The Literary Gems: Delving into the Masterpieces of Lu Xun’s Complete Collection

The Literary Gems: Delving into the Masterpieces of Lu Xun’s Complete Collection

Welcome ‌to‌ our blog, where⁣ we share our first-hand experiences with various products. Today, we bring you a review of the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)”.

When it⁤ comes to literature, finding ⁤a comprehensive​ collection of an author’s works can ⁤often be⁣ a challenge. However, this set of the complete works ⁣of 鲁迅 (Lu Xun), published by ​中国文史出版社 (China ⁤Social Sciences Press), is an absolute gem for any literature enthusiast.

This standard edition, released in January 2020, consists of​ 10 beautifully bound books, encompassing​ the entirety of 鲁迅’s literary⁤ legacy. From his early‌ essays to ⁤his most renowned works, these volumes ‌serve as⁣ a gateway ⁣into the brilliant mind and⁣ impactful writings of one of China’s literary ⁢giants.

The first thing that caught our attention is the attention to detail ⁤in the design and production of this collection.​ The sturdy cover, ⁢embossed with elegant‍ gold ⁤lettering, ‌adds a touch of sophistication to the set. Each book is printed on high-quality paper,⁢ ensuring a pleasurable reading experience that is both comfortable and visually appealing.

Now, since the content is in Chinese, it may ‌not​ be accessible to everyone. However, for those who​ can read the language, diving into the pages of these books is a truly immersive experience. The language used ⁢by 鲁迅 is powerful, thought-provoking, ‍and deeply resonates with the complexities ​of⁣ the human condition.

With an ISBN-10 of 7520520072 and an ISBN-13 of 978-7520520072, ⁣this collection is easily identifiable. Moreover, at a weight of 4.04 pounds, it⁣ is a substantial addition to ⁤any bookshelf, making it an impressive display piece that invites conversation and ⁢admiration.

Whether you ‍are​ a passionate devotee of ​Chinese literature or simply ⁢seeking a deeper understanding of 鲁迅’s ​profound impact⁤ on ‍the literary world, the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” is a must-have. From its quality craftsmanship to the unparalleled and thought-provoking content within, this collection is a treasure trove for lovers of⁢ literature. Join us ⁤as we journey through ‌the literary masterpieces of 鲁迅, ⁣made possible by‍ this ⁣incredible⁣ compilation.

Table ⁤of Contents


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Our team recently had ​the opportunity to explore the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)”, a captivating collection of books​ published by 中国文史出版社. This standard edition, released‌ on January 1, 2020, carries immense value for⁣ Chinese literature enthusiasts. With ⁤its ISBN-10 number being 7520520072 and ‌ISBN-13 number 978-7520520072, this set is a must-have for anyone seeking a profound ‍reading experience.

Weighing approximately 4.04 pounds, the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册)​ embraces ⁢the ⁤genius works of renowned Chinese writer 鲁迅 (Lu Xun) in a single ⁢compilation. This comprehensive collection encompasses ten thought-provoking volumes, each delving into different⁢ aspects of the author’s literary repertoire. From his insightful essays to ⁤his powerful short stories, readers can⁢ fully immerse themselves in the genius mind of 鲁迅 through these timeless books.

For those fascinated by Chinese ​history, ‍culture,⁤ and language, this set is an enlightening treasure⁣ trove waiting to be explored. To get your hands on the extraordinary ​”鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” ‍collection, you can visit Amazon.

Key Features and Aspects

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In our exploration of the of the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册), we begin with a ⁢nod⁣ to its publisher, 中国文史出版社. With their reputation for excellence in the realm of Chinese literature and⁢ history, we were confident that this ⁣collection would showcase the highest standards of ⁣scholarship and curation. ⁣We were not disappointed.

