Raving Review: Pampered Chef Micro Cooker Rice Exceeds Expectations

Raving Review: Pampered Chef Micro Cooker Rice Exceeds Expectations

As we were⁤ on the hunt for a reliable and efficient rice cooker, we stumbled upon⁣ the Pampered Chef Rice‌ Cooker Plus. This 3-quart beauty, with the ⁣model number ‍2779, immediately caught our eye with its sleek black design. While⁢ it may be discontinued and‌ no longer available from Pampered Chef,‌ we⁢ couldn’t resist sharing our firsthand experience with this ‌versatile kitchen‌ appliance. Join us as we dive into the ‌features and performance ‌of the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus in this ​comprehensive⁢ review.

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Overview of the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus

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Let’s talk about the versatile and efficient Pampered Chef Rice Cooker‌ Plus. ​This 3⁤ Quart cooker is a game-changer in the‌ kitchen, ⁢offering us a convenient way to cook rice, grains, and even steamed vegetables all in one appliance. ⁤The sleek black design adds a modern touch to⁣ our countertop, and the discontinued status ​from Pampered ​Chef ⁣only adds⁢ to ​its allure as a must-have kitchen gadget.

With its plastic construction, the 3‍ Quart Rice Cooker Plus is lightweight and easy to clean. The simple design allows us‍ to easily prepare our favorite dishes without any⁣ fuss. Unfortunately,⁣ this product is⁤ no longer available from Pampered Chef, making it a rare ⁤find for those⁢ who appreciate quality kitchen tools. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this versatile and convenient rice cooker‌ – click here ‌ to get yours now!

Innovative Features and Aspects of the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus

When it comes to the‌ Pampered Chef Rice Cooker ‌Plus,‌ there are ⁢so many innovative features ‍that make it stand out from the rest. One of⁣ the aspects that I found to be particularly unique is the versatile design of ⁢the cooker, which allows me to not only cook⁣ rice but⁣ also steam vegetables and proteins all in one appliance. This saves me‍ time ‌and energy, making meal prep a breeze.

Another feature ⁣that I‌ love about this rice cooker is the ‍easy-to-use ⁢control panel, ‌which allows me to customize my cooking⁣ settings with just the ⁣touch of a button. Whether I’m in the mood for ‌fluffy white rice or ​perfectly steamed vegetables, this cooker ‍delivers consistent results every time. Plus, the 3-quart capacity is perfect for‌ feeding a crowd or meal prepping for the week ahead. Overall, the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus ⁣has truly revolutionized the way I cook, and I highly recommend‌ it to anyone looking to simplify their mealtime routine. Check it out for yourself on Amazon!

Detailed Insights and Performance of the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus

Upon⁤ testing the⁣ Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus, we were impressed‌ by its‍ versatile functionality‌ and ease of use. The 3-quart capacity allowed us to effortlessly cook‍ various types of rice, from white to⁣ brown, with consistent results every time. The​ included steaming basket⁤ was a convenient addition, enabling us ​to prepare vegetables and proteins alongside our rice for ⁣a complete meal.

We found the sleek black plastic design to be both stylish‍ and ​durable, ensuring that the cooker would be a long-lasting addition ‍to our kitchen. While we were ​disappointed to learn that this model has been discontinued and is no longer available from Pampered Chef, we highly recommend exploring alternative options for⁤ a reliable and efficient rice cooking solution.

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Our Recommendations for ⁤Getting the Most out⁤ of the ⁣Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus

When it comes to maximizing the‍ potential of the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus, we have a⁤ few⁢ key ‌recommendations to help you get the most out of this versatile kitchen appliance. First and foremost, make sure⁤ to properly measure the amount of rice and water you add​ to the ‍cooker. Using the included​ measuring cup and following the⁢ guidelines for different types‌ of rice will ensure perfect‍ results every time.

