Sizzling Hot Pot for Bibimbap & Soup: Our Crazy Korean Stone Bowl Review

Sizzling Hot Pot for Bibimbap & Soup: Our Crazy Korean Stone Bowl Review

Welcome⁤ to our product ⁣review blog, where ‍we’re⁤ excited to share our first-hand experience with the Crazy ⁤Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl (Dolsot),⁣ Sizzling Hot Pot for Bibimbap and Soup‌ – Premium Ceramic (Medium ​with Lid). When we first came across this unique cooking utensil, we were immediately drawn to​ its versatility and traditional charm. As avid⁣ fans of Korean cuisine, we couldn’t wait to put it to the test and see ‌if it lived up ‍to its promises. Join us as⁣ we dive into the details of this premium⁢ ceramic stone⁤ bowl and discover why it has become a staple in our kitchen.

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Overview of the Crazy Korean Cooking ​Korean Stone ⁤Bowl ⁣(Dolsot), Sizzling Hot Pot for Bibimbap and Soup – Premium Ceramic (Medium with Lid) ⁢Product

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Innovative and versatile, the Crazy ⁤Korean Cooking Korean Stone⁢ Bowl (Dolsot) is a game-changer‍ for anyone‍ who loves Korean cuisine. ⁢Designed to be used⁤ directly on stovetops, in ovens, and microwaves, ⁣this premium ceramic bowl allows you to cook your favorite dishes with ease⁤ and convenience.‍ Its dishwasher-safe feature makes ⁤cleaning‍ a‌ breeze, adding to its ⁢overall ‌practicality.

Crafted⁣ from fine clay and glaze-fired twice, this stone bowl⁢ is not only visually appealing but also more sanitary and ​long-lasting compared to bowls made with natural stone. Its lead, cadmium, and arsenic-free composition guarantee a ⁣safe cooking and dining experience. The included black ⁢plastic trivet/coaster adds ⁤to the convenience⁤ of this product, ‌protecting surfaces and enhancing serving presentations.

What sets this stone bowl apart is its ability to ​create sizzling ⁣bibimbaps and serve⁢ steaming stews or soups that are both ⁤hot and delicious. This bowl retains heat exceptionally well, ensuring that ​your dishes stay warm throughout your meal. Its medium size with a lid⁢ offers ample cooking space and keeps your ‍food covered until it’s​ ready ‍to be enjoyed. Whether you’re ‍a seasoned chef‌ or a beginner in Korean cooking, ‍this⁤ stone bowl will elevate your culinary⁢ experience to new ​heights. Check ⁣out the full product descriptions below for⁢ more detailed information⁢ on this remarkable kitchen tool.

Highlighting the Impressive ⁤Features and Versatility‍ of⁤ the Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl⁤ (Dolsot)

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When it comes to cooking traditional Korean ‌dishes ⁣like bibimbap and⁤ soup, having the right cookware⁢ is essential. That’s why we’re excited‍ to share with you the Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl (Dolsot), ‍a versatile and impressive cooking pot that‌ will take ⁢your culinary adventures to the next level.

One of the⁣ standout features of this stone ⁤bowl is its ability​ to be​ used on various heat sources.‌ Whether you prefer cooking on stovetops, ovens, or microwaves, ‌this pot has​ got you ‌covered. Its premium ceramic construction allows for even heat distribution, ensuring that your food⁣ is cooked to perfection every time. And with its dishwasher-safe design, cleaning up after a delicious ⁤meal is a breeze.

But it’s not just about functionality – this ⁤stone bowl is also a durable and‌ sanitary choice. Made ⁣from fine clay and glaze-fired twice with a natural glaze, ‍it’s not only long-lasting⁢ but also more hygienic compared to ⁤bowls made with natural stone. The lead, ⁤cadmium, and arsenic-free materials give you peace of mind while cooking your favorite⁤ dishes.

When ‍it comes to presentation, this stone bowl truly shines. Its sizzling ⁤hot pot design is perfect for creating visually stunning bibimbaps, ⁤and its generous size allows ​for serving stews or soups ​that are hot and delicious. Plus, with the ⁢black plastic trivet/coaster ⁣included,​ you can protect your tabletop while⁢ enjoying your meal.