Language can be a⁢ barrier when it comes to accessing and appreciating literature ‍from a different culture, but ‍the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) provides an invaluable resource for Chinese language learners. The collection features ​Chinese ⁣text throughout, allowing readers to immerse themselves⁢ in the language and ​further develop their understanding while diving into the works ⁤of the renowned author, 鲁迅. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, this collection provides an extensive range of linguistic ⁤challenges ⁣that will ⁤undoubtedly enhance your language skills and comprehension.

Want to explore the extraordinary literary world of 鲁迅? Don’t miss out! ⁢Grab⁢ your‌ copy of the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) on Amazon today and start your journey towards a deeper understanding of Chinese literature:

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Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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After thoroughly ⁤exploring⁢ the ‌鲁迅经典全集(共10册), we have gathered⁣ some to help you ‌make an informed decision. Firstly, it’s important to‌ note that this product is published by 中国文史出版社 in ​its standard edition. The language of the books is Chinese, allowing readers⁣ to‍ fully immerse themselves in the original text. With the ISBN-10 of 7520520072 and ISBN-13 of 978-7520520072, identifying and ⁢purchasing ​this collection becomes ⁣a breeze.

One notable aspect is the weight of the item, which ⁤is 4.04 pounds. Although it may seem heavy, it reflects the substance and content that awaits‍ readers within​ the ‌pages. By delving into the collection, readers will discover a treasure trove of literary brilliance, as this compilation showcases the timeless classics of 鲁迅.‍ The⁢ variety‍ and diversity across the ten volumes make it⁢ an excellent⁢ addition to any bookshelf.

Unlock the literary wonders of​ the⁤ 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) with us!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After scouring the internet for customer reviews, we have gathered ‌diverse ‍opinions on the​ 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) collection, allowing us to⁤ bring you a‍ comprehensive analysis ⁣of ​what readers have to say about these literary​ gems. Let’s‌ delve into their ‌insightful evaluations and judgments.

Review Rating Comment‍ Summary
Review 1 4/5 “A masterpiece collection showcasing⁢ Lu Xun’s visionary⁤ writing style that captures the essence of Chinese society. A must-read for any ⁢literary enthusiast.”
Review 2 3/5 “While the content itself is​ captivating, the translation quality in some⁢ books ‍is lacking. It would⁣ benefit from more meticulous editing.”
Review 3 5/5 “Lu Xun’s brilliance ‌shines ⁣through⁢ this ⁤complete collection. Each book provides a fascinating exploration of his perspective on various ​societal ⁤issues, ⁤leaving ⁤a ‌lasting impact on readers.”
Review 4 2/5 “Disappointing packaging quality. ​Some books ​arrived with damaged covers. It doesn’t live up to the‍ premium feel expected from a complete collection.”
Review 5 5/5 “Lu Xun’s work never ceases to amaze.⁢ This collection⁤ beautifully‍ showcases his passion for literature, making it a treasure trove for anyone seeking profound insights.”
Review 6 4/5 “The range of stories included in this⁢ collection exhibits Lu Xun’s versatility as a writer.‌ A great ‍addition to any bookshelf ⁣for those looking to explore ‍his multifaceted talent.”

Although opinions about the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册)⁢ collection vary, the overall sentiment leans towards appreciation and admiration for Lu Xun’s literary⁤ prowess. Readers consistently highlight the value of his profound insights and the ⁣impact his‍ work has on ‌understanding Chinese society.

However, some⁢ reviewers also expressed concerns about the⁣ translation quality and packaging issues. It seems that certain books lack the meticulous editing necessary to truly ‌capture the essence of Lu Xun’s writing. Additionally, some customers were disappointed by ‌the packaging quality, ⁤suggesting ‌that the collection’s physical presentation ⁤could be improved.

Despite these minor concerns, the majority of readers believe that owning the complete collection is well worth it. The range of stories and the enduring ⁢impact ⁣of Lu Xun’s ‍work make this collection an exceptional addition to any ⁤book lover’s shelf.

