Unveiling the Classics: 36-Volume Jin Yong Collection Set Review

Welcome to our⁢ review of ​the “(朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装(套装全36册)附白马啸西风、鸳鸯刀、越女剑”! As fans of ⁣classic Chinese literature, we⁢ were thrilled to get our hands on this comprehensive collection ‍of 36 novels by‍ the ⁣legendary author, Jin Yong.⁣ This set includes iconic works such as “白马啸西风”, “鸳鸯刀”, and​ “越女剑”, ⁤among many ‌others. Packed with adventure, romance, and martial⁢ arts, Jin Yong’s ⁢novels have‌ captivated readers for generations, ‌and this set allows you to immerse ‌yourself in his richly detailed world. Join us as we explore the magic of Jin Yong’s storytelling and‌ dive into this beautifully curated collection.

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When it comes‍ to classic⁤ literature, this set is truly‌ a gem. With 36 volumes of Jin ⁣Yong’s ​iconic⁣ works, including⁣ “White Horse Neighs in​ the Wind,” “The​ Return of the Condor Heroes,” and “The Sword of the Yue⁢ Maiden,” there is​ no shortage of⁤ adventure and intrigue in this ⁣collection. Each paperback​ edition is beautifully crafted, making it a delight to hold in your hands and ⁣immerse‌ yourself in the captivating​ stories.

The attention⁢ to ⁣detail in this‌ set​ is truly remarkable. From the exquisite cover designs ⁢to the high-quality‍ paper ⁢used for‍ printing, every aspect of these books⁢ speaks⁢ to the care​ and dedication that went into creating them. Whether you are a ‌long-time fan⁢ of ‍Jin⁢ Yong’s works or ‌a newcomer looking to dive into the world of martial arts and ⁤romance, this set is a ‌must-have for any ‌book‍ lover’s collection.

Details Information
Publisher 广州出版社
Language Chinese
Paperback 100 ​pages
ISBN-10 7546221978
ISBN-13 978-7546221977
Reading age 15 years and up
Item Weight 32.9 pounds

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Immersive ⁣Collection of Classic Martial Arts Novels

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Dive​ into a treasure trove of classic martial arts novels ‍with this captivating collection. From ⁢the thrilling ⁣adventures ⁢in ‌”White ⁣Horse Neighing in the West Wind” to the intricate plots in “The Return of the ⁤Condor⁢ Heroes,” each ⁤book in​ this set takes you on a riveting journey ​through the world ⁢of ancient martial⁤ arts. With a total of 36 volumes to explore,⁣ there’s​ never a dull moment⁤ as you immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of‍ storytelling crafted by the renowned author.

The exquisite detailing‍ of the characters and the captivating prose ⁢make each novel a true masterpiece. ⁢Whether you’re​ a fan of action-packed sword fights or intricate power struggles, this ​collection has something for everyone. With its beautifully designed⁤ covers and premium-quality paper, each book is a delight ‍to⁢ hold‍ and read.⁣ Expand your ​literary horizons and ⁤awaken your inner warrior with‌ this extraordinary collection of martial arts classics.​ Experience​ the thrill ​of ancient battles and secret techniques as you ⁢journey through these timeless tales.

Elegant ‌Presentation and ‌High-Quality Materials

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When ⁢it comes to the (朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装, one thing ⁣that truly stands out is the used. As soon as you receive the⁢ set, you can’t help but admire the⁢ attention ⁣to detail in the design of each book. The covers ⁣are beautifully crafted,⁣ with intricate patterns and embossed⁤ lettering that ‌exude sophistication.

Not only are the books a feast⁢ for the eyes, but the⁣ high-quality ‌materials ⁤used ensure that they ‍will last​ for years to come. The pages ​are thick and durable, with ⁤crisp printing that showcases the intricate Chinese ​characters in all their glory. It’s clear that a lot of thought​ and care went into creating this set, making it a must-have ⁢for ⁤any fan of classic literature. Check it out on Amazon and⁤ add ⁢this exquisite collection to your library⁤ today!

Rich and ​Engaging ⁢Storytelling⁤ Experience

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Dive​ into ‌the captivating ⁢world of ‌classic Chinese literature ‍with this comprehensive ‌set ⁣of 36 novels by the⁢ legendary author, Jin Yong. The found within these pages is truly unparalleled. Each ⁢installment immerses readers in a vivid tapestry‍ of historical ⁢settings, intricate martial arts battles, and‌ complex character dynamics that will keep you hooked from beginning​ to end. It’s a literary journey that⁣ will transport you ‌to⁢ a different⁤ time and⁤ place, ‍allowing you to explore the‌ depths ‍of honor, betrayal,‍ love,⁢ and redemption through Jin ⁢Yong’s masterful storytelling.

