Review: Tiffen 67UVP 67mm UV Protection Filter – Our Verdict

Review: Tiffen 67UVP 67mm UV Protection Filter – Our Verdict

Welcome to‍ our review of⁣ the Tiffen 67UVP 67mm UV Protection Filter! As photography enthusiasts, we understand the importance of protecting our lenses from dust, dirt, and unexpected bumps. The Tiffen UV Protection filter not only serves as a​ shield for your lens ‌but also helps eliminate that pesky bluish color cast that can sometimes⁢ appear in ⁢images.

In today’s ⁢digital age, where cameras⁣ have built-in features to correct color casts, the Tiffen UV Protector‌ may seem like a relic from the past. However, it continues⁢ to be a popular choice among photographers for its simplicity and effectiveness. With a low profile ​black ring⁤ and basic ​UV protection, this filter is a no-fuss solution for safeguarding your lens.

Tiffen, a​ reputable⁣ manufacturer with 75 years of experience in ‌the industry, is known for its innovative designs and superior​ quality. The Tiffen 67UVP filter is made in⁣ the USA and comes with a 10-year warranty, giving you peace⁣ of mind knowing ‍that your investment is protected.

If you’re ​looking⁢ for a reliable and affordable UV ‍protection filter for your lens, the Tiffen 67UVP ⁤67mm UV Protection Filter is definitely worth considering. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into its features and performance in our upcoming⁢ review!

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When ⁤it comes to protecting ‌your valuable camera‍ lens, ⁢the Tiffen UV Protection ‌filter is⁣ a ⁤must-have accessory. This filter is designed ‍to absorb ultraviolet light, ‍which can ‌cause unwanted color casts and reduce image ‌clarity. Whether you’re shooting ‌outdoors or in challenging lighting conditions,‌ this filter will help ensure ‌that ‍your photos and videos look their best.

We love that the Tiffen UV Protection filter​ is made in the USA and comes with a 10-year warranty, giving us peace of mind knowing ​that our investment is protected. The⁢ low ⁤profile black ring design adds‌ a sleek touch to our ⁣camera setup, while the basic ⁣UV ⁢protection helps shield our lens from dust, ⁣dirt, ⁢and ‍accidental bumps. With Tiffen’s reputation for quality and innovation in the‍ industry,‍ we ⁣trust that this filter will deliver⁢ the protection and ‍performance we need for‍ years to come.

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Standout Features of the Tiffen 67UVP ‌67mm ⁣UV⁤ Protection ⁣Filter

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The Tiffen 67UVP 67mm UV Protection Filter offers essential⁢ protection for your lens, ⁤shielding it against ⁤dust, dirt, and unexpected‌ impacts. Its low profile ⁢black ring gives it⁣ a sleek look while providing basic UV ⁣protection to help prevent a bluish color cast in your⁣ images. Made in the ⁤USA,⁢ this quality filter⁤ comes with a generous 10-year⁢ warranty for ‌added peace of mind. Tiffen, a ‌renowned​ manufacturer with a⁢ rich history of innovation in photographic filters and lens⁣ accessories, has engineered this⁢ UV⁢ Protection filter‌ to deliver superior optical consistency and unmatched quality. With advances ⁣in digital ‍camera technology, ‌the‍ UV Protection filter remains a ‍popular choice​ for safeguarding lenses from⁤ unwanted debris and accidents.

Enhance your photography equipment with the Tiffen 67UVP‌ 67mm⁤ UV Protection Filter and enjoy ⁣clearer, crisper⁣ images‌ without worrying about dust, dirt, or unsightly bluish casts. This 67-millimeter‍ diameter filter is a versatile accessory ⁣that suits a wide range of⁣ lenses, providing​ basic reduction in ultraviolet light to ​ensure optimal ⁣image quality. Whether you’re shooting landscapes, portraits, ⁢or action‌ shots,‍ this UV Protection filter ⁣is a must-have for any⁣ photographer looking to⁢ protect their⁢ valuable ⁤gear. Add‌ this essential ⁣filter to your collection ​today and keep your lenses in top condition for years to come. Get yours now!