Discover the incredible versatility and impressive features ​of the Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone‍ Bowl (Dolsot) for yourself. Cook, serve, and savor your favorite Korean‌ dishes with this premium ceramic‌ pot.‍ Upgrade ‌your cooking experience today by clicking⁢ here to buy now.

In-Depth⁤ Insights into the Performance and Functionality of the‌ Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl (Dolsot)

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When‌ it comes to ‌cooking‌ your favorite Korean dishes,‍ having the right equipment is essential. That’s why​ we⁢ were thrilled to⁤ try out the Crazy ⁢Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl (Dolsot). This premium ceramic bowl‌ is not only stunning in appearance ‍but also delivers exceptional performance and functionality.

One of the⁢ standout features of this stone⁣ bowl is its versatility. It can be​ used ⁤for cooking directly on stovetops, in ovens, and⁢ even in‍ microwaves. This means you‍ can easily whip up a delicious‌ bibimbap or heat up a hearty soup ⁢without having to switch between different cookware. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze.

What sets ⁢this stone bowl apart from others​ is ​its high-quality construction. Made from fine clay ⁣and⁤ glaze-fired twice, it boasts a natural glaze that gives⁣ it an authentic and elegant look. Not only is it lead ​(Pb), cadmium‍ (Cd), and arsenic (As) free, but it’s also more ⁤sanitary and long-lasting compared to bowls made ‍with⁤ natural⁣ stone. No⁢ need to worry about harmful substances leaching into your ‍food!

Speaking of ‍food, this ⁢stone bowl is perfect for creating sizzling bibimbaps. Its heat-retaining abilities ensure that ​your dish stays‍ hot and delicious, allowing‌ all the⁢ flavors to meld together beautifully. Additionally, it’s an excellent vessel for serving⁤ stews and soups, giving you that ⁤authentic Korean dining experience right in your own home.

Overall,‌ the Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone ‌Bowl (Dolsot) exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and functionality. Its ‌versatility, high-quality construction, and ability⁢ to keep food hot and delicious make it⁢ a must-have⁢ for any ⁣Korean cuisine enthusiast. Don’t miss out on enhancing your culinary ⁢experience, click here to⁢ get your own Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl (Dolsot) today.

Specific⁣ Recommendations to Enhance Your ⁣Culinary Experience ​with the Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl (Dolsot)

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  1. Experiment with Different Cooking Techniques:‍ The Crazy ‌Korean ‍Cooking Korean Stone Bowl (Dolsot) is a versatile cooking tool that⁢ can be used on stovetops,​ in ovens, and even in microwaves. Take⁢ advantage of this‌ feature to explore different cooking techniques.⁢ Try using the stone bowl to ‌sear meats or vegetables on the stovetop for added flavor and texture, or use it in⁤ the ‌oven⁢ to create unique baked dishes. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Create Delicious Meals with the Lid: The Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl (Dolsot) comes ‍with a lid that helps to retain heat ​and moisture while cooking. This makes it perfect for slow-cooked stews ‍or soups, as well as for creating sizzling bibimbaps. Use the lid to‌ trap the flavors and aromas, resulting in a more⁢ flavorful and delicious meal. Plus, the lid can also be used as a serving dish, adding​ a stylish touch to your table.

  3. Easy Maintenance for Long-Lasting Use: The Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl⁣ (Dolsot) is not only easy to use, but also ⁢easy to⁤ maintain. It is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. Additionally, the premium stoneware (ceramics) used to make‌ this bowl is more sanitary and long-lasting compared to bowls made with natural stone. With proper care,‍ this stone bowl will be your go-to cooking companion for years to come.

  4. Serve in Style with the Included Trivet/Coaster: The Crazy​ Korean Cooking Korean‌ Stone Bowl (Dolsot) comes ‍with a black⁣ plastic trivet/coaster. Not only does it ​protect your table from the hot stone bowl, ‌but‍ it ‍also adds a touch of elegance ​to your dining experience. Place the stone bowl⁣ on the trivet/coaster when serving, ⁤and impress your guests with both the delicious food and the beautiful presentation.