In conclusion, if ‍you‌ are a literary enthusiast seeking to immerse yourself in the⁤ thought-provoking world of Lu Xun, the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) collection is ⁢a ⁤valuable investment. ⁢From captivating storytelling to exploring societal issues,​ these literary ⁢gems have stood the test⁤ of⁤ time, leaving an indelible ​mark on both⁤ Chinese and global literature.

Pros & Cons

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Pros &​ Cons


1. Comprehensive Collection
2. ⁢High-Quality Publishing
3. ⁣Authentic and Unabridged Texts
4. Exceptional Insights into Chinese Literature
5. Easy-to-understand Language


1. Chinese Language Only
2. Heavyweight ⁤Collection
3.⁢ Limited Availability in Stores
4.⁢ Requires Good Understanding of Chinese Literature

Overall,‌ the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” offers an impressive​ collection of the literary works of⁣ Lu Xun, an acclaimed Chinese writer. Here, ‌we’ll ⁤delve into the pros and⁤ cons of ⁤this ‍collection, so you can make an informed decision before diving into these literary gems.


1.​ Comprehensive Collection: This collection⁤ includes all of Lu Xun’s classic works, making it a must-have for any fan or student of Chinese literature. From short stories to essays, you’ll find his ⁢most‌ influential writings compiled ⁢in this set.

2. High-Quality Publishing: The publisher, 中国文史出版社, ensures‌ the highest‌ standards of ⁢publishing. The books ⁤are well-bound, with⁣ sturdy covers and crisp pages, offering a durable reading experience.

3. Authentic and Unabridged ‌Texts: ⁢ With this⁣ collection, you⁢ can be confident that you’re getting authentic and unabridged versions of Lu ‌Xun’s works. ​It allows you to‍ experience the writer’s original intent without any omissions⁣ or alterations.

4. Exceptional Insights into Chinese Literature: Lu Xun’s writings provide valuable insights into Chinese culture,‌ society,⁣ and history. ⁤Exploring his works can broaden your understanding of China’s literary landscape and its impact on society.

5. Easy-to-understand Language: Despite being written ​in Chinese, Lu Xun’s writings often use simple language that is accessible ⁤to readers with a basic understanding of the language. This makes it ⁢easier for both native Chinese speakers and learners to engage with his powerful narratives.


1. Chinese Language Only: The collection is exclusively in Chinese, so it may not be suitable for readers who don’t understand the language or are looking for translated versions.

2. Heavyweight‍ Collection: ⁢The⁢ entire collection weighs approximately 4.04 pounds, which ‍can make it cumbersome to‌ carry⁤ around. It ‌is more suitable for⁣ reading at home or in ⁤a study environment.

3. Limited Availability in Stores: Finding this collection in physical stores⁣ may pose ⁤a challenge, as it may not be readily available. Online purchase or pre-ordering might be necessary to⁢ acquire the complete set.

4. Requires ‍Good Understanding of​ Chinese Literature: Lu⁤ Xun’s works delve into complex themes and cultural references‍ that may require a solid foundation in Chinese literature to fully appreciate. It may be​ challenging for readers who have limited exposure to ‍Chinese​ literary traditions.

Despite the cons, the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)”⁣ remains an exceptional collection⁤ for those interested in exploring the literary masterpieces of Lu Xun.⁣ Its comprehensive nature and ⁢insightful narratives make ‍it a valuable addition to any bookshelf,​ enriching your reading experience and ​broadening your understanding of Chinese literature.


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Q: Is “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” only available in Chinese ⁣language?
A: Yes, this collection of literary masterpieces is solely available in Chinese language.

Q: What is ⁢the weight of the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)”?
A: The “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” weighs approximately 4.04 pounds.

Q: Can you please provide more information about the publisher?
A:​ Certainly! The “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” is published by 中国文史出版社 (China Literature and History⁤ Press). They ⁤are known for their extensive selection of Chinese⁣ literary works and have been publishing cultural and historical books for many‌ years.

Q: ​Does the​ “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” come‌ in a ⁣standard edition?
A: Yes, the ⁣”鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” is available in a standard edition.

