Review: CRZ YOGA Soft Womens Sweat Shorts – Comfy Lounge and Workout Shorts

Review: CRZ YOGA Soft Womens Sweat Shorts – Comfy Lounge and Workout Shorts

Ladies, have you been on the hunt for⁢ the perfect pair of sweat shorts ‍to‍ lounge in ​this ⁤summer? Look no further because we have ⁤found the ultimate pair for you! Introducing the CRZ YOGA Soft ⁢Womens Sweat⁣ Shorts⁢ – 3” High Waisted⁢ Casual Lounge Shorts Workout Jersey Shorts⁤ Comfy Summer with⁤ Pockets. These shorts‌ are not⁤ your⁣ average loungewear⁣ – they are a game changer!

From the moment ⁣we ⁣slipped on these⁣ buttery soft shorts, we knew we were in for a treat. The soft ⁢and skin-friendly fabric is a ‍dream to wear, providing ultimate comfort for all-day ‍relaxation or ⁤even a⁤ light workout. The elastic waistband with drawstring ensures a perfect⁤ fit, while the deep side pockets add a ‍practical ​touch for carrying essentials. Plus, the full stretch and shape ​retention of⁣ the fabric make these shorts a must-have‌ addition to your wardrobe.

Not only are these shorts super ⁤comfortable, but they are also moisture-wicking and breathable,⁤ perfect for keeping you cool and⁤ dry during those hot summer days. Made with 88%⁣ Polyester and 12% Lycra, these⁣ shorts are⁢ lightweight and easy⁢ to care ​for.⁤ Trust us when‍ we say,‌ once you ​try these CRZ YOGA sweat shorts, you won’t want to take them‍ off!

Stay tuned as ⁤we dive deeper ​into ‍our review⁣ of the CRZ YOGA Soft Womens Sweat Shorts – 3” High Waisted Casual Lounge Shorts​ Workout Jersey Shorts Comfy Summer ⁤with Pockets. Get ready to elevate your loungewear‌ game to a whole new level⁢ with ​these amazing shorts!

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Looking for​ the⁤ ultimate blend ⁢of comfort⁢ and style in a pair of ⁤shorts? Look no further than these ultra-soft womens sweat shorts! ​Crafted ⁤from ‌a buttery ‍soft fabric, these shorts are designed with your ⁢comfort in ‍mind.⁤ The deep side pockets are perfect for storing your essentials on the go, while the elastic waistband with drawstring ensures a customized fit every time.

Not only are‍ these ‌shorts incredibly ‍comfy,​ but they ⁤are also super functional. Made from a moisture-wicking and breathable⁢ fabric,‍ they offer full stretch and shape retention. With‍ a loose, comfortable ⁣fit, these shorts are perfect⁤ for lounging around the‍ house, running‌ errands, or hitting the gym. Don’t sacrifice style for comfort – get your‌ hands on these amazing⁢ shorts today!

Package Dimensions 9.33 x 8.43 x 1.5 inches; 4.66 ounces
Item Model Number B316626PUFBAUA
Department Womens
Date First Available May 29, 2023

Ready to​ experience the ultimate in comfort and ⁢style? Click here ‌ to purchase your​ own pair of CRZ YOGA Soft Womens Sweat⁤ Shorts!

Stylish and Comfortable⁤ Design

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The CRZ YOGA Soft Women’s Sweat Shorts are a true fashion statement, combining style with ⁣unmatched ⁢comfort. The‌ buttery soft fabric feels like a ‌dream against the skin, making these shorts a must-have for ⁤lounging or working out. With a loose, comfortable fit and deep ⁤side⁢ pockets, these shorts are as​ practical as⁤ they are chic. The elastic waistband with drawstring⁤ allows⁢ for​ a customizable ⁢fit, ensuring ‌that you feel your best in these shorts.

Crafted from 88%⁤ Polyester and 12% Lycra, these shorts offer full ⁤stretch and shape retention, making them ‍perfect for⁣ any activity. The⁤ moisture-wicking and ‌breathable fabric keeps you cool​ and comfortable all ⁢day⁣ long. Whether ⁣you’re hitting the‍ gym or running errands, these shorts have got you covered. Add these stylish and ​comfortable shorts to your wardrobe today and experience the ultimate blend of fashion and‌ function.⁢ Check them out on Amazon at ‍the link below!​ Shop Now.

Functional Pockets and⁤ High Waist

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When it comes ‍to functional pockets and a high waist design, these CRZ YOGA Soft Women’s Sweat ‌Shorts truly deliver. The deep side ⁤pockets​ are a game changer, ‌allowing us to easily⁣ carry our essentials without the need for a bag. Whether‍ we’re⁤ running errands or working out, these ​pockets come in handy and add a practical touch to the shorts.

The⁢ high-waisted⁤ design ⁣is not only flattering ⁢but also provides a comfortable ⁣fit that stays in place during any activity. The elastic waistband with drawstring adds an adjustable feature that ensures a personalized fit for each ⁤of us. The buttery​ soft fabric feels‍ luxurious against the skin, making these shorts a ‍staple for lounging or exercising. Plus, the moisture-wicking‌ and breathable properties keep us feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.⁤ With full stretch and shape retention, ⁢these shorts‌ are⁢ a versatile‍ option⁤ for⁢ any casual or workout outfit. Ready to try out these amazing shorts​ for yourself? Click here to‌ get⁤ yours ⁣now!

