are 8 x​ 10 inches, ‌making it easy to carry around and refer to whenever ⁤necessary. With this guide, our ⁤family feels more prepared and at ease ‌knowing that everything ⁤is taken care of.

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Features and Aspects:

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Let’s talk about the key⁤ aspects and features of this End of Life‌ Planner. First off, the fact that it is‍ 52 pages long makes it ⁤concise yet comprehensive.⁤ Its​ English language ⁢ensures clarity ⁤for all users, and the⁢ paperback‌ format makes it easy to handle ‌and store. The ⁣ ISBN-13 of 978-1797877235 makes it easily searchable, and the‍ item ​weight of ⁣6.4 ounces ensures ​it won’t be a burden to‍ carry around. The dimensions⁤ of 8 x 0.12 ⁣x 10 inches ⁣provide ample space for detailed planning ⁣without being too bulky.

Publisher Date Published
Independently published February 23, 2019

All in all, this End of Life Planner is designed to make the ‌difficult process of planning for the ‌inevitable as easy ‌as possible ​for you and ⁣your loved ones. Get your copy ‌today and take‌ the first step towards making your passing easier for your family.

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Detailed Insights:

We ⁣were pleasantly‌ surprised by the thoroughness of this end-of-life planner. The 52-page paperback guide is concise ⁣yet comprehensive, ⁤making ⁣it easy for our family to understand and⁤ follow. The​ ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 provided were helpful for referencing the book, and the dimensions of 8 x 0.12 ‍x 10 inches were convenient for storage.

We appreciated the straightforward⁣ language used in this guide, making ​it approachable for all members of‍ our family. The item weight of 6.4 ounces was light​ enough to carry around, and we found the publisher’s choice to be Independently ‍published ​to be a⁣ refreshing change. Overall, this end-of-life planner has provided us with peace of mind​ knowing that our​ affairs and last wishes⁤ are organized‌ and easily accessible.

Publisher Language Paperback
Independently published English 52 pages

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Our recommendations⁣ for this invaluable‌ resource are simple: Get it. Trust us, you ‍won’t regret having this end-of-life planner on hand. This guide is truly a ​lifesaver when it comes to organizing affairs and last wishes. With 52 pages packed full of essential information, this book will make​ navigating‍ difficult ‌decisions much easier⁢ for your loved ones.

Don’t wait until it’s ⁢too late – take the time to fill out the necessary details in this planner. It may seem like a daunting‍ task, but having everything documented ⁢in one place will bring peace of mind ⁤to both you and​ your family. The dimensions​ of 8 x 10 inches ​make ‍it easy to transport and store, ensuring that all your important information⁣ is readily accessible.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews⁢ Analysis

After reading several customer ⁣reviews for the “Everything You Need to Know ​When I’m⁢ Gone – End of⁢ Life Planner for Affairs and Last Wishes”, we have gathered valuable insights from those who have purchased and used this product.

Review Feedback
Just what⁤ I needed Good space to make ⁣all notes of what I want to​ have‌ done when I die. ‌My notes, ‍I expect, will be helpful for my adult children ‍and grandchildren as ⁤well!
great⁢ dirty santa gift 10/10 This item​ was‌ perfect.
This little journal is big enough to put in ⁤or add more details later. It has enough categories⁢ that it provoked ⁣some thoughts that hadn’t occurred​ to me. I can finally get my ⁢final wishes, instructions and​ “who and where” information in one ​booklet. ⁣When I’m gone.⁢ Or going. My family won’t have to quarrel about what Mom‍ REALLY wanted. It got 4 stars because⁣ I wish the cover was a bit sturdier. I can ​imagine this getting beat up as I revise my ever ⁢changing requests. I’ll‍ probably reorder so I can make ⁤a fresh copy⁣ every⁤ so often. This little ​journal was⁢ helpful in ⁤providing categories for final wishes and instructions. However, the reviewer wished the cover was‌ sturdier.
We ⁢never⁢ want to talk⁢ to loved ones about our end of life wishes and to be honest they don’t ​want too hear about ⁢it ​either. ‍This⁢ is a‌ simple book where it’s not completely completed at‍ all. People too be ​informed. Your special‌ memories through⁣ life. Music &⁤ photos you’d like at your own funeral ⁣and even special pages for you too ⁣write your last messages ‍to family &‌ loved one’s. Passwords to ⁤make⁤ a⁢ sad time a simple time for those left behind. You get the idea. Once you’ve ⁣written down⁣ your wishes etc. Put it‍ somewhere it can⁢ be found. Then, like me, forget about it and enjoy all the years we have left in front of us…Thank you for keeping ⁤it simple for everybody… A heartfelt review, expressing gratitude for a simple but comprehensive‍ end⁢ of⁤ life planner.
If you want to leave any instructions or have your family or‌ friends carry out ⁣your last wishes then ⁣I recommend this book. This reviewer highly recommends the ⁣planner ⁣for ⁤leaving ‌last wishes and⁤ instructions for loved​ ones.
Product was as required. Customer ‍satisfaction with the ‍product being⁤ as ‌expected.
very nice​ book for what its for Positive‌ feedback on the content and usefulness of the book.