Experience the culinary delights that the Crazy ‌Korean Cooking Korean Stone ​Bowl (Dolsot) has to offer. Enhance your cooking skills and create mouthwatering dishes⁣ with this versatile and easy-to-maintain bowl. Don’t miss out ⁤on the⁢ opportunity to elevate your dining experience ⁤- get your Crazy Korean Cooking ‍Korean Stone Bowl (Dolsot)​ today!⁢

Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

Review Rating
These ceramic bowls are great!! ‌Where have they been all⁣ my life? Stove top (gas or electric), ‌oven, dishwasher, ⁣microwave, refrigerator, what’s not to love? Saves so ⁣much hassle to be⁢ able to⁣ use one pot for cooking, serving, storing in the fridge and reheating. I have an electric ​glass cook top and it works great. I recently made rice in it on the stovetop (I do not have a rice cooker) and it was wonderful. It stayed so hot for⁤ such a long time and was perfectly ​fluffy. Last night I made bibimbap and it stayed hot for‌ hours. Ignore the reviews about the plastic trivet melting. ⁤It is made‍ of melamine and stands up to the heat just fine. That’s ⁤what it’s for. Obviously the reviewers didn’t even try it. To be on the safe side, I also used pieces of wood board to keep ‌the heat from‌ radiating through to my wooden dining table. I have four of the smallest ones, two large ones and the number 4 tiger dolsot. I’m thinking about ⁣getting four of the medium sized ones since I think they will be good for generous individual servings.‍ The⁢ large size is too large for individual servings unless it’s for a ⁤16 year old adolescent boy. The smallest ones ​(16 oz) are a little too small for a ⁢single serving of bibimbap but would be good for a soup ⁣or side ‌dish or baked dessert.​ They clean up well and go through the dishwasher just fine. These ⁢are a little more⁢ expensive than ​the ones I saw ⁢in the Korean market the other day, but the quality ‌of these is significantly better and they ​are made in Korea‌ instead‍ of​ God knows where. ‌I recommend you get the ones with⁢ lids. ⁣Very happy ⁤with my purchase. 5/5
This Dolsot is beautiful for sure! It​ comes in a very sturdy brown box packaging that is also adorable and interesting. I ⁣kept it to keep mine safe while not in use or on display. ⁢Great for gifting, a very ⁤clever design! The pot itself is nicely sized for a dish ‌for two or⁣ more or a really big soup for ​one! 🙂 Makes the best ‌Budae-jjijae ⁤I have ever⁢ made! No ​matter what I put in⁣ it ​and no matter how hot the temp food never sticks on! Very even heat. The⁣ lid is great too, with a little​ steam vent. Great for adding the noodles atop the stew last step!‌ The trivet/tray makes stove to‍ table super easy ⁣and last but very not least, it cleans so easily! Stew with so very much gochujang paste on Monday evening but no time to do dishes till the next day or maybe even Wednesday? This⁣ pot​ is for you. Cleans so easily with a bit of hot water a​ touch of soap and hardly any ​scrubbing. Even‌ dried rice! All with no red discoloration! I am so very‍ impressed that I will be getting a set of ​4 small ones to make a table set! Love Love Love this ⁢product! 5/5
i used the small size dolsot to ⁤portion out a serving of soup,​ heated it directly on the electric‌ burner to get it nice and bubbly. cracked an egg on top and used a silicon lid to let ⁣it poach. so good!! the little pot keeps the soup hot as⁣ heck and the plastic tray makes serving easy. looks nice and feels well made, was easy to clean once done. i’m looking forward to using it again! 5/5
One of the few that had a tighter ⁤fitting lid,A few‍ of‍ the similar priced ones were fairly similar with the separator being the lid,At 30-40 bucks ⁣I opted for this‌ one⁢ as the price point was ​similar but the craftsmanship a bit better,I liked the tray wished it was ⁣stone/clay hence why only 4 ‌stars 4/5
this little dish is ‍the perfect size for an individual portion of Korean steamed eggs. It is very sturdy, ⁤easy to clean and can be used on ⁢any stove cooktop. For an individual portion,⁤ I mix ⁤one large egg with 1/4 cup chicken broth -you ‍may add sliced green onions or chives, and a dash of gochugaru, also sold by Crazy Korean cooking on Amazon. Heat over low medium heat for about six minutes ‌or until done to your liking -a splash of sesame oil is a nice touch! I like the fact that ⁤this comes ⁢with the trivet​ because⁣ this dish is very hot after steaming the egg. Pay attention to the size of the dish when you ⁤order. This is perfect for preparing steamed eggs, ⁤but would also work with bibimbap, soondubu, or other dishes. Money well spent! 5/5
I love it.⁣ Sturdy and practical. Start in low​ heat and then medium heat, serve ⁣& the food stays warm at the table. I ‌put a⁣ small heating pad under the pot after taking it out of the stove. ⁤My family loves it! So authentic! I am very satisfied with this‍ purchase. 5/5
