The Ultimate Retro Timepiece: MAG W-640BR Wall Clock Review

The Ultimate Retro Timepiece: MAG W-640BR Wall Clock Review

Welcome to our review of the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock, Radio Watch, Pendulum, Analog, Rokumeikan DX Time ⁢Reporting, ‍Night Second Hand Stop Function, ⁢Brown. We had⁤ the opportunity to experience this unique ⁢timepiece firsthand, and‌ we can’t wait to share our thoughts ‌with you.

Designed with ⁣a nostalgic, retro look, this ​wall clock is not only a practical ​timekeeping device ‍but also a stylish addition to⁢ any ​space. Its brown color and vintage-inspired design‌ immediately caught our attention, making it a great focal point in any room.

But this clock offers more than ‌just ​aesthetics. With its radio pendulum watch, there’s no need to worry about setting the time manually. ‌It automatically syncs up to atomic clock⁣ time, ensuring accuracy down ⁣to the second. And if ​you’re‌ someone who prefers silence during the night, the night second hand stop⁣ function allows you to enjoy a peaceful‍ and uninterrupted sleep.

We were also impressed with the multifunctionality of this​ clock.​ It not only notifies you of the time visually‍ but also audibly, with chimes that correspond to the hour. The volume can ⁤be adjusted seamlessly to your preference, ‌allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

One of the standout features of this clock is its pendulum, which adds a touch of elegance⁣ and ⁢sophistication. It swings gracefully, ​adding a‍ sense of ​movement and life to the overall design.

In terms​ of practicality,⁣ this clock checks all the boxes. It has a step second ‌hand, a‍ waitminster chime & bombon time ⁤feature, and an automatic alarm stop ⁣function. Plus,‍ with its ⁣stepless volume⁣ adjustment and‍ night second hand stop‍ function, it offers customizable ⁣options to suit your individual needs.

Weighing approximately 4.7 lbs and made with high-quality materials such as resin and glass, this ⁣clock ‍is sturdy and built to last. Its dimensions of 18.7 x 11.6 x 2.9 inches make⁢ it a substantial presence on any wall. ⁢And with its⁤ easy-to-use battery-operated system, powered by four⁤ AAA alkaline batteries, you⁢ can enjoy hassle-free timekeeping without⁢ the need for cumbersome cords or plugs.

Overall, the MAG W-640BR ​Wall Clock is a reliable and visually ‍appealing timepiece that combines functionality and style effortlessly. Whether you’re ‍looking to add a ⁢touch of nostalgia to your home or searching for the perfect gift, this clock is a great⁢ choice.

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The MAG⁣ W-640BR Wall Clock is‍ a ⁣unique piece that combines both style and functionality. With its radio pendulum design, you don’t have to worry⁣ about setting the time manually anymore. It also features a convenient night second hand stop function, which is activated ⁤by a built-in sensor. This means you won’t be disturbed ⁤by the ticking sound⁤ during the night.

One of ‌the standout features ​of this clock is its time reporting chime. Not only does it tell the⁣ time audibly, but ​it also notifies ‍you at the same time, creating⁤ a multisensory experience. Plus, you can adjust the ⁤volume according to your preference steplessly. The MAG W-640BR Wall Clock boasts a nostalgic⁤ retro design that adds a ⁣touch ⁣of vintage charm ‍to any space. It’s not just‌ a practical‌ item but also makes ⁣a great gift ⁢for your loved ones.

If you’re looking⁢ for a stylish and‌ functional wall clock, the ‌MAG W-640BR is the perfect choice. With its atomic clock functionality, step second hand, Westminster chime, and ​bombon time, you’ll never miss a beat. The automatic alarm stop function from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am ensures a peaceful night’s sleep, and the stepless volume adjustment allows you to tailor the clock’s sound to your preference. The night second hand stop function between 0:2:00 am and ‌6:2 am guarantees a⁤ quiet night without disturbing​ ticking noises. The ​pendulum adds a classic touch to the ‌clock’s design. With its recommended four AAA alkaline batteries and durable construction ​using resin and glass, this clock is built to last. Update your‌ home decor with the MAG W-640BR Wall⁣ Clock and enjoy its timeless elegance.

