Raving Review: Shitajiki Pencil Board — A5 Notebook Accessory

Welcome to ⁤our review of the ⁢Shitajiki ​Pencil Board! If you’re a fan of‍ journaling or writing, this accessory is a game-changer. ‍Trust us, we’ve tried it ourselves​ and we can’t get enough of it.⁣ The 0.5mm thin board is both lightweight‍ and durable, providing the ⁢perfect‌ support for your writing without adding bulk to your notebook.⁢ Plus, the⁤ dark green ‍color⁤ and yellow 5mm grid make it⁢ easy to keep ‍your ‍lines straight and clean on unlined paper.

Say goodbye​ to ‌ghosting from​ ink ⁢on the opposite page,⁢ thanks to this pencil board’s innovative ⁢design. The grid markings are ideal ⁣for⁤ bullet ‍journals, allowing you to create a variety‍ of clean shapes and designs with ease. ⁣Whether you use a Bullet Journal, Hobonichi, Midori MD,⁤ Rhodia, Tomoe River ‍Paper, or any other notebook, this accessory⁣ is compatible with them all.

So, if ‌you ​want to take your journaling⁤ experience to the‌ next level, we highly recommend adding ⁣the Shitajiki Pencil Board to⁣ your collection. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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When it ‍comes to journaling or writing, having⁣ the right​ tools can make all the ⁤difference. That’s why we love the Pencil‌ Board — ⁢it’s the ⁣perfect addition to any ⁢notebook ​accessory collection.​ The⁣ thin yet strong design of‍ the board allows for clean and crisp lines without the worry of lifting or stretching the paper. Plus, the dark green color with a contrasting yellow ‌5mm grid⁢ not ​only helps keep your ⁤writing straight but also hides any ink ghosting from the opposite pages.

Whether you’re a bullet journal enthusiast or a fan of blank‌ or dotted paper, the Pencil Board is⁤ a must-have. The⁢ grid⁣ guidelines make it⁤ easy to create clean shapes and designs, while ⁤the flexibility of the board ensures⁢ a comfortable writing experience.‍ Say ‍goodbye to ghosting and messy lines — bring your journaling game to the ⁢next level with this versatile and practical accessory.

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Impressive Compatibility with Various Notebooks

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We were ‍pleasantly surprised by the impressive compatibility of the Shitajiki Pencil Board with various notebooks. Whether you use a Bullet Journal, Hobonichi, Midori MD, Rhodia, Tomoe River Paper, or any other A5 notebook, this‌ accessory seamlessly ⁢fits in to enhance⁤ your writing experience. The slim ‍design at⁤ only 0.5mm thick ensures that ‌it doesn’t add ​bulk to your notebook, while still‍ providing a sturdy ​backing for clean and crisp writing.

The dark green color with a contrasting yellow 5mm grid not⁣ only adds a⁣ pop of color​ to your notebook, but also helps to hide ⁤any ghosting from ink on⁤ the ⁤opposite ‍side of the ⁣page.‌ This feature ⁤is especially handy for those who use ​different types of pens and markers in their journals. With the Shitajiki Pencil Board, you can confidently write​ straight and ​neatly on ⁣unlined pages, ‍eliminating any distractions. If you’re looking to elevate your‌ journaling game, we highly recommend giving ‍this versatile ⁢accessory a try. Check it out on Amazon for more ⁣details ‌and to make your purchase!

Sturdy and Lightweight Design

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When it comes to the design of ‌this pencil⁣ board, we couldn’t be more impressed with its ⁣combination ⁢of sturdiness and lightweight construction. At only 0.5mm thick, this board is incredibly thin and slim, making it easy to slip into any ⁤notebook or journal without adding ​unnecessary bulk. Despite its slim ⁣profile, it manages to maintain a strong and sturdy construction⁢ that provides the perfect backing for writing, ensuring that your lines are clean and crisp every time.

Moreover, the⁣ dark green color with a contrasting yellow 5mm grid not only adds a pop​ of ⁢color to your journal pages but also serves a practical⁢ purpose. It helps you write straight ​and clean ‌on unlined pages, while also effectively hiding any ghosting from ink on the opposite side. With⁣ grids and guidelines that make it ideal for bullet journals, this pencil board is a versatile accessory that is sure to elevate your writing and journaling experience. If‍ you’re looking for a reliable and durable addition to your ⁤notebook arsenal, this pencil board is a must-have‌ accessory. Check ​it out on Amazon ​to ⁣see for yourself! Check it⁣ out⁤ here!

Recommendations for​ Optimal⁤ Use

When using the Shitajiki Pencil‍ Board, we recommend⁣ following‍ these tips for ⁣optimal use:

  • Place the thin but sturdy ‍board behind your ‌page ⁤to keep your lines clean and crisp ⁢without lifting or‌ stretching the paper.
  • Utilize the⁣ 5mm grid to write straight and neatly on‌ unlined pages, while also hiding any ghosting from ‍ink on the opposite side.
  • For bullet journaling, take advantage​ of the ⁣guidelines, straight edges, and ⁣flexibility‍ to ⁢create a variety of clean shapes and layouts.