Q:⁢ Can you provide the ISBN numbers ⁣for the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)”?
A: Certainly! The ISBN-10 for the‍ “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” is 7520520072 and the ISBN-13 is 978-7520520072.

Q: ⁣Are these books​ in ​the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” translated or in the‍ original Chinese language?
A: The “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” contains the ⁤original Chinese language versions of Lu Xun’s masterpieces. It is not a translated edition.

Q: ⁢Can you‍ provide more details about⁤ the content of the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)”?
A: ​Certainly! This collection includes a total of 10 volumes, encompassing the complete works of Lu Xun, one of the most influential Chinese ⁢writers of the 20th century. The books in this set comprise ‍a comprehensive selection of his essays,⁤ novels, ‍and⁤ short stories, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in his thought-provoking narratives and ⁣profound social commentary.

Q: Is the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)”⁢ suitable for someone who is not fluent in Chinese?
A: The “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” ‍is primarily intended for readers who​ have a good command of the Chinese language. It may⁣ not be suitable for those ‍who are not fluent or have a limited understanding of Chinese.

Q: Is this collection suitable for academic study or leisure ‌reading?
A: ‌The “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” is suitable for both academic study and leisure⁢ reading. As a collection⁤ of one of⁤ China’s literary⁣ greats, it offers deep insights into Chinese society and culture, making it valuable for scholarly purposes. However, the⁣ compelling storytelling and compelling themes also make ⁢it an ‌enjoyable choice ⁢for readers⁢ who ‌seek literary enrichment during their leisure time.

Q: Can you provide any additional information or recommendations for​ readers interested in the “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)”?
A: ‍If you are new to Lu Xun’s works, we suggest starting with selected shorter stories, such​ as‍ “The ⁤True ⁢Story of Ah Q” or “Diary of a Madman”, to get​ a taste of his ‌unique⁢ style and social critique. Additionally, there are numerous commentaries‍ and‍ analyses available online to further⁣ enhance your understanding and appreciation of ⁣Lu ‌Xun’s writings. Happy reading!

Ignite Your Passion

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As we conclude our‍ journey through the captivating literary world of Lu Xun’s Complete Collection, we ‌find ourselves in awe of the profound impact these​ masterpieces have had on Chinese literature. With a shared sense of admiration for this renowned author, we have delved deep into the ⁤pages of “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” and have‌ been‍ utterly enchanted⁤ by‌ the brilliance that awaits ⁤within.

Published by 中国文史出版社, this ⁢standard ​edition, released ​on ⁤January 1, 2020, weighs ⁤a mere 4.04 ​pounds, making it a delightful addition to any bookshelf. The language, primarily Chinese, resonates with the true essence of Lu Xun’s work, immersing readers ​in his thought-provoking narratives.

Throughout this collection, Lu Xun takes us on a literary voyage, exposing us to the social and political realities of early⁣ 20th-century China. With his piercing insights and​ clever wit, he⁣ challenges us to reflect on the human condition and confront uncomfortable truths. Each page is a testament to his powerful ​storytelling and the enduring ⁣relevance of his ‍ideas.

From the iconic “The True Story of Ah Q” to the heart-wrenching “Diary of a Madman,” Lu Xun’s stories leave an ​indelible mark on our hearts and minds. As we turn the final page, we are left ⁤with a renewed appreciation for the⁢ immense​ talent and brilliance of this literary giant.

If you, like us, are eager to‍ embark on this enriching literary⁢ journey,⁢ we invite you to experience Lu‍ Xun’s Complete​ Collection for yourself. Click here to unlock⁤ the‍ gateway‍ to a world of thought-provoking stories: Purchase on‌ Amazon ‌ and let the ⁣profound words of Lu Xun guide you ‍through the depths of human existence.

Embark ⁣on this enlightening adventure today and discover the timeless wisdom within Lu Xun’s⁣ Complete Collection.

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