Step​ into the realm of ancient China​ and experience the magic‍ of Jin Yong’s literary legacy firsthand. The detailed world-building, dynamic characters, and intricate plotlines make for an⁢ unforgettable reading experience that ‍will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.‌ Whether you’re a ⁢seasoned fan ‍of Jin Yong’s work‍ or new to the world of wuxia literature, this collection is a ‌must-have addition to any bookshelf. Uncover the secrets of ⁤the martial ⁣arts world and embark on an epic adventure ​with‌ this extraordinary set of⁢ novels. Visit Amazon to embark on your⁣ literary journey today!‌

Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully​ analyzing ⁢the reviews left by our customers, we ​are ‍pleased to‍ share our observations on the (朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装(套装全36册)附白马啸西风、鸳鸯刀、越女剑 collection set. Here’s a breakdown of what our customers had to ‍say:

Customer‍ Feedback Our Analysis
Books are​ excellent. Printing job was nicely done. The books are light weight, the pages are thick enough so there’s no “see-through”. Customers appreciated the‍ high-quality printing and the lightweight yet durable nature⁢ of the books.
Great seller. They ‍contacted ‌me before shipping to make ⁤sure I​ was aware⁤ of all package imperfections since this ⁤is⁢ a really heavy book set. Turned out to be much better ‌than I expected. The⁢ proactive communication from the seller was well-received by customers, who were pleasantly surprised by​ the⁢ quality of the set.
It ‌is good quality, and great support! Recommend! Customers highlighted the good quality of the‌ product ‍and the excellent support received from the‌ seller.
Great. Short and‌ sweet, this customer was evidently satisfied with their ‍purchase.
I finally got my favorite Chinese Kungfu novels! This customer expressed their​ excitement and satisfaction at finally acquiring ‌their favorite Chinese Kungfu novels⁣ in this comprehensive collection.

Overall, feedback from‌ our customers suggests that ⁣the (朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装(套装全36册)附白马啸西风、鸳鸯刀、越女剑 ⁢collection ⁣set is ⁤well-received for its excellent quality, proactive seller communication, and the joy it brings to⁣ fans of Chinese⁢ Kungfu novels. We are thrilled to see such positive responses and look ⁣forward to sharing more classic collections with our customers in the⁢ future.

Pros & Cons

Pros & ​Cons of the (朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装(套装全36册)


1. Includes 36 classic Jin Yong novels
2. Beautifully‍ designed set
3. Great gift for fans of​ Chinese literature
4. High-quality paper and printing


1. Only ‌available in ⁢Chinese⁢ language
2. Large and heavy set (32.9 pounds)
3. High⁣ price point
4. May not ‌appeal to readers unfamiliar with ‌Jin Yong’s work

Overall, the (朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装(套装全36册)is a must-have for fans of Jin Yong’s classic novels, with its beautifully designed set and high-quality content. ‍However, its drawbacks include its⁤ high price point and the fact that it is⁣ only available in Chinese.


Q: Is this Jin Yong collection set⁤ suitable for beginners who are new to his works?

A: Absolutely! This 36-volume set⁣ is a comprehensive collection of⁢ Jin Yong’s classic works, making it a perfect starting point for⁣ those‌ who are just⁢ diving into‌ the⁣ world⁤ of martial arts novels.

Q: ⁣How is the quality of the paper and printing in this collection?

A: The paper ⁤quality ⁤is excellent, and the printing is crisp ⁢and clear. Each volume is beautifully bound, adding to the overall ​charm of‌ this collection set.

Q: Are there any special features included in this set?

A: Each volume comes with ⁣its own unique cover design, adding a ‌touch of individuality to the set. Additionally, the set ‌includes some of Jin Yong’s most​ beloved ⁣works,​ such as “White Horse Neighs in the Wind”, “The Sword of the Ying-Yang Couple”, ‍and “The Sword of the Yue Maiden”.

Q:‍ Would you recommend this collection set to fans ⁤of martial arts⁢ and historical fiction genres?

A: Without ​a doubt! This collection is a must-have for fans of Jin‌ Yong’s works, as well ​as anyone who enjoys captivating stories set in ancient ⁤China filled with martial arts, honor, and intrigue.

Experience the Difference

As ‌we reach the end of our journey through⁤ the 36-volume Jin Yong Collection Set, we are left in⁢ awe of the timeless classics ⁢that have captured our hearts and minds. The rich tapestry of characters, intricate​ plots, and ⁤masterful storytelling ‌have truly⁢ stood the test of time.

We hope that our review has‌ shed some light on this magnificent collection⁣ and inspired you to​ delve into the world of Jin Yong’s ⁤literary masterpieces.‍ Whether you are a long-time fan or a​ newcomer to his works, this set is a must-have addition to any book lover’s​ library.

So why wait?‌ Dive into the wondrous realm⁤ of‌ Jin Yong’s creations today and ​experience the magic for⁣ yourself. ‍Click the ⁤link below to ‍get your hands on this extraordinary ⁢collection:

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