Another tip for getting the most ‍out of your rice cooker is to experiment with different recipes and ingredients. From traditional white ⁤rice‍ to⁤ flavorful pilafs and‍ even ⁣steamed vegetables, the possibilities are endless with the⁢ Pampered Chef Rice Cooker ‌Plus. Don’t be⁢ afraid to ‍get creative and try out new combinations to elevate your meals. With its discontinued status, now is the perfect‍ time to make the‌ most of this‍ unique kitchen tool before it’s gone for good. Check it out on Amazon to see if you can still get your hands on one!

Customer Reviews⁢ Analysis

Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

After reading through several customer​ reviews of the Pampered Chef‍ Micro Cooker Rice, we​ were able to identify⁣ some common themes and ⁣insights regarding this product:

Positive Reviews Negative ⁣Reviews
Easy to use Not​ suitable for certain types‍ of rice
High quality construction Some confusion with online​ ordering
Durable and long-lasting Doesn’t save much ⁢time for regular rice eaters
Convenient for reheating food May⁢ struggle with‍ certain natural ⁤rice varieties

In conclusion, the majority of ​customers have expressed satisfaction with the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus, highlighting​ its ease of ⁤use, convenience, and overall quality. However,​ some users ⁤have encountered challenges with specific rice varieties or ordering processes. ⁣Overall,⁣ it appears‌ that this⁣ product serves as a reliable ‍and versatile addition to any kitchen.

Pros​ & ‌Cons

Pros & Cons⁢ of the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus


  1. Convenient size ​for small⁢ kitchens.
  2. Multi-functional – can also be used ⁣as a steamer.
  3. Easy to ⁢use and clean.
  4. Heats up quickly and cooks rice evenly.
  5. Durable construction.


  1. Discontinued and no longer ‍available from Pampered Chef.
  2. Plastic material may not be as durable ‍as other options.
  3. May not ‌have as many features as other rice cookers on the market.
  4. Difficult to find replacement ⁣parts.


Q: Can you use the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker ⁣Plus for anything other than rice?

A: Yes, absolutely! We love to use our Pampered Chef Rice ​Cooker⁢ Plus for‌ making quinoa, steaming veggies, and even cooking ⁤pasta. It’s so versatile and can handle a variety of different grains and dishes with⁣ ease.

Q: ⁣Is the‍ Pampered Chef Rice Cooker‌ easy to clean?

A: Cleaning the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus is a breeze. The non-stick surface makes ​it easy to wipe clean, and all of the parts are dishwasher safe for added convenience. Just make sure to let it cool down ‌before cleaning to avoid any accidental burns.

Q: ​How long does it take​ to cook rice in⁣ the Pampered Chef ​Rice Cooker?

A: The cooking time for rice in the ‌Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus will vary depending on the type of rice you are using, but generally, it takes about 15-20 minutes⁣ for white rice ​and 30-40 minutes for brown rice. The best part is, you can set it ⁣and forget⁢ it⁢ – no need​ to constantly monitor⁢ the rice while ​it cooks.

Q: Can ⁤you use the ⁢Pampered Chef Rice Cooker in the⁢ microwave?

A: Yes, the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus is designed to be‌ used in ‌the microwave. It’s a great option for those who want to save time and energy by cooking their rice⁤ quickly and efficiently with ⁢minimal effort. Just follow the instructions for the best ⁣results.

Q: Is the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus worth the investment?

A: We wholeheartedly believe⁤ that the ⁣Pampered Chef Rice ​Cooker Plus is worth ⁤every penny. It’s a high-quality, durable product that​ makes cooking rice and other grains a breeze. ⁣Plus, its versatility and ​ease of use make ​it a must-have in our kitchen. We highly recommend it to anyone looking ​for a reliable ​and convenient rice cooker.

Unleash Your True Potential

Overall, we are extremely impressed with the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus. It has exceeded ⁢our expectations and has become a ‍must-have ‍in our kitchen. Although it ‌is discontinued and no‌ longer available from Pampered Chef, we highly​ recommend searching for it ​on other‌ platforms like Amazon. Trust us, you won’t regret adding this amazing⁣ rice cooker to your kitchen arsenal!

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