Whether you‍ are using blank or⁣ dotted‍ paper, this pencil board is perfect for enhancing your writing and drawing experience. The dark​ green​ color with ⁤contrasting yellow grid‌ not only ⁣adds a pop of color to your ⁣notebook, but also provides‌ a functional tool for organizing your thoughts and designs. Say goodbye to ghosting and ⁤messy lines, and say hello to a‍ more organized and efficient journaling experience‍ with the‌ Shitajiki Pencil ​Board!

Ready to upgrade your journaling ​game? Get your⁣ Shitajiki Pencil Board‌ now and experience​ cleaner,‌ crisper ⁤writing and drawing. Buy it here!

Customer Reviews ‍Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After ​carefully analyzing the customer ‍reviews ⁤for the Shitajiki Pencil Board compatible ‌with A5 notebooks, we’ve⁣ found that users have overall positive ⁤feedback‍ about this product. ‍Here are⁤ some key ⁢takeaways ‍from their experiences:

Comfortable Writing Experience

Pros Cons
Provides just enough ‌resistance for comfortable writing May not be‌ suitable for those who prefer super slick boards

Multiple users have noted that the pencil‍ board offers a comfortable surface for‌ writing, regardless of⁢ the⁤ type of pen or pencil ‌being used.​ It provides​ a bit of resistance, which prevents slipping on the page while still remaining smooth to write on. However, for those ⁤who are ⁤used‌ to paper-thin boards with a super slick ​surface, this⁣ may not be the ideal choice.

Compatibility with Various‍ Notebooks

The pencil board is compatible with a variety of notebooks, including Leuchtturn1917, Stalogy,⁤ Rhodia, and Midori MD notebooks. Users have confirmed that⁤ it⁣ fits inside each notebook without any issues, making‍ it a​ versatile⁢ accessory​ for different journaling needs.

Durable ​and Thoughtfully ⁢Designed

Customers have praised the durability and thoughtful design⁤ of⁢ the pencil board. It is thin‌ and flexible, yet ‍rigid enough to provide stability ⁤while writing. The dark grey color with grey guidelines has ⁤also been well-received, reducing ghosting on ⁣thin paper like Tomoe ⁤River.

In conclusion,⁢ the Shitajiki ⁣Pencil Board has received high⁣ praise from users for its comfort, ​compatibility, and⁤ durability. ‌If you’re looking⁢ for a reliable notebook ⁢accessory‍ to enhance⁤ your⁣ writing experience, this pencil board may be worth considering.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


Pros of Shitajiki‍ Pencil⁣ Board
0.5mm ​thin board ‍for compact and clean ⁢writing
Sturdy backing for crisp lines
Dark green color‍ hides ghosting from ink
5mm grid​ for straight and neat writing
Compatible‍ with various notebooks


Cons of Shitajiki Pencil Board
Slightly expensive compared to other pencil boards
Limited color⁤ options
May be too thin for some users


Q: What size is the Shitajiki‌ Pencil Board (A5) and ‍what notebooks is it compatible with?
A: The A5 size of the‌ Shitajiki ‌Pencil Board measures ‍148 x‌ 210mm, making it the perfect fit for notebooks such as Bullet Journal, Hobonichi, Midori MD, Rhodia, Tomoe River Paper,⁢ and more!

Q: How thick is the pencil board and ⁢is it durable?
A: The pencil ⁣board is only 0.5mm thick, ‍making it thin yet strong enough to ⁢act ‌as a backing while writing without‍ lifting or stretching the paper. It is definitely durable enough ⁣to handle regular use.

Q: Does the dark‌ green color​ really prevent ghosting?
A: Yes, the dark green color of the pencil board⁢ does an excellent job of hiding ghosting from ‍ink on the opposite pages, allowing ‍you to write cleanly and ‌without distractions.

Q: Can I draw clean shapes and ‍lines with the ​5mm grid?
A: Absolutely!‌ The 5mm grid ‌on the pencil board is perfect for writing on blank or dotted paper, providing ⁣guidelines for clean and straight writing.⁣ It’s also⁤ great for creating a⁢ variety ​of clean shapes⁢ in your‌ bullet⁢ journal or ⁤other notebooks.

Discover the Power

As we wrap up our raving review of the Shitajiki Pencil‌ Board, we can’t help⁣ but express our excitement for ‌such a versatile ⁣and practical notebook accessory. The ​thin yet strong design, coupled with the grid guidelines​ and ghosting-prevention feature,‌ make ⁤this‌ pencil board a must-have for any journaling enthusiast.

If ⁢you’re looking ⁣to elevate your writing‌ experience and keep your pages looking clean and⁢ professional,​ we highly recommend giving the Shitajiki Pencil Board a⁤ try. Click here to get your hands on this game-changing accessory:‍ Get your Shitajiki⁢ Pencil Board now!

Happy journaling, folks!

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