Unlock Your Calligraphy Potential with Qi Ming Wen Fang Brushes

Welcome to our product review blog post featuring the Qi Ming Wen‌ Fang QingSu Small Regular‍ Script Chinese⁢ Brush ​and Lang Jian‍ Hao Xiao kai Chinese ‌Calligraphy ⁤Brush set. As avid calligraphy enthusiasts⁤ ourselves, we ⁣understand the importance of using high-quality brushes to achieve beautiful strokes⁣ and precise writing.⁤ In​ this post, we will provide you with an in-depth review of this 2-piece brush set, highlighting its features, material composition, suitability⁤ for different script⁤ styles, and the manufacturer’s refund policy. Join ‍us as we ‍explore the world of ​Chinese calligraphy with these professional brushes from Qi Ming Wen Fang!

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When it ⁢comes to⁤ professional writing brushes, it’s crucial to ‍choose the right one to enhance your calligraphy techniques. The ⁢Qi Ming Wen Fang⁢ QingSu brush, ‍made with ​90% weasel tail hair plus goat and⁤ hare hair,⁣ offers the ideal balance ⁣for a smooth writing experience. This brush is perfect​ for Small Regular Script and Xiao Kai styles, thanks ‌to its red goat tail hair that enhances ink absorption.

Don’t worry about shedding with this brush -‍ while ⁢some ‍initial​ hair loss is normal, excessive shedding after multiple uses may indicate‌ a quality issue. Qi Ming Wen Fang‌ stands behind⁣ the craftsmanship‌ of their brushes, offering ‌a ⁣180-day refund policy and lifelong support. Elevate your calligraphy practice with ​a brush that meets professional standards and provides a satisfying writing‌ experience.

Key Features and Aspects

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The ‌Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Chinese​ Calligraphy Brush set offers two brushes in‌ different sizes, perfect for⁢ different font sizes ranging from 1.5 to 5cm. The brushes are ⁤made with high-quality weasel tail hair, goat hair, and hare hair,​ providing a ‌smooth writing⁢ experience. The red goat‍ tail hair on⁢ the brush ⁤waist enhances ink absorption, making it ideal for ⁢Small ‌Regular Script or Xiao Kai calligraphy styles.

Each brush’s shaft material varies, with options ​like bamboo and red sandalwood, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the set. The brushes are suitable for various scripts, ​including Small ⁤Regular Script, ⁢Cursive, and​ Running Script. With 90% weasel tail hair, these brushes are carefully ⁣crafted to ensure durability and precision. Plus, ​with⁤ a 180-day ​refund policy, ​you can try these brushes risk-free and experience the professional quality they offer. Ready⁤ to elevate your calligraphy skills? Get​ your hands on the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu ⁣Chinese Calligraphy Brush set today!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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After thoroughly ‌testing ‌the⁢ Qi Ming Wen Fang⁣ Chinese calligraphy brush set, we were impressed by the quality and⁢ performance of the ⁤brushes.‌ The weasel hair material provided a smooth and precise writing experience, making it ideal for Small Regular Script‍ / Xiaokai.⁤ The red goat tail hair ‍on the brush waist was a thoughtful addition, enhancing ink absorption for seamless writing.

For those looking for a professional writing ‍brush, the Qi‌ Ming Wen Fang ​set is a great choice, suitable for ‍both beginners and advanced calligraphers. ‍The attention to detail ​in the brush-making‌ process is evident, and ⁣the 180-day refund policy shows the confidence the brand has in its product. If you’re seeking a reliable Chinese calligraphy brush set,‌ we‌ highly ⁤recommend trying out the Qi ​Ming Wen Fang QingSu brush set.⁤ Get ‌yours here!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully reviewing customer⁣ feedback on the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu ​Small⁢ Regular⁢ Script Chinese Brush, Lang‌ Jian ⁤Hao Xiao kai Chinese Calligraphy Brush,⁤ we⁣ are‍ pleased to share some insights with you.