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Highlights of the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock

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The MAG W-640BR Wall Clock offers ⁤a range of impressive features that make it a ⁢standout option ⁢for any home or office. One ⁢of⁢ the highlights of this clock is its radio watch functionality,⁢ which means there’s no need to manually set​ the time. This ensures that ‌your clock will ⁣always display the correct time,⁤ saving you the hassle of constantly adjusting it.

Another standout ‌feature⁢ is the night second hand stop function. Equipped with a sensor, this clock automatically stops the second hand ‌from moving during⁤ the night, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. The chime feature is also a pleasant addition, as it not only notifies you of the time through sound, but it ⁣can also be adjusted steplessly to your preferred ​volume level.

The MAG W-640BR Wall Clock boasts⁢ a retro design⁣ that exudes⁢ a‍ nostalgic charm. ‌It’s not only a functional timepiece but also an attractive decorative piece that can enhance any‍ space. With its impressive size and weight, this clock is a substantial presence that commands attention.

In terms of functionality, the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock delivers ‌in spades. It ‌features‌ an atomic clock that provides precise timekeeping, a step‌ second hand for accurate movement, and a Westminster⁤ chime‌ & bombon time function for added charm. It also comes with automatic alarm stop function during specified hours to prevent unnecessary disruptions.

This clock also offers a night second ⁤hand ⁤stop feature that prevents the second hand from moving during ⁤specific hours, ensuring a ⁢peaceful and ​undisturbed sleep in a dark room. The pendulum ⁣adds a touch of elegance ⁢and traditional‌ appeal to the overall design.

To⁣ power this impressive timepiece, you’ll ⁢need four AAA ‍alkaline batteries. These are not included with the ‌clock, so be sure to have them on hand when setting it up.

In summary, the MAG W-640BR ​Wall‌ Clock is a remarkable combination of style and functionality. Its⁤ retro design, coupled with its range of features, makes it an excellent choice⁢ for those ⁣who appreciate both aesthetics and practicality. Whether⁤ you’re looking to add a statement piece to your home decor or need a reliable ‌timekeeping device for your office, this clock is sure ‍to impress.

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Detailed⁤ insights and recommendations for the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock

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The MAG W-640BR Wall⁤ Clock offers a ‍unique⁣ combination ⁢of features that make it a standout ⁣choice for those ⁤seeking a reliable and functional ⁣timepiece. One of its key selling points is the radio pendulum watch, which eliminates the need for manual ⁣time setting. This ‌feature ensures that you will ‌always have the accurate time displayed ‍on your clock without any hassle.

Furthermore, the night⁣ second hand stop function adds ⁣a touch of ⁣convenience to this already impressive clock. By utilizing a ⁢sensor, the ⁣MAG W-640BR automatically stops the second hand from ⁤moving ‌during the ​night, preventing any ‍disturbances caused by​ ticking sounds. ⁢This is especially useful for those who enjoy a peaceful and quiet sleeping ⁤environment.

In addition to its practical functionality,‍ the ⁣MAG W-640BR Wall Clock boasts a ⁤retro design‌ that⁤ is sure to bring ‌a​ sense of ​nostalgia⁣ to any room. Its timeless look ‍makes it a ​perfect gift ⁤choice‌ for loved ones or as a decorative piece for your own home. The ⁢clock is ⁤made of high-quality materials, including resin ⁣and‌ glass,⁣ ensuring ⁢durability‍ and‍ longevity.

With features such as an atomic clock, ​step second hand, ⁤waitminster chime,⁣ and ​bombon time, this clock offers a ⁢comprehensive set of functions to meet your timekeeping needs. It ⁣also has an automatic alarm stop function that operates ⁢between 10:00 ​pm and 5:00 am, preventing any unwanted disruptions during the night.

The MAG W-640BR Wall ⁣Clock allows for stepless volume ⁤adjustment, allowing you to set the chime volume to your preferred level. It also incorporates a night second hand stop function that operates from 0:2:00 am ⁤to 6:2 ⁣am,‍ ensuring a soundless night’s sleep.

With its pendulum feature, this clock adds an elegant touch ⁢to any space and creates a soothing⁣ visual movement.‍ It is recommended to use four AAA alkaline batteries for optimal performance.