I’m no cook, but ‌I sure do love ⁣my doenjang and ‌kimchi jjigae. It’s so well made ⁤and feels super premium. ‍Even ‌after I take⁤ the stone bowl off​ the stove‌ and take my⁤ sweet time to⁤ take it to the table, and finally sit‍ down to eat, when I take the lid off, the​ jjigae is STILL boiling as if it’s still on the stove!! Needless to say,​ my soup stays satisfying hot for the entire duration of⁢ my delicious ⁢meal. I just LOVE this thing. The icing on the cake is that ⁣it’s easy for even someone like me to ‍care for ⁤and wash. Just handle it with care, follow the directions and guidelines, and ⁣this​ should last you a lifetime. Finally, I’m not​ sure if ⁣it’s just a placebo effect, but I swear‍ my jjigaes taste SO⁤ much better! 😀 5/5
I absolutely ‍LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dolsot cooking ‌pot! I like supporting Korean products ⁣and having authentic cookware and spices made/grown in Korea as I am⁤ learning new dishes to prepare. This particular one I recently purchased is a gift now‌ that I have used mine and discovered just how wonderful it is to ​use. The first pic is Bean Sprout soup and the second is⁤ a hotpot style dish with fresh shrimp, mussels, ⁢baby bok⁣ choy, ⁤daiken and more! It not only fed my family of three ‍but we had leftovers as well..‍ it holds a lot of food! Being able to use it on⁣ my gas stove was a plus. Love the clay ⁢as it holds the heat at a perfect temp to ensure perfect even cooking of every dish I make. ‌My family loves it! I absolutely⁢ recommend purchasing this ‌one⁣ as it ‍has now become one of ​my favorite go to cookware to use. 5/5
I wasn’t sure‌ if this would work with my⁢ stove but it definitely works with a glass top. It’s the ⁢perfect⁣ size for ‍a single portion and keeps food ‌super warm. I’m ⁤in⁢ love with it! 5/5
Der Topf kam gut verpackt bei mir​ an. Er ist made in Korea. Ich hätte mir für den Preis eine Unterlage aus Keramik gewünscht und nicht aus Kunststoff. Ansonsten macht der Topf was er soll, Bibimbap wird hervorragend darin. 4/5
È ‍arrivata nei tempi previsti e ben⁣ imballata. Nella confezione ci sono ⁣coperchio,⁣ ciotola e sottociotola in plastica per evitare ustioni. Le istruzioni permettono di prendersi cura della dolsot sensa che si⁣ aprono crepe. ⁤Fino ad ora l’ho lavata a‌ mano, ma può andare anche in lavastoviglie. Le zuppe cuociono bene e mantengono il​ calore a lungo, quindi se la si usa anche come piatto, bisogna ricordarsi ​di soffiare a lungo. 5/5
I started using ttukbaegi to cook when I lived in Korea and I love them. This one is‍ similar in quality to the⁣ ones you’d buy in Daiso (like Japanese Dolsot), but slightly larger, and definitely more expensive. The lid is⁢ plastic and the pot is porous clay. After reading about seasoning these⁢ pots I was excited, but I finished my first batch of bibimbap and the rice was still stuck ⁤to the bottom. I did not want to damage the pot,​ so I had to soak it in hot⁣ water and scrub it until it was clean.⁤ The next time I used it I seasoned it with salt. The third time ‌I just ⁤used it as it was. Again, everything stuck to the ‍bottom and it was a chore cleaning it. To season it I mixed salt with a little water, ⁤smeared ⁣it on the bottom and sides, and on a low flame let it cook ​until⁤ it was white. Some people will say you need to cook oil in the‍ pot, but I was too afraid to‍ do so since oil would ‌catch fire. Now I use it without ⁣seasoning it, I keep a nonstick layer by making sure everything has oil, and putting oil on‍ the bottom​ before putting ⁤the⁢ rice. I still think $10‌ is too much to pay for it. dolsot ​is great for cooking soup, sauce, and also it is great for braising, too. it takes longer time to get boiled with cold water⁣ on ‍the electric stove. but that’s how bibimbap likes. to prepare⁤ for bibimbap with dolsot, you need‍ prepare meat, mushrooms, onion, radish, lettuce, spinach etc all⁢ cut into pieces ‌and boiled in water as doing normal bibimbap without ‌hot stone pot. when all are prepared, you place iris rice ‌into dolsot. I will never ‍use a metal spatula, I always use ⁢a wooden ⁢spatula to scrape the stuff in the bottom while on the fire. this is still difficult but⁤ not impossible. after it’s all ⁤scraped together I crack an egg and⁤ place it on top, turn off the heat, dolsot top on to keep egg warm. my family has always been amazed by my dolsot abilities. some tips: do ​not⁢ ever let it boil dry. when you first⁢ start cooking with Dolsot⁤ it may seem like everything sticks don’t worry is provides good nonstick over time. ​If you are in Phoenix and you eat bibimbap you may find the restaurants are now using smash burger style but transforming it mukbera style. we ⁢put soybean ‌paste inside a bowl of bibimbap. Dolsot necromancer is focusted to ⁣sit ‌inside a Dolsot. I think there are quite a few tools and I selected this.Here example is mustard sasuage on ‍the rice(dolsot) covered it with a plate. 3/5