Perfect for Various Activities‍ and Occasions

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When it comes to versatility, these sweat shorts are a game-changer for ‌us. With their buttery​ soft fabric and deep ‍side​ pockets, we find ourselves reaching for these shorts for a variety of ⁣activities⁣ and occasions. Whether we’re lounging around the house, going for a walk, or hitting the gym, these shorts provide ‌the comfort and convenience we need.

The elastic waistband with drawstring ensures a loose comfortable⁤ fit, making these shorts perfect for all-day⁢ wear. The super soft⁤ and skin-friendly fabric not only feels amazing ‌against our‍ skin​ but also offers full ‍stretch and shape retention. Plus, the moisture-wicking and breathable properties ‍keep us feeling cool⁢ and fresh, ‍no matter what‍ we’re ⁢up to. With all ⁤these features, it’s no ‌wonder these‌ shorts have become a staple in our wardrobe.

Check it ⁢out on Amazon

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing a selection of customer reviews for the CRZ YOGA Soft Womens ⁣Sweat ‍Shorts, we found ⁣mixed feedback regarding the fit,‌ comfort, and overall quality of these​ shorts.

Review Rating
“I ⁤love CRZ yoga attire. These shorts ​feel a lot like ⁣high-end shorts.” Positive
“Love the color and ‍feel. Pockets are decently sized.” Positive
“Nice fabric but runs very small.” Negative

Many customers⁣ praised the softness and comfort of the shorts, comparing them ‌to high-end brands at‌ a more affordable price⁤ point. The pockets were also appreciated for their size and ⁢practicality. However, there were ‌concerns about the sizing, with‍ some customers noting that the shorts ‍run small. It was ⁢recommended to size up, especially if planning to wear them in public.

Overall, the CRZ YOGA Soft ⁢Womens Sweat Shorts seem to ‌be a popular choice for ‍lounging and ‌casual workouts, but potential buyers should be mindful of the sizing⁢ issues mentioned in the reviews.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Buttery Soft Fabric
2. Deep⁢ Side Pockets
3. Elastic Waistband with Drawstring
4. Moisture-wicking and ‍Breathable
5. Full Stretch ⁤and Shape Retention


1. Loose ⁤Comfortable Fit may not be suitable for⁢ those looking for a⁤ more form-fitting option
2. Only ⁣available​ in one‌ length (3” inseam)
3. Limited‌ color⁤ options


Q: ‌Are the CRZ YOGA Soft ⁤Womens Sweat Shorts ⁢true to size? ​

A: Yes, the CRZ ⁢YOGA sweat shorts are‍ true to‌ size. ⁤We recommend checking ⁣the size chart provided by ‌the brand to ensure you get the perfect fit for your ‌body⁣ type.

Q: ⁢Do the shorts have pockets?

A: Yes, the CRZ YOGA sweat shorts‌ come with deep⁢ side ‌pockets, perfect ⁣for storing your essentials while on ⁣the go.

Q: Are ⁢these shorts suitable for working out? ‌

A: Absolutely! The‍ CRZ YOGA⁣ sweat shorts are designed for both lounging and​ working out. ​The ⁢buttery soft⁤ fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, making them ideal for any physical‌ activity.

Q: How should I care for ⁤these shorts to ​maintain their quality?

A:‍ We recommend washing ​the CRZ YOGA sweat‍ shorts in cold water and hanging them​ to⁢ dry⁤ to ⁣preserve the fabric’s softness and shape retention.

Q: ‌Can‍ I wear these shorts during the summer months?

A: Yes, the CRZ YOGA sweat shorts are perfect ⁤for summer‍ as they are ​lightweight, ⁣breathable, and super comfortable. They will ​keep ⁢you cool and stylish all season ⁤long.

Q: Do the shorts have an elastic waistband?

A: Yes, the CRZ YOGA sweat shorts feature an elastic waistband ⁣with a drawstring for a customized fit. ‌This ⁤ensures maximum comfort and flexibility ⁤while⁣ wearing the ⁤shorts. ‌

If you‍ have any more questions about the CRZ YOGA Soft Womens Sweat Shorts, feel‍ free to leave them in the comments below!

Experience the Difference

As we reach the‍ end ⁢of our‍ review on the CRZ YOGA Soft Women’s Sweat ​Shorts, we can​ confidently say ​that these shorts are truly a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. The buttery soft ‌fabric, deep pockets, and comfortable fit make them ‌perfect for lounging or working out.

If you’re in need⁣ of versatile and high-quality‌ shorts that will keep you comfortable and stylish all day long, ‌then look no further than‍ these ⁢CRZ YOGA sweat shorts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience ‍the ultimate in comfort and style – get your own pair today!

Ready to ‌upgrade your wardrobe with ‌these ‍amazing ⁣sweat shorts? Click here to purchase them now: CRZ YOGA Soft Women’s Sweat Shorts!

Thank you for reading our review,‌ and we hope you enjoy your new⁢ favorite pair of shorts!

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