Revolutionize Your Drive: C7 Corvette Phone Holder Review

Revolutionize Your Drive: C7 Corvette Phone Holder Review

When it⁣ comes to driving,⁢ safety should always‍ be a top priority. That’s why‌ we ‌were‌ excited to try out​ the ⁤Car Phone Holder for C7 Corvette 2014-2019. This​ Center Panel Side Cell Phone ⁤Holder Mount ‍not only keeps your phone secure and accessible while ‍you’re on the road, but it also offers a hands-free solution that helps you focus on driving without any distractions.

With​ a 360° rotation ball head design, this phone holder allows for ‍adjustable viewing⁣ angles in both landscape and portrait mode. The universal compatibility makes it suitable for most smartphones⁢ and GPS devices, with side clamps that can accommodate ‍phones ranging‌ from 4.7 ⁤to 6.7 inches ‌in size.

The non-slip ​rubber wrap and high-quality materials⁤ ensure‍ a stable and ⁣secure grip on your phone, while the charging⁣ port at the bottom of the stand allows you to connect your phone to a charging cable or audio cable without having to remove ⁤it from ⁤the mount. Plus, the sleek black design seamlessly blends in with‌ the interior of your⁤ Corvette ‌C7.

Overall, we were impressed by the functionality and‌ durability of this phone holder. It’s a must-have accessory for any Corvette driver looking ⁤for a convenient⁣ and safe way to keep ‌their phone within reach while‌ on the ‌road.

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Our ⁤hands-free phone holder for ​C7 Corvette 2014-2019 is a ‍must-have accessory for any⁤ Corvette enthusiast. Made⁢ of carbon ⁣steel and rubber, this sleek and stylish phone holder is designed to securely hold your phone while you ‍drive. The 360° free rotation ball head design allows for easy adjustments to ⁣any viewing angle,‍ keeping you safe on the road without ‌the ⁣fear of accidents or fines. Plus, the non-slip⁢ rubber ⁣wrap ensures that your phone stays in place, even on the sharpest turns.

Compatible with most smartphones and GPS devices,​ this phone holder is the perfect addition to your Corvette C7 Stingray Z51 ZR1 Z06 Grand Sport. The aluminum alloy​ clamps are durable and won’t scratch your phone, while ⁣the charging port at the bottom of the stand allows⁤ you to connect your ⁣phone to a charger or audio cable without removing it from the holder. With our lifetime quality service, you can rest ‌assured that you’re getting a top-notch product. ⁤Don’t wait, upgrade your Corvette with our ‍phone holder today!

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Features and Benefits

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The Car Phone Holder for C7 Corvette 2014-2019 ‍is a ​sleek ‍and practical accessory for your vehicle that offers a range of ‍ to enhance ​your⁢ driving experience. With a 360° free ‍rotation design,​ you can ⁣easily adjust the angle of your phone for optimal viewing in both landscape and portrait⁢ modes. This feature ensures that you can drive safely ‌and⁤ confidently without ⁢any⁢ distractions‌ or worries about fines.

The universal ⁤compatibility of this phone holder⁤ allows it to securely grip mobile phones ranging from 4.7 to 6.7 ​inches, making ‍it‌ suitable for most smartphones and GPS devices. The non-slip ‍rubber material used in the clamps provides a stable and durable grip without scratching‍ your ⁢phone. Additionally, the charging port⁣ at the bottom of ‍the stand allows you to​ conveniently connect ‌your‍ phone ⁢to a charging cable or audio cable without having to remove it from the holder. Take advantage of‍ these convenient features and upgrade your driving experience with the Car⁤ Phone Holder for ‌C7 Corvette 2014-2019‍ today!
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Detailed ⁣Insights

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Upon closer inspection of the Car Phone Holder for C7 Corvette, we were impressed ‌with the high-quality materials used in⁤ its construction.⁢ The carbon steel and rubber components give the holder a sturdy feel, ensuring that your phone stays securely in place while driving. The non-slip rubber wrap provides an added ​layer of protection, preventing any ‍scratches on your phone.

The 360° free rotation​ feature allows for easy adjustment, whether you prefer a landscape or portrait view. This ​flexibility⁣ is essential for ‍safe driving, as it ensures that you can easily see your phone’s screen without taking⁢ your eyes off the road. With universal‌ compatibility, this ⁢phone holder is suitable for a wide ‍range of smartphones⁢ and GPS devices, making ⁣it⁢ a versatile accessory‍ for any driver.

Features Details
Material Carbon Steel and Rubber
Color Black
Fitment Corvette C7 Stingray Z51 ZR1 Z06 Grand Sport 2014-2019

If you’re‌ looking for a⁢ reliable and versatile phone holder​ for your C7 Corvette, look ‌no further than this model. ⁤Its durable ​construction, universal compatibility, and 360° rotation ⁣feature make it a practical⁤ addition to any vehicle. Don’t compromise ⁤on safety and convenience while driving – upgrade to the Car Phone​ Holder for C7 Corvette today!