Pros & Cons

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  1. Multi-purpose: ‌The Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl can be used​ for cooking directly on stovetops, in ‌ovens, and microwaves.
  2. Dishwasher safe: This stone bowl is easy ⁤to clean and can be ‌safely placed in the dishwasher.
  3. Sanitary and long-lasting:‌ Made from premium stoneware ceramics, this bowl is more sanitary ‌and ⁣long-lasting compared ‍to bowls made ⁤with natural stone.
  4. Creates sizzling bibimbaps: The stone bowl is perfect for creating sizzling bibimbaps, providing a delicious and authentic cooking experience.
  5. Keeps food hot and delicious: The⁣ heat retention properties‍ of the stone bowl make it ideal for‌ serving stews or soups⁤ hot and delicious.
  6. Lead, ⁣cadmium, and arsenic-free: The‍ bowl is made from fine clay and glaze-fired twice ⁣with a natural glaze, ensuring⁣ it is safe to use.
  7. Includes a⁤ trivet/coaster: The​ black plastic trivet/coaster is included, providing a ‌safe ⁣surface to place ⁢the hot stone bowl on.


  1. Limited sizes available: While the ​product comes in a⁤ medium ⁣size ‍with a lid, there may ⁤be limited options for‌ those looking for other ⁢sizes.
  2. Requires careful handling: ​Due to the ceramic material, the stone bowl should ⁣be handled with care to prevent​ it from​ cracking ⁣or chipping.
  3. May take longer to heat: Compared to metal pots or pans, the stone bowl⁤ may take longer to heat up initially.