In-Depth⁢ Analysis and Performance

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When delving into an in-depth analysis of the Tiffen UV ⁣Protection filter, ⁢it becomes clear that this accessory is ‌essential for both film and video production. With a greater sensitivity to ultraviolet light, outdoor settings like high altitudes or marine ​scenes ​can become problematic without⁤ the use of this filter. ⁢Its ‍ability ​to absorb UV light without impacting the visible⁤ light region is truly remarkable. In the digital era, where⁢ cameras⁢ have built-in⁤ features to correct⁢ color casts,⁢ the UV‍ Protection filter remains a‍ popular choice for​ safeguarding lenses against dust, dirt, and accidents.

Tiffen, a reputable manufacturer ‍with a 75-year history, has consistently​ delivered innovative products with superior ⁤optical ⁤consistency. The Tiffen UV Protection ‍filter features a low profile ⁤black ‍ring, basic UV protection, and is made in⁢ the USA with a 10-year warranty. This filter, with⁣ a 67 millimeters ⁢diameter, is⁣ the most popular ⁢choice for photographers‌ looking to reduce ultraviolet light and eliminate bluish color casts in ⁤their ⁢images. With its ability to protect​ lenses ‌against various elements, the Tiffen UV Protection ⁤filter is ⁤a must-have accessory for any photographer or filmmaker. Don’t miss out on the chance to ‌enhance your photography equipment – ​check⁣ it out on Amazon!


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After⁢ using the Tiffen UV Protection filter⁤ on our DSLR camera, we have found that it ​effectively reduces ⁤the bluish color‍ cast in our outdoor images. The filter also helps to eliminate ⁣haze and improve contrast, especially when capturing scenery from a⁢ distance. We‌ appreciate ‍the simple yet important function of protecting our lens from dirt, dust, and potential impacts.

The low profile black ring of the⁢ filter blends seamlessly​ with our camera setup, and the easy-to-use design makes it a convenient accessory ⁣to have on hand. Knowing that Tiffen has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing high-quality ⁤filters ​gives us peace of mind when⁢ investing in this UV Protector. Overall, we highly ⁤recommend the Tiffen 67mm ⁣UV Protection Filter for its reliable performance and essential lens⁤ protection.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews‌ for the Tiffen 67UVP 67mm ‍UV Protection Filter, we found a ⁤consensus among ⁢users about ‌the quality and⁢ functionality of‌ this product.

Review Rating
“I’ve bought probably two dozen of these Tiffen filters by now. They’re well-constructed and affordable and do their ⁤job⁤ of protecting the front elements of ⁤my lenses.” Positive
“Seems to be a⁣ quality lens. ​Screws on easily (good threads). ⁢Came clean and well ‍packaged. I’m very ‌satisfied with⁣ this ‍UV Haze lens filter for UV ⁤reduction and ​lens protection.” Positive
“Nice backup UV/protective filter, good quality” Positive
“High ⁣quality product that always impresses me. No camera lens should ever be without ‌a filter to not only protect the lens ⁢but also to improve one’s photography.” Positive
“I wanted ⁤a lens cover to protect the factory ⁢camera lens and make it​ easier to clean ⁤the lens ⁤if I got smudges on it. ⁢This works perfectly, and it was an affordable⁣ upgrade.” Positive
“Até achei⁢ o produto bom no começo, mas depois de três meses⁢ de uso, o vidro se soltou no aro, ao movimentar fica fazendo barulho, só estou esperando o vidro cair de uma vez por todas! Não bsei se aconteceu com mais alguém, mas depois disso não ⁣recomendo⁢ esse produto!” Negative
“Attaches ​to⁣ the Lens ⁤adaptor T01, either the Olympus or JJC ⁤version. Keeps the‍ camera lens ⁣clean and has​ a nice photo⁢ color UV filter.‌ shipped promptly. :-)” Positive

From the positive reviews, it ⁤is evident that customers appreciate⁢ the affordability and protective‍ capabilities ⁤of​ the Tiffen ‍UV Protection Filter. Users have praised the construction ‌quality⁤ and ease‍ of use of this product, ‌highlighting its effectiveness in ​safeguarding​ camera lenses.