Review Summary

Overall, the reviews‍ for these calligraphy brushes are positive, with many users sharing their satisfaction with the product. Let’s dive deeper into the key points highlighted ⁢by our customers:

  • Quality: ⁤ The brushes are ⁣praised for their good construction quality and high-grade materials.
  • Performance: Users appreciate the brushes’ performance in various calligraphy styles, including Kai, cursive, and ⁣symbolic characters.
  • Ink Retention: The brushes are noted for their ability to hold ink​ well, making them suitable for beginners and experienced artists alike.
  • Value for Money: Many ‌customers find the brushes to offer good ​value considering their affordable ‍price point.


Based on customer feedback, here ⁣are some key recommendations for users of the ​Qi‍ Ming Wen Fang QingSu brushes:

  • Cleaning: It is recommended to clean the brushes thoroughly‌ after each use to maintain their quality.
  • Proper Use: Follow the user manual ⁣instructions for optimal performance ⁢and brush maintenance.
  • Practice: Keep practicing ​and experimenting with different techniques to ‍make the ‌most of these brushes.


Overall, the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu brushes ‍are a great choice for calligraphy enthusiasts looking⁣ for‌ quality brushes that ⁤deliver consistent performance. With proper⁣ care and practice, these brushes⁣ can help unlock your calligraphy potential.

Pros & Cons

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Pros &‌ Cons


  • Professional writing brush technology
  • 90% weasel tail hair for a high-quality writing experience
  • Suitable for Small Regular Script / Xiao⁤ Kai
  • Red goat tail ⁤hair for increased ink absorption
  • 180 days refund policy ‍for quality assurance
  • Wide range of sizes ‌and‍ materials to‍ choose from


Issue Solution
Floating hair falling off is ⁣normal Shedding should stop after a few⁤ uses
Large number of hair loss after multiple⁤ uses Contact customer service for a refund


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Q: What⁤ type⁢ of ​calligraphy is ⁢the Qi Ming ‍Wen Fang QingSu Brush ‍set suitable for?
A: ⁤The‌ QingSu brush set‍ is suitable for Small Regular Script and⁣ Xiao Kai calligraphy.

Q: What is⁢ the⁤ hair material used in the brushes?
A: The ‍brushes ⁣are made of 90% weasel tail hair, 5% goat hair,⁣ and 5% hare hair.

Q: How⁢ can I choose the right size brush for my calligraphy needs?
A: You can ⁣choose by⁣ size – Small (Xiao Kai), Small to Medium ⁤(Cun Kai), ​Medium (Zhong Kai), and Large (Da Kai/Couplet).

Q: Is there a refund ‌policy for the brushes?
A: Yes, Qi Ming⁣ Wen ⁣Fang offers a 180-day refund policy if there is excessive hair loss after more than ten uses.

Q: ‌What makes‌ the Qi‌ Ming Wen Fang brushes stand out from others?
A: ‍The brushes are made ⁣with professional Chinese brush making technology‍ and have been‍ tested for optimal ​writing experience. Additionally, the special ratio of weasel tail,​ goat hair, and hare ​hair ensures quality and performance.

Ignite Your Passion

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As we conclude our exploration of the Qi⁣ Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small Regular Script Chinese ‍Brushes, we hope you feel inspired to unlock your calligraphy potential with these professional tools. Whether you are a‍ beginner or advanced‍ calligrapher, ‍these⁤ brushes ⁤offer the perfect balance of ‍quality materials and craftsmanship to enhance your writing experience. With a ⁣90% weasel tail hair composition⁣ and a 180-day refund guarantee, you‍ can⁤ trust‍ in the authenticity and reliability of Qi Ming Wen Fang’s products.

If you’re ready⁤ to elevate your calligraphy practice, we encourage you to invest⁤ in the Qi Ming Wen Fang ​QingSu Small and Large 2pcs Set. Click here ‌to purchase and experience ‌the artistry firsthand: Purchase Now. Unlock‍ your‌ creative⁢ potential with Qi Ming Wen Fang!

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