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We recently purchased the Car Phone Holder for C7 Corvette 2014-2019, and we couldn’t be more pleased ⁢with our decision. The 360° free rotation feature allows for‍ easy‌ adjustment of the viewing ⁣angle, ensuring‍ safe driving without distractions.​ The universal compatibility of ‍this phone holder is​ impressive, accommodating most smartphones and GPS⁤ devices with ease. The non-slip rubber⁢ wrap⁤ adds an extra layer of security, ⁢keeping our device firmly in place without any risk of scratches.‌ Plus, the ⁢convenient charging port at ​the bottom of the stand allows for easy connectivity while on the⁣ road.

This phone holder is truly a ⁤game-changer for‍ us. The ‍sleek⁣ design complements​ the⁤ interior of our Corvette perfectly, and ⁤the high-quality materials ensure ‌durability and stability. We⁤ appreciate‌ the attention ‌to detail in the customized fitment for Corvette C7 models, which shows the dedication of the ‍manufacturer to provide the⁢ best‌ service possible. If you’re in need of a reliable and hands-free phone mount for ‍your ⁣Corvette, we highly recommend ⁢checking out this ⁢product. Upgrade your driving experience⁢ today‌ with the Car Phone Holder ​for C7 Corvette⁣ 2014-2019! Check it out here.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer​ Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer feedback on the Car Phone Holder for C7 Corvette, we have ⁣summarized⁣ the key points ‍to help you⁤ make an informed ⁤decision on this product.

Review Rating
Does not ⁣come with any instructions but I figured it ​out. ★★★★☆
The fitment ‌is ⁣weird ⁤and if you ‌have​ a manual transmission prepare‍ to hit this quite​ a bit ‌if you are city driving. ★★☆☆☆

We understand that some customers⁤ found the ​lack of instructions frustrating, but were⁤ able to install the product⁢ successfully. It is important to⁢ note⁤ that there may be a ‌learning curve⁣ involved in setting up the phone holder.

Moreover, the fitment of ‌the holder may ⁣not be ideal⁤ for manual transmission vehicles, especially ⁢during city driving. ⁢This is something to consider if you plan ‍to use this product for your C7⁢ Corvette.

Overall, the customer reviews​ suggest that while the Car Phone Holder for‍ C7⁣ Corvette has its drawbacks, ‌it can ⁢still be a convenient ‍hands-free solution‍ for your⁢ device while⁣ driving.

Pros ‌& Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • 360° Free Rotation for customizable viewing angles
  • Universal⁤ Compatibility for⁢ most smartphones and GPS devices
  • Non-slip rubber ⁣wrap for secure grip without scratching
  • Charging port at the ⁢bottom ‌for easy access
  • Customized⁢ design⁢ for C7‍ Corvette ⁣models
  • Lifetime quality service for⁣ customer satisfaction


Pros Cons
360° Free Rotation for customizable viewing angles May obstruct some ‍dashboard controls
Universal⁢ Compatibility for ⁤most smartphones and GPS devices Not suitable for ‌phones larger‌ than 6.7 inches
Non-slip rubber ​wrap for secure grip without scratching May be difficult to install for some users
Charging port ​at‍ the bottom for easy‍ access May not fit all phone‌ charging cables
Customized design for C7 Corvette models May not be compatible with all Corvette C7 models
Lifetime quality service for customer satisfaction Customer service response time may vary

Overall, the C7 Corvette ⁣Phone Holder offers convenience and⁢ safety ⁣while driving, with a‌ few minor drawbacks to consider. It is a practical accessory ⁣for any Corvette owner looking⁢ to enhance‍ their driving experience.


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Q: Will this phone holder fit all models of the C7 Corvette?
A: This phone holder is specifically designed to fit the Corvette ⁢C7 Stingray⁢ Z51‍ ZR1 Z06 Grand Sport models from 2014-2019. Please ‌check the compatible models and years‍ before making your purchase.

Q: Is the phone‍ holder​ easy​ to ‍install?
A: Yes, the‍ phone holder is easy to install. Simply follow the instructions provided⁣ in the package ‌to securely mount it on your Corvette’s center panel side.

Q: Does‌ the phone holder allow for charging ⁢while in use?
A:⁤ Yes, there is⁤ a charging port at the ⁣bottom of the phone​ holder that allows you to⁢ connect your phone to a charging cable or audio ⁣cable without having to ‌remove it from the stand.

Q: Is the phone holder compatible with ‍all smartphones?
A: The side clamps are suitable for 60 to 80 ⁣mm mobile phones,⁣ making it compatible with most smartphones and GPS devices ranging from 4.7 to 6.7 inches in size.

Q: Can the phone holder rotate for different viewing angles?
A: Yes,⁢ the⁤ 360° rotation ball⁢ head design allows for fully ⁤adjustable viewing⁢ angles,‌ whether in landscape or portrait.⁤ This feature ensures that⁣ you can drive safely without any distractions.

Transform ⁢Your World

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As we wrap up‍ our‍ review of the C7 Corvette Phone Holder, we can confidently say that this product is‍ a game-changer for your ⁤driving experience. ‍With its 360°‌ rotation design, universal compatibility, non-slip rubber ⁢wrap, and‌ customized⁢ fit for Corvette C7⁤ models, this phone holder ‌is a must-have for any Corvette owner.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your drive and drive safely without distractions, click here ⁤to get ⁤your hands on‍ the C7 Corvette Phone Holder now!

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Thank you for reading ​our review and happy driving!

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