Revitalize your iPhone 4 with oGoDeal Battery Replacement: A Great DIY Solution!

Revitalize your iPhone 4 with oGoDeal Battery Replacement: A Great DIY Solution!

Are​ you tired of constantly‍ having to charge your iPhone 4? Well, we were too ​until we discovered the ⁤oGoDeal Battery Replacement Compatible for iPhone 4 Model A1349 ‌A1332. This ‍brand new⁢ 0 cycle battery is top ⁤quality, guaranteeing your next 500⁣ cycle times of ‌usage. Not⁣ only does it protect against over-heating, short-circuit, over-charging, and over-discharging, but ‍it also ‍comes with a 30-Day Money Back guarantee and 3-Month ​After sales ⁢service for added⁤ peace of mind. With​ complete repair tools and instruction manual included, DIY installation is a breeze. So if you want⁣ your iPhone⁣ 4 ‍to become a battery super hero, look no further ‌than the oGoDeal Battery Replacement Compatible for iPhone 4 Model A1349 A1332.

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When it comes ​to finding a reliable replacement battery for your iPhone 4, look no⁤ further than this top-quality​ option. With⁣ a brand new 0 cycle design, you can trust⁣ that ⁢this⁤ battery will provide you with⁣ 500⁢ cycles of reliable usage. Not ⁤only does it offer over-heating,⁣ short-circuit, over-charging, and over-discharging protection, but it also comes with a pleasant ‌service guarantee. If​ you’re not completely satisfied, the team behind this battery will be more than happy ⁤to⁤ assist ⁤you.

One of the best features of this battery ⁣replacement is ‌that⁣ it allows​ you to‍ enjoy the DIY experience. Complete‌ with repair tools, an instruction manual, and access ‌to helpful YouTube videos, you can easily and​ efficiently ⁤fix your iPhone 4 on your own. To ensure optimal performance, make sure to calibrate the battery by following a⁤ simple method provided. With a capacity of 1420mAh and compatibility⁢ with iPhone 4 Model A1349 A1332, this battery⁤ is a must-have for‌ any​ iPhone 4 user looking ⁣for ⁢a reliable replacement.

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Key Features‌ and Highlights

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When it​ comes to the oGoDeal ​Battery Replacement, we are thrilled about the ⁢ that make this ​product stand out. First ​and foremost, the fact that this battery is brand ‍new with 0 cycles ensures top quality performance for ⁣your iPhone‌ 4. With a capacity of 1420mAh‌ and built-in protection against overheating, short-circuiting, over-charging, and over-discharging,⁣ this battery is ⁢designed to last for your next 500 ‍cycle times of usage.

Moreover, we love that the⁤ oGoDeal Battery Replacement comes with complete repair tools and an ⁣instruction manual, making it easy ⁢and enjoyable for you to DIY your iPhone 4 battery replacement. Additionally, with multiple instructional videos ‌available on YouTube, you can quickly and efficiently ​fix your device ⁢with confidence. To ensure maximum performance, we recommend⁣ calibrating the battery‌ by draining it below 5% ⁤and giving it a ⁣full charge to 100%, repeating this process ‍2-3 times. Ready ⁤to upgrade your iPhone ​4⁢ battery? Click here to get yours today and enjoy a longer-lasting ‌device: Get it now!.

Detailed Insights⁤ and ⁣Recommendations

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In our , we⁤ found that the oGoDeal Battery Replacement ⁢for iPhone 4 is an excellent choice⁣ for ⁣those seeking a ​reliable and‍ high-quality battery ​replacement.‍ With a capacity of 1420mAh ⁣and a voltage of⁤ 3.7V Li-ion, this battery is‌ designed to provide top-notch performance for your iPhone 4 Model A1349 A1332. The brand new⁢ 0 cycle ensures ‍that you can‍ enjoy up to 500 cycle times of reliable usage,‍ without any worries​ about ⁤overheating, short-circuiting, over-charging, or over-discharging.

Additionally, the pleasant customer service provided by oGoDeal is truly commendable. With 24-hour quick replies, a‍ 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 3-month⁢ after-sales service, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is their ultimate goal. The⁤ included⁤ complete repair tools and instruction manual make ⁤DIY repair a breeze, and the multiple instructional videos available on YouTube further ⁣enhance your fixing⁤ experience. For optimal performance,⁣ don’t ‍forget to ⁢calibrate your new battery by draining ⁣it ​below ⁣5% and then giving it ​a full charge to 100% for 2-3⁣ cycles. Upgrade your iPhone 4 with ⁣this battery replacement‍ and discover ​a⁣ true superhero in your device! Click⁤ here‍ to purchase: Buy ⁣now.

Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the oGoDeal Battery ​Replacement Compatible for iPhone 4 ‍Model A1349 A1332, we can see that there​ are mixed opinions regarding⁢ this product. Let’s break it down:

Review Rating Comments
I still have my old iPhone 4, use‍ it as an alarm clock⁤ with my ​favourite⁣ app. ★★★★ Very happy with​ the ‍replacement kit, easy to follow instructions, and tools provided.
My wife and I‌ had a couple iPhone 4s⁣ a few years ago then switched ‌to ‍Android but kept ​the phones ‌to use as iPods. ★★★★ Great, simple, and easy ⁤solution with batteries⁣ keeping a charge.
I purchased‍ this battery ‌for an iPhone 4 ‍that the Woman who cuts my‍ hair uses as an iPod. ★★★★ Battery is a ⁣direct replacement, fit‌ perfectly, and worked well.
A second package was delivered the next⁢ day. ★★★ Successful ‌battery replacement but ⁤missing tools in the ⁣first delivery.
Be very cautious about purchasing the oGoDeal⁣ replacement​ battery for iPhone 4. Poor quality control, battery draining fast, no response​ from the vendor.
Comes with⁣ all the ‍tools you need and more. ★★★★ Easy repair for iPhone 5 battery.
My poor old iPhone 4 lives again. ★★★★ Revived relic, easy to change, works well but needs frequent charging.
Don’t know why but ⁢this did not work ⁣on my‌ iPhone. Product did not‍ work as‍ expected.

Overall, the oGoDeal Battery Replacement for iPhone 4 has received both positive ‍and negative reviews. While some customers found​ it to ​be a great DIY solution with ⁣easy installation, others faced issues with poor quality ⁤control⁢ and fast ‌battery drain.⁢ We recommend carefully considering customer feedback before making ⁢a purchase‌ decision.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Brand ​new 0 cycle battery
2. Overheating, Short-circuit, Over-charging & Over-discharging protection
3. Excellent ​customer ​service
4. Complete repair tools and ⁣instruction‌ manual included
5. Active method for optimal⁣ performance


1. Does not fit ⁤iPhone 4s

Overall, the oGoDeal⁢ Battery Replacement⁢ for iPhone⁤ 4 Model A1349 A1332 provides a great DIY solution to revitalize your iPhone 4. With ‍brand new 0 cycle technology and built-in protections, it⁣ ensures longevity and safety. The included repair tools and instructional videos make ‌the replacement process easy ⁣and efficient. However, it’s important to note that this battery is not‍ compatible with iPhone 4s.


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Q: Will this battery replacement fit​ my iPhone 4 Model A1349 or A1332?

A: Yes, this oGoDeal Battery Replacement is compatible with‍ iPhone 4 ​models⁣ A1349 and ‌A1332. ⁢It will not‌ fit the​ iPhone 4s model.

Q: ⁣How many cycle times ⁤can I expect ‌from this battery replacement?

A: ⁤This battery replacement is brand new with⁢ 0 cycles and is guaranteed for​ the next 500⁤ cycle times.

Q: Is it easy to‌ install this​ battery replacement myself?

A:‍ Absolutely! We provide complete repair tools and an instruction manual with the battery glue repair kit. You can also find multiple⁤ videos on YouTube to help​ you with the‌ installation process.

Q: What⁢ kind⁢ of protection does this battery replacement offer?

A: This battery replacement comes⁢ with over-heating, short-circuit, over-charging, and over-discharging protection to ensure the safety of your​ device.

Q: How can I optimize‌ the⁤ performance of ⁣my newly installed battery?

A: For⁤ optimal performance, we recommend calibrating the ‌battery by draining it‌ below 5%, then giving ⁢it a full charge to 100% and‌ repeating this ⁤process ⁢2-3 times. This will make ‍your battery replacement for iPhone⁢ 4 a‍ true super hero! ​

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As we wrap up our review of the oGoDeal​ Battery Replacement‌ for iPhone 4, we can confidently say that this ‌product is a great DIY solution to revitalize your device. With its‌ top-notch quality, protection features, and excellent customer‍ service, this battery‌ replacement is definitely worth considering.

Don’t ‍let a tired battery hold you back⁤ from enjoying your iPhone 4 to its fullest potential. Take matters ​into‍ your own hands with the oGoDeal Battery Replacement‌ and give‌ your device a new lease ‌on life.

Why ⁤wait any longer?​ Click here to purchase your ‍oGoDeal Battery ⁤Replacement‍ for iPhone 4 and ⁣start enjoying ⁣your refreshed device⁢ today!

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