Overall,‍ the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock is a sophisticated and reliable ​choice‍ that combines excellent functionality with a nostalgic⁣ design. Whether as a⁢ gift or a ⁢decorative piece for your home,⁢ this clock is sure to impress. Don’t⁢ miss out⁢ on this must-have timepiece – get yours today by clicking here! ​

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

As a⁤ product review blog, ⁢we understand the importance of ​customer feedback. Let’s take a look at what customers are saying about ⁣the⁤ MAG W-640BR Wall Clock and analyze their experiences.

<h3>"Like the fact that this is a beautiful clock - well made and works with all decor."</h3>
<p>This reviewer appreciates the aesthetic appeal and quality craftsmanship of the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock. They find that it complements any type of interior decor, making it a versatile choice.</p>

<h3>"However, there's no way to operate it unless you read Japanese. It runs and it chimes, but you cannot set it unless you read Japanese. Impossible to figure it out."</h3>
<p>One customer highlights a language barrier issue with operating the clock. They mention that without knowledge of Japanese, setting the clock becomes challenging. This feedback indicates the need for clearer instructions or translations for non-Japanese speakers.</p>

<p>This review mentions that the chime sound of the clock stopped working after two weeks. While it doesn't bother them personally, it suggests a potential durability concern with the chime function.</p>

<p>Another customer praises the classic appearance of the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock, stating that it matches well with traditional Japanese houses. They are also satisfied with the elegant sound quality of the chime.</p>

<p>A user highlights the precise timekeeping of the clock due to its radio-controlled functionality. They appreciate the fact that the second hand stops at midnight. Furthermore, they specifically mention the appeal of its antique-style design.</p>

<h3>"まあまあ 良い"</h3>
<p>This customer provides a straightforward and concise opinion, stating that the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock is "okay" or "average."</p>

<h3>Overall, the customer reviews for the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock present a mix of positive and negative experiences. While the clock's visual appeal, compatibility with various home aesthetics, and accurate timekeeping are praised, issues with Japanese-only operation, the durability of the chime, and a mediocre rating suggest room for improvement. To cater to a broader customer base, addressing language barriers and enhancing the functionality and long-lasting performance of the clock would be beneficial.</h3>

Pros & Cons

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Pros & ‌Cons


  • Convenient atomic clock feature – no need‍ to ‌manually set the time
  • Unique radio ​pendulum​ watch with a retro design ‍that adds a nostalgic touch
  • Night second hand stop‌ function by the sensor, ensuring a peaceful sleep without ticking sounds
  • Chime notification feature ​that not only⁤ tells the time but also notifies you with a pleasant ⁢sound
  • Stepless volume adjustment allows you to customize the chime volume according to your preference
  • Automatic alarm stop function from 10:00 pm to ​5:00 am, preventing disturbances in your sleep
  • Pendulum adds ⁤an elegant and classic ⁣element to⁢ the clock
  • Durable construction with a resin and ‌glass material
  • Generous product size (H x W x D) of approximately‌ 18.7 x 11.6 x 2.9 inches
  • Reliable weight of approximately 4.7 lbs, ensuring stability on the⁤ wall
  • Makes for a perfect gift for those who appreciate retro timepieces


  • Requires four AAA alkaline ‍batteries, which are not included
  • The night second hand stop function is ⁢only enabled between 0:2:00 am and 6:2 am, may not suit everyone’s sleep schedule
  • The ‌chime sound may not appeal to everyone’s taste, as it ‍is a classic “waitminster” chime
  • Weight of‍ approximately 4.7 lbs may be‌ too heavy ⁢for some walls‌ and ⁤require⁢ additional support
  • Resin ‍and glass material may be prone to damage if not handled carefully


Overall, MAG W-640BR Wall Clock is the⁢ ultimate retro⁢ timepiece that offers a blend of convenience and nostalgia. With its atomic clock, chime notification, night second hand stop, ‌and pendulum features,​ it adds a touch of elegance to any space. While ​it has a few drawbacks like battery requirement and limited night second hand stop functionality, the unique design and functionality make it a ⁣great gift option. Whether you⁣ are⁢ a⁤ fan of retro style or simply appreciate a reliable and ‍eye-catching wall clock, the MAG W-640BR is definitely worth considering.


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Q: ​Does ‍the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock need to be ⁢manually set?
A: No, the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock is an atomic clock, which means ⁣it automatically synchronizes with the time signal it receives. ⁢You won’t have to worry ‍about⁤ setting the time yourself.