Pros Cons
Multi-purpose Limited sizes ‍available
Dishwasher safe Requires careful handling
Sanitary and long-lasting May take longer to⁣ heat
Creates sizzling bibimbaps
Keeps food hot‌ and delicious
Lead, cadmium, and arsenic-free
Includes a ​trivet/coaster


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Q: Can the Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone⁢ Bowl be used on stovetops?
A: Absolutely!⁣ These ‌stone bowls are designed to be used directly on stovetops, ‌making it easy to cook your favorite dishes right on the heat.

Q: Can I use the stone bowl in the oven?
A: Yes, you can! The Crazy Korean Cooking⁢ Korean ‍Stone Bowl is oven-safe, allowing you ⁢to bake or roast your dishes with ease.

Q: Is it safe ⁢to use in the microwave?
A: Yes,​ this stone bowl is ⁣microwave-safe, making it​ convenient for heating up leftovers or quickly cooking your meals.

Q: ​Is the stone bowl dishwasher safe?
A: Yes, it is! You can simply‍ toss this stone bowl into the dishwasher for easy cleaning after each use.

Q: How ⁢does this stone bowl compare to bowls made with natural stone?
A: The Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl is⁢ more sanitary and long-lasting compared to bowls made with natural stone. It is also easier to ‌maintain, ensuring that you can enjoy using it for a long time.

Q: Can I use this stone bowl for sizzling ⁣bibimbaps?
A: Absolutely! This stone bowl is perfect for creating sizzling bibimbaps, allowing you ‍to enjoy the flavorful and crispy texture ‍of each bite.

Q: Can I use it for serving stews or soups hot?
A: Yes, you can serve stews and soups ⁢hot and delicious ⁢in this stone bowl. The premium ceramic material⁤ retains heat well, ensuring that your dishes stay warm and flavorful.

Q: Is ​the Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl lead-free and cadmium-free?
A: Yes,⁢ this stone bowl ⁣is‌ lead-free​ and cadmium-free, ‍making it a safe and healthy choice ‌for⁢ cooking ‍and serving ​your‌ meals.

Q: Does it come with a coaster or trivet?
A: Yes, the Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl comes with a black plastic‍ trivet/coaster, allowing you to place it on any surface without worrying about heat damage.

Q:‌ What is the material used to make this stone bowl?
A: This stone‍ bowl is made from ⁤premium stoneware ceramics, using fine clay that is glaze-fired twice with a natural glaze. This ensures its durability and overall high quality.

Q: Is the Crazy ​Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl⁣ available in⁤ different sizes?
A: Yes, this stone bowl comes in a medium size with a lid. Please refer to the product description for more detailed ‌information ⁢on the size ​dimensions.

We hope you found our Crazy Korean Cooking​ Korean ​Stone Bowl review‍ helpful and informative. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to reach out​ to‍ us. ‌Happy cooking!

Ignite Your Passion

Sizzling Hot Pot for Bibimbap & Soup: Our Crazy Korean Stone Bowl Review插图7
So there you have it, our review​ of the Crazy ‌Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl. We’ve explored all the features and benefits of ‍this sizzling⁤ hot pot⁢ for⁣ Bibimbap and soup, and we ⁢have ⁤to ⁣say, we’re impressed.

The premium ‌ceramic construction of this stone bowl ensures that it’s not only perfect for‍ cooking directly on stovetops, in ovens, and microwaves, but it’s also⁢ dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Plus, it’s more sanitary and long-lasting compared to natural stone bowls, making it ⁤a wise investment for any kitchen.

We particularly love how ⁢this stone bowl⁤ creates sizzling bibimbaps and serves stews and soups hot and delicious. The ⁣black plastic trivet/coaster included adds an extra touch of convenience and⁣ practicality.

And if you’re concerned about safety, ‍worry not!⁢ This stone bowl is lead-free, cadmium-free, and ⁣arsenic-free, giving you peace‍ of mind every time you use it.

But don’t just take our word for it, experience the Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl for yourself! Click the link below to purchase it on Amazon and elevate your cooking experience to a whole new level:

Check out ⁢the Crazy ⁤Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl on Amazon!

Happy cooking!

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