Overall, the “Everything You Need to ⁢Know When I’m⁤ Gone” planner seems to have been well received‌ by customers who find its content helpful and beneficial for preparing their end of life affairs ⁣and last wishes.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons:


  • Easy-to-follow guide for organizing end-of-life affairs
  • Helps relieve stress and burden on loved ones
  • Includes important sections for last wishes and funeral arrangements
  • Compact size​ makes it easy to store and access when⁣ needed
  • Provides peace ⁤of mind knowing everything is taken⁢ care of


  • Some ⁢sections may ‌be emotional⁣ and difficult ‌to fill out
  • May not cover every possible ⁣scenario or consideration
  • Not a substitute for legal advice or professional financial planning


Q:‌ Why is it important to have an⁢ end ‍of ‍life planner like “Everything You​ Need to Know When I’m Gone”?

A: Having an end of life planner is crucial because it⁢ helps ⁢ensure that your affairs are in order and⁢ your last wishes are fulfilled. It provides a clear guideline for your family and loved ⁤ones, ⁤making the process of⁤ dealing ⁣with your passing much easier​ and less stressful.

Q: What does the planner cover and ⁢include?

A: The planner covers a‌ wide range ⁢of topics, including⁤ financial information, ⁤funeral⁣ arrangements, legal documents, ‌and personal messages to loved ones. It also includes helpful templates⁢ and checklists to ⁤assist with ⁣organizing and documenting important information.

Q: How ⁢can this planner benefit me and my family?

A:⁣ This⁢ planner‌ can benefit you and ⁤your family⁤ by allowing you to⁣ have peace of mind ⁤knowing that your affairs are in order. It also helps to lessen‌ the burden on⁢ your family during an⁤ already difficult time, as everything they need to ⁢know and do is⁤ clearly outlined in one comprehensive guide.

Q: ⁤Can I customize the⁤ planner to⁤ fit my specific needs and preferences?

A: Yes,⁣ the‍ planner is designed to be customizable so ⁣that‌ you can personalize it to fit​ your unique ⁢circumstances. You can add or remove sections as needed, and fill in the information that is ​most⁣ relevant to you and⁤ your family.

Q: Is this planner​ easy​ to use for​ someone who may not be familiar with organizing end of life documents?

A: Yes, the ‌planner⁤ is designed to ​be user-friendly and‍ straightforward, making it easy for anyone​ to use, regardless‍ of their familiarity with organizing end of life documents. The templates and checklists ⁣are ⁤easy to follow, and the instructions ​are clear and concise.

Experience Innovation

As we come to the end of this guide ⁢on planning for the inevitable,‌ we hope that ​you have found valuable insights‍ and resources to help you navigate through tough⁤ times with ease. “Everything You Need to‌ Know When I’m Gone” provides a simple and comprehensive roadmap⁤ to​ ensure ⁣that your affairs and last⁢ wishes⁤ are taken care of, making ‌the process easier for your loved ones.

Remember, it’s never too early to start planning for the future. Take the first step‌ today ⁣and ⁣make life⁤ simpler for ⁢your family tomorrow. Click on the link below ⁢to get your own copy⁣ and start your end-of-life planning⁤ journey:

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Thank you for joining⁢ us ‍on this important discussion. Take care and stay prepared.

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