Q: Does the ⁤clock have a night⁢ second ​hand‍ stop⁤ function?
A: Yes, the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock has⁢ a convenient ⁣night ⁢second hand stop function. With the help of a sensor, the clock detects when it’s dark, and the second hand stops moving during the night. This feature ensures a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

Q: Can the‌ chime​ be adjusted in ⁤volume?
A: Absolutely! The MAG W-640BR Wall Clock ​offers stepless volume adjustment, so you can find the perfect ‍level of chime volume that suits your preference. Whether you prefer a soft background melody or a more prominent sound, ⁢this clock allows you to‍ personalize your‍ chime experience.

Q: Can the clock be⁣ used as an alarm?
A: While the ⁣MAG W-640BR Wall Clock doesn’t have a built-in⁢ alarm⁣ function, it does have an automatic alarm stop function. This means that any alarms set between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am will ‌automatically be disabled, ensuring uninterrupted sleep during those crucial hours.

Q: Is the ⁢pendulum purely decorative or does it⁤ serve a functional purpose?
A: The pendulum on the MAG‌ W-640BR Wall Clock serves ​both a decorative and functional purpose. Not only does it add​ to the‍ retro aesthetic of ⁢the clock, ‌but it also enhances the overall timekeeping accuracy. The swinging motion of the pendulum ensures precise and ‌consistent‍ timekeeping.

Q: Which batteries are recommended for this clock?
A: We recommend using four AAA alkaline batteries to power the MAG W-640BR‍ Wall Clock. Alkaline batteries are known for their long-lasting performance, allowing you to enjoy reliable timekeeping ⁣without frequent battery changes.

Q: What ​are the dimensions and weight of the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock?
A: The MAG W-640BR Wall Clock measures approximately 18.7 x 11.6 ⁤x 2.9 inches (47.3 x ⁤29.7 x 7.4 cm) in height,​ width, and depth.⁣ It weighs⁢ approximately 4.7 lbs⁣ (1,340 ⁢g), making it a substantial and sturdy timepiece.

Q:‌ Is​ the‌ MAG W-640BR Wall Clock⁣ made of durable materials?
A: Yes, the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock is crafted with high-quality resin⁣ and glass materials,‌ ensuring durability and longevity.‌ This timepiece is built to withstand daily ‌use and maintain ​its⁢ nostalgic charm for years ‍to come.

Q: Is the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock suitable as a gift?
A: Absolutely! The MAG W-640BR⁢ Wall Clock combines retro design with modern functionality, making it an excellent gift choice for those who appreciate nostalgic aesthetics. Whether for a vintage enthusiast or anyone in need of a reliable timekeeper, this clock is sure to make a ⁣thoughtful and stylish gift.

Unleash Your True Potential

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And there⁢ you have it, our comprehensive review ​of ⁢the ultimate retro⁤ timepiece, the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock. ​This radio pendulum watch not only tells time effortlessly but also offers a ​variety of unique functions that set it ⁢apart from your typical wall clock.

With‌ the night second hand stop function, you can ensure a​ peaceful night’s sleep ⁢without ​any ticking⁤ disruptions. The chime feature adds⁢ a touch of elegance, notifying⁢ you of the time with its melodious sounds. Plus, the ​volume can be⁢ adjusted seamlessly to suit ⁤your preferences.

The MAG W-640BR Wall Clock boasts⁣ a nostalgic ‌retro design that will transport you‍ back in time. Its durable resin ‍and glass construction guarantees its longevity, making‌ it an ideal gift or a stylish addition to your own home.

Measuring at ​approximately 18.7 x 11.6 x⁢ 2.9 inches ‌and weighing just under ​4.7 lbs, this clock is both practical and eye-catching. ‌The ⁣atomic clock function ‌ensures precise timekeeping, while the ​waitminster chime and bombon time add a whimsical touch ‍to your daily routine. With its automatic​ alarm stop function, you ​won’t have to worry about any ​unwanted disruptions during‌ your sleep hours.

To‌ operate the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock, simply​ insert four AAA ⁤alkaline batteries, and you’ll ‌be good to ​go.⁢ Its⁤ user-friendly design allows for easy ​set-up and effortless enjoyment.

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