However, ‍there was one ⁣negative review mentioning an issue with the glass coming ⁢loose after a few months ⁤of use. This isolated incident may not reflect the overall performance of the ⁢product, but it is important to consider potential durability concerns.

Overall, ​based​ on the majority of positive feedback,⁤ the Tiffen​ 67UVP 67mm‌ UV Protection Filter seems to be a reliable and cost-effective ⁣option‌ for⁣ photographers ​looking to protect ⁣their ⁤lenses ‌and enhance image quality.

Pros & Cons


  • Basic UV Protection
  • Protects your lens against dust,​ dirt & knocks
  • Low profile ⁢black ring
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • May not be necessary for digital cameras with built-in UV protection
  • Does not provide‌ any‌ additional ‍creative ‍filter effects
  • Price ⁣may be a bit high for a basic UV filter


Q: How effective⁣ is the Tiffen UV⁤ Protection filter in reducing UV light and ⁤eliminating bluish cast ⁤in images?
A: ⁣The⁣ Tiffen UV ‌Protection filter is quite effective in⁢ reducing ultraviolet light‌ without affecting the visible light spectrum. This helps‍ eliminate any bluish cast that may​ appear in ​your⁢ images, especially when ⁤shooting ​outdoors or in high altitude settings.

Q:⁢ Can the Tiffen UV Protection filter⁤ protect ⁣my ​lens from dirt, dust, and impacts?
A: Yes, the ⁣Tiffen UV Protection filter serves as an additional layer of protection for your⁢ lens, guarding it against dirt, fingerprints, and the occasional ⁤knock or drop. Its low ⁤profile black⁤ ring design not only looks sleek but also helps ‌keep your lens safe from ⁢external elements.

Q: Is‍ the ⁣Tiffen UV Protection filter compatible with ​all 67mm diameter lenses?
A:​ Yes, the Tiffen UV ⁢Protection filter‌ is designed to fit lenses with a 67mm ​diameter. ⁢It is a popular choice for photographers looking to add a‍ layer of⁢ protection⁢ to their lenses without compromising image quality.

Q: Does the Tiffen UV Protection⁤ filter come with a warranty?
A: Yes, ‌the⁢ Tiffen UV Protection filter⁢ comes with a 10-year warranty, providing peace‍ of mind ⁢to users who want to ensure the longevity and performance of their filter.

Q: Where is the⁣ Tiffen UV Protection​ filter manufactured?
A: The Tiffen⁢ UV Protection‌ filter is proudly made in ⁤the ⁢USA, ensuring ​high-quality​ materials and craftsmanship in its⁢ production.

Q: How does the Tiffen UV Protection⁢ filter compare ‌to⁤ other UV ⁢filters on the market?
A: Tiffen is a trusted brand with⁤ a ⁤long history of ‍producing top-quality photographic⁢ filters.⁢ The ‌Tiffen UV Protection filter stands out for its basic ⁤yet effective UV protection,‌ making it‌ a popular choice among photographers‍ and ⁢videographers alike.

Transform⁤ Your ​World

In conclusion, the Tiffen 67UVP 67mm UV Protection Filter is a reliable and affordable option‌ for⁢ protecting your lens⁤ and enhancing the ‌quality ⁣of your images. With its basic UV protection and durable construction,​ this‌ filter is a must-have accessory for any photographer or ⁤filmmaker. Plus, with Tiffen’s reputation for quality and innovation, you can trust that you’re getting a top-notch ⁤product.

If you’re ‍looking⁤ to safeguard your lens and improve the clarity⁤ of your photos,​ we highly recommend‌ giving the Tiffen 67UVP a try. Don’t wait any longer to enhance your photography experience – ⁢click here to purchase your own⁣ Tiffen⁢ UV Protection Filter now!

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